Sustainable DC: greening schools | growing school gardens

As DC has modernized public schools as LEED-certified green buildings, the schools have developed gardens, originating from Schoolyard Greening, a program of the DC Environmental Education Consortium, that now also includes a curriculum related to gardening and healthy eating.

Janney Elementary School | Janney participates in the DC School Garden Program (DCSGP) sponsored by the Office of the State Superintendent of Education, Division of Wellness and Nutrition Services. See Best School Garden Awards

Walker-Jones Education Campus | The Walker-Jones Education Campus replaces two former public schools – the Walker Jones Elementary School and Terrell Junior High School – now a K-8 school and one of the first LEED-certified green school buildings in the District.  The Farm at Walker Jones is integrated into the curriculum to teach students about the vegetables they help grow.

Watkins Elementary School | Watkins Elementary School is home to a schoolyard garden that is supported by FoodPrints, a FRESHFARM Markets local school program that integrates garden activities – planting, harvesting, and cooking – into the school curriculum to teach concepts in science, math, social studies, physical education, and writing.