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Farm-To-Table Philosophy Rules At Rosewood’s Luxurious Caribbean Hotels

While Caribbean luxury resorts are not known for their local, sustainable food menus, Rosewood is setting about to change all that. The classic Little Dix Bay property, the private island resort of Jumby Bay, and the soon-to-open Rosewood at Baha Mar have each committed to sourcing as much food locally as possible—both from farmers in nearby communities and the resorts’ own gardens—for use in the hotels’ eclectic kitchens.

I just learned that Dolores Huerta is a vegetarian (not sure if vegan). She co-founded the National Farm Worker’s Association with César Chávez (who was vegan). 

More proof that a veg philosophy and farm workers’ rights go hand in hand, no matter what the anti-veg crowd tries to say.

¡Sí, se puede!


This new skincare brand is ripe for fall beauty.

The health-conscious, farm-to-table philosophy beloved by epicureans everywhere is burgeoning in the world of beauty, too, with the release of the new skincare brand Farmacy. Its mantra—Farmer Cultivated, Scientist Activated—speaks to the discovery of a unique plant species that sprouts with skin-enhancing benefits, and it’s been cropped for the first time on the brand’s upstate New York plantation for us to slather on and glow. Since we all know that a veggie-loaded diet is crucial to luminous skin, Farmacy provides a topical alternative sans the bitterness we’re used to when chowing down on our greens. The Sephora Glossy chatted with cofounder and farmer Mark Veeder to get to the root of its complexion-enhancing botanicals, why he chose to grow for beauty instead of the kitchen, and why we should turn our skincare routine into a garden party. JESSICA VELEZ

What inspired you to create Farmacy?

“I discovered and patented a completely new and unique botanical: Echinacea Purpurea GreenEnvy. I discovered it while growing in my garden amongst a bed of the straight species Echinacea Purpurea. This echinacea has the strongest concentration of cichoric acid, a natural photochemical that is a powerful antioxidant and natural immune booster. That, combined with my unsuccessful quest to find more natural skincare products out in the market that actually worked, led me to create this line. Farmacy is farmer cultivated and scientist activated, making it both natural and efficacious.”

How did you get into farming, and what do you love about it?

“My father was a Christmas tree farmer in upstate New York, where we also raised livestock and vegetables to feed the family. I was always fascinated by the transformation our garden went through from season to season—planning in the winter, preparing the soil in the early spring, planting the seeds in late spring, and watching them grow through the summer into something that not only fed us (and our friends) but provided a beautiful sanctuary for me as a young boy to dream, contemplate, and create.”

What kind of plant life do you grow at your farm?

“At my home, I grow all kinds of medicinal plants as well as unusual perennials and ornamentals. But I set up a farm to commercially grow Echinacea Purpurea GreenEnvy in Cairo, New York, just 15 minutes from where I grew up. The sole purpose of this farm is to grow the plants to be extracted and used in the Farmacy product line.”

Why did you decide to farm for beauty instead of culinary reasons?

“It’s ironic that I have huge interest in both the culinary (being an avid cook) and the beauty world (being a product junkie). I believe they go hand in hand. The food we eat has a definite impact on the overall health of our body and especially on our skin (since it’s our largest organ). I always wanted to create skincare products from the plants I grew because I knew the healing powers they possessed.  But I wanted them to be more effective and proven by science than just an old-fashioned home remedy.”

What’s your favorite part of the farm-to-skincare process?

“I love the entire farm-to-skin process that we put together literally from the ground up for Farmacy. I think it’s different than any other because we began with the discovery and patenting of a completely new botanical that was then tested and proven highly potent. But setting up the commercial farm exclusively to hand cultivate and harvest our main ingredient, Echinacea Purpurea GreenEnvy was the most rewarding part of the process because we created farm jobs in upstate New York where small local farms are dwindling.”

What do you love most about the New Day Gentle Exfoliating Grains?

“I am obsessed with these grains. I love that they are gentle enough to use every day because the exfoliant is a mix of cranberry seeds and rice bran. I also love the transformational quality of the grains. When you add just a bit of water and rub them between your hands; they foam and gently clean the skin, leaving it soft and supple, not tight and dry. And they are perfect to travel with since they’re not liquid.”

What do you find amazing about the Rise ’N Shine Daily Moisture Lock?

“This is an innovative, lightweight day cream that reinforces the skin’s natural moisture content and locks it in. It helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and delivers a renewed sense of firmness and elasticity.”

What do you personally like about the Sleep Tight Firming Night Balm?

“This is my favorite product in the line! I love the unique texture of the oil balm that melts when you warm it between your fingers and then smooths easily onto the skin. It quickly absorbs and penetrates deep into the skin, but you really can see and feel the results when you wake up the next morning. It’s pretty impressive. After using it for a couple of weeks, I’ve had many people (including my dermatologist) ask what I have had done to my skin.

What benefits can we expect to see from using the Farmacy skincare line?

“Fresh, clear, and bright skin that radiates a youthful appearance with an improvement in surface lines, wrinkles, and crow’s feet. When using Farmacy products, you will notice that your skin regains a new sense of moistness, smoothness, firmness, and overall even skintone. A Farmacy skin is one that looks and feels young, fit, nourished, and nurtured.”