farm to fork


There is an inherent irony to America’s food waste epidemic: As millions of households live below the poverty line, struggling to put food on the table, nearly 40% of all edible food goes uneaten.

For Dan Barber, a chef and co-owner of Blue Hill at Stone Barns, the problem is not only how we dispose of our food, but also, the way we create it in the first place.


The Boy installed our automatic door for the chicken coop today ❤️🐓 It will open and close with daylight or by the time we set it for. It also has a manual button which is what he used here to demonstrate, starring our best (and oldest) hen Tender as the ever so tolerant actress. 😂 @beamansfork #brinsea #chicken #farm #backyard #backyardchickens #solar (at The Farm at Beaman’s Fork)

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I don’t care to make a bunch of money. I don’t need a big house, a fancy car, a husband, kids, fancy dinners, or opulent trips to a timeshare on some beach. 

I need to feel the rising sun’s warmth as I kneel in frost-chilled dirt. I need the satisfaction of nurturing tiny spinach plants, later plucking their plump leaves, and then handing them to people in my community.

For me, fulfillment will never come in the form of a dollar sign.