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Concept art of the Weird Woods creatures by the Disney Legend himself, Rolly Crump. These were the sketches Rolly designed for Knott’s Bear-y Tales and then they were built in 1975. Art Courtesy Rolly Crump


This year I finally made it to the little farm museum and reading room–you know that smell of wood and dust that you get at the top of a barn on a hot day? Add to that the scent of old paper from antique newspapers and books, and then the sounds–creaking floors from visitors walking, one man sawing boards for a bench downstairs, the breeze, horses outside and crowds beyond that. 

Rolly Crump posing with his Bear-y Family of Knott’s Bear-y Tales! This was taken just a short while before the ride was opened at Knott’s Berry Farm back in July 1975. The characters Crump is posing with from the ride are: (Top to bottom) Razz, Elder, Flapper, Boysen, and Girlsen Bear-y. Photo Courtesy Knott’s Preserved and Rolly Crump

mllknhoney  asked:

how to be okay?

I am so sorry honeybee that your heart is hurting

to be ok
♡ take care of yourself as if you were a child
♡ savor every little moment (the sunset and the moonrise, water dripping from a faucet, the softness of a rose petal)
♡ learn to love and seek those who are kind (unlike souls who will drag you down to the ocean floor)
♡ take long summer drives
♡ dance in moonlight
♡ return to things you loved as a child
♡ make lists of adventures (visit peach farms, aquariums, museums, libraries, walk in rivers)
♡ find others to take on those adventures
♡ “happiness depends upon ourselves”

#RetroOasis (Challenge)

When the game came out, Oasis Springs seems to be a place with a lot of potential. I’ve never actually play there because it misses something… like a good renovation ! This neighborhood is perfect for a retro/vintage atmosphere !

Time limit : None.

Aim : Take at least 1 picture/video of each of your creations. Post it with the hashtag #retrooasis so everyone can follow your blog ;

For builders :

Rules : You must have at least 3 community lots and 1 restaurant* ;

(*) If you don’t want or if you can’t buy the Dine Out gamepack, set up this place as a generic lot.

  • Every house should be reduild following the mid-century modern style ;
  • You can decorate your house with nowdays items and/or retro ;

You CAN –

  • download houses from the Gallery and renovate it or use premade houses. But if you do, you must renovate everything (exterior and interior) ;
  • use custom contents and mods as long as you follow TOU creators ;
  • use townies made by the CAS creators of the challenge as long as you credit them ;
  • do collaboration (more than 2 builders on the same lot) ;
  • share your lots on the Gallery ;

Ideas corner for buildings : American diner * Motel * Baseball stadium * Advertising agency * School * Farm * Community pool * Design museum * Comics store * Grocery store * Shoes/Clothes store *Arcade *

For CAS creators :

Rules : Townies should wear at least one « retro » items (hair, shirt, shoes) ;

Ideas corner for townies : Strict dad and bored housewife with two kids * Successful architect secretly in love with his/her maid  * Goofy baseball coach * Lonely cat lady * Scouts team * Strong Activist (gender, racial) * Hippie guru * Rock star / Crooner * Popular cheerleaders * Skate squad *Newspaper delivery boy/girl * Grumpy teacher * Milk man delievery * Enthusiast hairs stylist * Perfect Nanny * Rebel boys/girls *

You CAN –

  • use premade sims or sims from the Gallery, if you do a makeover ;

For custom contents creators :

Rules : One of your retro cc must be release this summer ! Before creating an item, check if someone already made it !

You CAN –

  • convert items from previous game version (TS2, TS3) as long as you respect the original creators TOU ;
  • do recolors as long as you credit the original creator and don’t include the mesh in your file ;

Ideas corner for cc : TS3 Roaring Heights items

For machinima creators :

Rules : Set up a short advertisement video promoting Oasis Springs (9 seconds up to 4 minutes). The video should focus on three aspects : houses on sale ; life quality (community lots/landscape) ; and new opportunites (job, school). You can upload the video whenever you want this summer !

You CAN –

  • use every townies and lots create during the challenge for your video ;
  • use townies or lots from the Gallery ;
  • use a voice actor/actress or be a video with only text ;

Help corner :

  • If you need help for anything, feel free to reach me out !  
  • If you need inspiration, check the hashtag #retro, #vintage or #midcenturymodern on all your social media outlets (tumblr, pinterest, deviantart)
  • You can find inspiration with movies or series like :  Mad Men, Masters of Sex, Back to the Future etc;  

I’ll open a group conversation with all the contestants !

If you don’t want to be a part of this challenge, but want to follow it anyway, suscribe to the hashtag #retrooasis.

// sorry for any language mistake //