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Wilbur is a Friend, Not Food

At 9-years-old, Wilbur is a sweet, sweet pig. Can’t you just tell by his eyes? 

It’s hard to believe that 110 million pigs are killed yearly in the US for their flesh — at only 6 months of age. Go vegan to help stop this violence.

(Photo by Cathe Moody)

“Our culture will go vegan, transform, and flourish, or it will continue brutalizing animals, humans, and the earth to its self destruction. We are not the only species on this planet, and we cannot continue to usurp the wisdom of the web of life here.”
— Will Tuttle
Photographed by Hof Butenland Farm Sanctuary. (Don’t delete caption)


This little goon was scheduled for slaughter two weeks ago today. Luckily, some dedicated souls brought him to our sanctuary and rather than spending the day on someone’s plate, he spent it playing ball, burrowing in hay, giving copious pig kisses, rolling in the grass, and chewing on my shoes. Pigs have feelings too my friends 🐷

Magnolia (left) and Jazzy (right) are survivors of the dairy industry. They are both free-martins, meaning they were born a twin to a male calf, and are unable to get pregnant. As a result, they were deemed useless to the dairy industry. If Magnolia and Jazzy weren’t rescued, they both would’ve already been killed for their flesh — Magnolia for “cheap dairy beef,” and Jazzy for “veal.” 

Ditch dairy for them.   

(Photo by Cathe Moody)

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Published on Nov 17, 2016 at Farm Sanctuary’s site

The site says, “Frank was once a runaway bull in Queens, NY, but now he’s enjoying a peaceful life at Farm Sanctuary! This short film, narrated by Jon Stewart, offers a look back at how our favorite escape artist found his way.”

Three minute video with happy ending, very sweet story.

Such a beauty, safe at sanctuary...

This hen is of the less than 2% of hens born into the egg industry who has not had a portion of her beak painfully removed—a practice the industry calls “debeaking”. 

She does not have to endure lifelong chronic pain in her beak nor struggle with eating and grooming. She is also safe at our sanctuary.