farm wildlife

Went out to check on the fawn again this morning and I couldn’t find her anywhere. But I did spy what looked very much like where a big deer had been walking through the thick vegetation in the area I last saw her! Hooray! :D

Thanks again for all the good vibes, lovely peeps! <3 Here’s a few more pics I took of her the other day.


These barbed wire fences are all over up here to keep cattle in place. I love how it’s just an annoyance to this moose.

Farm Workers Day is a day to celebrate and be grateful for all the hard work that farmers do to keep fresh food coming! It can also be seen as a day to thank the bats for helping the farmers! Due to their insect eating abilities, bats can help save up to $53 billion dollars a year on pesticides in the agricultural industry!
Deer caught eating human remains for first time, say scientists
Scientists have discovered the first instance of a deer which eats human remains. The animal was caught mid-feast by a motion-sensitive camera at the Forensic Anthropology Research Facility at Texas State University, a 26-acre area where forensic scientists study how human bodies decompose in the wild

Of COURSE this is at Texas State’s body farm! LOL

I knew already deer will chew bones for minerals. The fact that Texas has at least one deer that has eaten human flesh just amuses the heck out of me.

I checked on the fawn an hour or so before dusk and she hadn’t moved from where she bedded down this morning. Didn’t appear to be dehydrated or in distress but I’ve called and left a message at a local wildlife rehab center in the event she’s still out there in the morning. Hopefully her momma will find her tonight. Prayers and good thoughts appreciated. <3