Raw feed smorgasbord!

We were gifted what was leftover from a butchered cow at work and I was the only one who wanted it. I normally don’t give them this much at once but it’s cold enough for it to sit outside till the dogs eat it. Kimber has buried a number of chunks around the yard for later and they reappear throughout the day, which is great because it lets them behave naturally and I sure as Hell don’t have room in any of our freezers.

January 23, 2017

anonymous asked:

there's no need for kara to dress that gay

kara, probably: they wont notice i look like supergirl if they’re too busy wondering why i look like my vegan wife and i live on a small farm with our two dogs but during the week we drive our matching subarus into the city for work

where i see myself in ten years: 

  • a sleepy ocean town’s lighthouse keeper with a beard bigger than my face and a fishhook for an earring. i don’t speak to anyone but everyone knows who i am. i send letters to unknown loved ones and watch the sea. 
  • on a farm with ten dogs, jars of honey all around the kitchen, pressed flowers everywhere. lots of light and sun and yellow. 
  • a house deep in the woods. i saw something out there but won’t tell anyone what it was. i always leave the fire burning in fear it will come back. sometimes i chop wood. 
  • by a clear blue lake. i swim in the morning and evening and search for interesting pebbles and make mosaics out of weathered glass. sometimes i sing, sometimes i let the quiet come over me. 
  • in a small house with my partner. we wake up and make breakfast, sometimes with music playing, sometimes with the window open. we paint or draw or play music, go on hikes. we watch movies and throw popcorn at each other. the days pass slow and smooth.

Since people really seemed to like the saga of Olaf Olafson, I’m gonna tell you guys about one of my own characters, Brenan the Punch Wizard.

My friend was running a Dragonlance game back in college, and I jumped at the chance to not have to DM for once. I ended up rolling up a Neutral Good farmboy mage whose proclivity for magic was discovered relatively late (like… late teens) and so compared to the other wizards he was a total hayseed who knew fuckall about the theory of magic. His familiar was an his old farm dog ffs. An Australian Shepherd with a red neckercheif.

Well, he passed his test and became a White Robes mage (as you do when you’re not a shithead) and started going on more frequent adventures. Brenan quickly established himself as a pretty excellent hard-counter to enemy meatheads, with his suite of nonlethal spells targeting their usually weaker Will save. He was a good kid. He really didn’t want to kill anybody. We took a lot of prisoners with Brenan around.

Eventually, though, we started running into the Plot, which meant- among other things -running into a lot of Evil Wizards. Their Will saves were usually pretty damn high and so there was little chance of catching them with Sleep or Charm Person or the like. But almost all the spells that targeted their Fort save were kinda brutal, and the Reflex saves weren’t much better. He could counter-spell them sometimes, but not always, and it didn’t solve the problem, really. Just put the onus of murder on our Solamnic knight, running up and stabbing the cackling Black Robes with a huge fuckoff sword. That wasn’t very satisfactory, either. What’s a near-pacifist to do? Fireball?  Finger of Death? It was a dilemma.

Until Brenan picked up a null-magic zone spell. I can’t remember the name of it. But you cast it, and for a fairly sizable area, nobody could cast any spells. The enemy mages and clerics would start to fret, but they felt secure at least that Brenan was equally screwed.

Only, he was a farm boy. With a Str of 16 and a feat in Unarmed combat.

By the time that campaign ended, Brenan had personally captured over a dozen renegade Black Robes and dragged them back to the Tower for judgment. They hated and feared him- most of all because he didn’t even have the decency to kill them. No- every last one of the world-bending megalomaniacal sorcerers he defeated had to live with the knowledge that they’d been beaten by a farm boy prodigy and his mean right hook.

This statue remains in Lozère​ (what used to be Gévaudan). It depicts one of the most famous encounters with La Bête du Gévaudan; the desperate fight between the beast and a young woman named Marie-Jeanne Valet. Valet was attacked by La Bête​ on the 11th of August in 1765. She defended her sister’s life with only a spear and stabbed La Bête​ in the chest. The official report and court statement by Valet claims that La Bête​, when stabbed, held a large paw to her chest over her wound as she stood on her back legs. The beast then dropped back to all fours and rolled into a nearby river. The spear pierced at least three inches into La Bête​’s chest, as that was the amount of blood on the weapon. Valet’s sister told the court that the monster was “the same size as a big farm dog, having a big flat head, black jaws with big teeth, throat white and grey neck. She was much bigger at the front than at the rear and had a black back.”

“Unsuspecting Western tourists in Bali are being fed dog meat!”

Okay, but they knew they were eating an animal right lol so what’s the big deal. I mean, animals are food, right? Isn’t that like ordering french fries and getting sweet potato fries instead? Yes, you shouldn’t be lied to about what you’re eating, but if you were morally accepting of one, why the outrage of the other?

Oh, is it because your culture taught you certain animals have value over other animals, and when you see another culture eating those animals you get really mad? Well that doesn’t sound hypocritical at all.

"Those dogs were caught on the street and brutally beaten or poisoned!”

Yeah hate to tell you this sweetie but baby piglets on farms are routinely slammed against the floor until they die if they’re not growing fast enough. (They even have a term for it as it’s a standard practice, called “thumping.”)

Baby make chicks are ground up in macerators because they’re useless to the egg industry.

Cows are branded and have their horns cut off without anesthesia.

Male pigs are castrated without anesthesia to make the meat taste better.

Also, the Humane Slaughter Act in the US does not apply to chickens, turkeys, fish, and rabbits, which make up the large majority of animals who are killed for meat. (168 million chickens and around 9 billion broiler chickens are slaughtered in the US alone, each year, and none of them are required by law to be unconscious before their throats are slit by a mechanical blade as they hang upside down by their ankles.)

“But cows and chickens are bred for food and dogs are our pets!”

As an example, dog meat farms in South Korea has been around for centuries and the most common dog breed they raise for food is called the Nureongi. In the 1970′s, dogs reached full legal livestock status, and dog meat is subject to the Food Sanitation Act/Food Hygiene Act of 1962.

“Are you saying people should kill and eat dogs then?!”

Of course not, but that compassion should be extended to all animals, not just the ones you happen to relate to. We don’t need to eat them to survive, and they have every right to exist on this planet just as much as we do. And this outrage over Bali (and by extension, the Yulin Dog Meat festival) stinks of speciesism (putting value of some species of animals over others) and racism (if you don’t believe me, take a look at comments on these articles to see how many white folks use the terms “filthy barbarians”).

tl;dr If you have problem with Asian cultures killing animals and are completely fine with your own country doing the exact same thing, you need to take a real long, hard look at yourself.