farm simulator 2013


While lowering a bale of hay into a feed mixer, my front loader decided it had enough of dirty, menial, Earth-bound work and started angrily swarming my main farm complex like a Hitchcockian bird. I decided to approach it in my most formidable vehicle, my semi-trailer truck.

Since I usually listen to podcasts or radio while I play Farm Sim, it was muted and turning audio back on restarted the game, clipping my front loader’s wings. Unfortunately, there is no game audio but I added music.

anonymous asked:

Let's say Im a new subscriber of RoosterTeeth. What videos should I watch to get started?

Hi anon, okay so I made a list recently of videos that are my personal favourites and great to watch which I shall paste below as well as a few extras that I’ve added.  They’ve been split into Roosterteeth and Achievement Hunter (which you’ll find on the let’s play channel) to kind of differentiate. All under the cut!

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Achievement Hunter : Let’s Play - Farm Simulator 2013


I think that might just be the greatest 40 minutes I have ever wasted.

vampyreoftimeandmemories  asked:

Yo, wanted to take a minute to tell you that you're pretty much my favorite streamer and that I love the way you do your stuff. As far as I can remember, the first video of yours that I ever saw was Satanic Farming Simulator 2013 and I follow your streams ever since. Thank you so much for all the shit and memes you do, love you Jobel.

No thank you for sticking with my stupid streams for all the years, it means the world to me <3