farm museum

Butcher shop sign in Spalt, Bavaria, Southern Germany. Spalt is situated 20 km from Schwabach, and it’s famous for the growing of hops. It has 2 museums: the Hops and Beer Museum, and a fire station museum. The end of August is celebrated by the annual Hopfenzupferfest, during which a girl is crowned the “Hops Queen.” Every 2 years, the Funsport Challenge Madmud is held here. Planetenweg (Planet Path): In 2000, a 1:1 billion scale model of the solar system was constructed between Spalt and the neighbouring Georgensgmünd. The model begins with a globe representing the sun behind Georgensgmünd’s town hall. A 7 km bike path leads through Rezat valley towards Spalt, where Pluto (now considered a dwarf planet) is represented at the train station. Each planet model has a display board with facts about the planet. Spalt is also known for its beer. Throughout the area, it’s nearly impossible to find any brand of beer other than “Spalter”. The town has a saying about its beer in local dialect: “In Spalt, in Spalt, dou wern di Leit gor alt; sie kenna nix dafier, dös macht ös goute Bier” (In Spalt, in Spalt, people grow very old; they can’t help it, it’s due to the good beer.) Spalt lies the middle of one of Germany’s hops cultivation zones, having grown hops since the Middle Ages in 1341.


Lambs at Beamish Museum by Phil Gates


Concept art of the Weird Woods creatures by the Disney Legend himself, Rolly Crump. These were the sketches Rolly designed for Knott’s Bear-y Tales and then they were built in 1975. Art Courtesy Rolly Crump

Rolly Crump posing with his Bear-y Family of Knott’s Bear-y Tales! This was taken just a short while before the ride was opened at Knott’s Berry Farm back in July 1975. The characters Crump is posing with from the ride are: (Top to bottom) Razz, Elder, Flapper, Boysen, and Girlsen Bear-y. Photo Courtesy Knott’s Preserved and Rolly Crump


This year I finally made it to the little farm museum and reading room–you know that smell of wood and dust that you get at the top of a barn on a hot day? Add to that the scent of old paper from antique newspapers and books, and then the sounds–creaking floors from visitors walking, one man sawing boards for a bench downstairs, the breeze, horses outside and crowds beyond that.