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“Our culture will go vegan, transform, and flourish, or it will continue brutalizing animals, humans, and the earth to its self destruction. We are not the only species on this planet, and we cannot continue to usurp the wisdom of the web of life here.”
— Will Tuttle
Photographed by Hof Butenland Farm Sanctuary. (Don’t delete caption)


This little goon was scheduled for slaughter two weeks ago today. Luckily, some dedicated souls brought him to our sanctuary and rather than spending the day on someone’s plate, he spent it playing ball, burrowing in hay, giving copious pig kisses, rolling in the grass, and chewing on my shoes. Pigs have feelings too my friends 🐷


Published on Nov 17, 2016 at Farm Sanctuary’s site

The site says, “Frank was once a runaway bull in Queens, NY, but now he’s enjoying a peaceful life at Farm Sanctuary! This short film, narrated by Jon Stewart, offers a look back at how our favorite escape artist found his way.”

Three minute video with happy ending, very sweet story.

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I’ve been testing out 4 NEW SHADES for the upcoming @katvondbeauty charity this year which proceeds will benefit @farmsanctuary! I’m naming this beautiful terra-cotta brick shade: “Hilda” - after the very first animal rescued by @farmsanctuary in 1986.
Hilda was a sheep that had been found discarded on top of a pile of dead animals in a stockyard left to die slowly from starvation and neglect. Thankfully, because of compassionate activists like @genebaur and the folks over at @farmsanctuary, innocent animals [just like Hilda] are rescued, rehabilitated, and given a chance to live a long, loving life - and I can’t wait to raise money from these 4 new Everlasting Liquid Lipstick shades to donate to @farmsanctuary!
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It is with heavy hearts that our staff decided to set this little fighter free today.

Raised with thousands of other broiler birds in a crowded factory farm and destined for slaughter at only 4-6 weeks old, Poseidon was one of the lucky few who escaped the terrible fate of Kaporos slaughter.

Being that she was bred for meat, she had an uphill battle from the start. These birds often face heart failure as they outgrow themselves. Their limbs cannot always support the unnatural weight of their body. Lung issues, bacterial infections, and self mutilating behavior aren’t uncommon do to cramped conditions they’re raised in.

This winter, she took a turn for the worst and frostbite complications meant amputating her toes. Even as a special needs bird, Poseidon purred with contentment at her human and hospital friends, bathed herself in the sun, ate copious amounts of strawberries, and could often be found snuggling with her best friend Perry. So thankful that in the short time she shared with us, Poseidon was able to live her life to the fullest and experience love and light.

Months of of being down led to sores on her stomach. Her face turned grey. She no longer chirped hello to her bird friends. She still readily accepted our love but spent most of her time with her head hanging as if to say “Thank you, but I’m real tired of this fight now”

Our devoted staff and volunteers showered her with love and peaches and snuggles today, and Poseidon took her last breath and flew to freedom while held in loving arms.

Isn’t it crazy to think an entire staff was brought to tears over a little girl that, had fate not intervened, would’ve ended up as a cheap dinner without a second thought?

Love you always pretty girl, and may you finally Rest In Peace. 💖


Happy Animal Sanctuary Caregiver Day to the Hardest-Working Group of Caregivers I Know!!

Although the first annual Animal Sanctuary Caregiver Day was actually 10 days ago, because we are all so incredibly busy doing that caregiving, I am posting this a week late. And although this may be a long blog post, in reality it doesn’t even touch the surface of the work and dedication of our amazing shelter team does each and every day — 365 days a year. 

Amy Gaetz with Bianca Giolitto bringing new life into the world and giving mom Julie a hand. Dipping Erin’s umbilical cord, giving him a boost of vitamin E and selenium, and ensuring he can nurse on his own was first priority. Our caregivers are there for each birth and ensure that nothing goes wrong!

Not only do they work hard, but they love hard — and so this job is not only physically demanding, but the responsibility is overwhelming at times. You have lives in your hands, and they are the lives of the most innocent beings that you have already grown to love — often from the moment you meet them.

Caleb Bachara does everything from being a farm assistant to maintenance projects, giving tours to volunteers, training volunteers, and helping out on transport and rescues. Here he is also showing his mad snuggling skills with Regina lamb!

And at Farm Sanctuary, we rescue some of the most abused animals in the world: animals used in food production. More than 70 billion land animals are slaughtered each year worldwide, with the U.S. numbers around 9 billion annually. 

Kim Kaspari with her new pal Junip Sydney, getting to know this little piglet and learning just who she is. Piglets like Junip start out at only 2-4 pounds, and by the end of three to four years of growing, weigh in the hundreds. Restricting their diet but also ensuring that they have pain management for early-onset arthritis, which is quite common with industrial pigs, is imperative for a long, healthy life!

And at Farm Sanctuary, we see each animal — from the smallest bantam rooster to the largest Holstein steer — as an individual, and we have worked for more than 30 years to learn exactly what they need to be treated as such.  

Jessica Due, caregiver at our Southern California shelter, with the tiniest of bantams, Peanut. 

Because many of these animals are genetically altered and selectively bred to have traits that make them more profitable in the industry (to the detriment of their health), they are predisposed to having special needs that only the most talented, highly trained, and dedicated caregivers can supply.

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I am writing this to urge all of you to take a moment of your time to call the Saint Helens, Oregon Police department at 503-366-4611 and demand they take action against George Bainbridge for one of the most senseless acts of animal cruelty I have ever heard of. He lives next door to the Baxter Potbelly Pig and Farm Animal rescue on Robinette Road and for months has been tearing down the fence between the properties trying to entice an animal onto his property and threatening to shoot it while patrolling the fence line with his compound bow. Today he succeeded. He coaxed D.J. a wouldn’t hurt a fly farm pig to cross the property line and then shot him in the neck. As D.J. ran for his life Mr. Bainbridge, as he proudly told animal control, “I chased him down and shot him again figuring I could use the meat.” He then shot D.J. a second time after he re-crossed the property line running for his shelter. D.J. passed from his wounds after surgery to try to save him. Mr. Bainbridge is a two time convicted felon who the local authorities have taken a “Well that’s just George” point of view on. I pray you inundate the police with calls until they are forced to take action. Do not let the murder of D.J. go unnoticed or unpunished….

Please sign the petition here!