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Highland Cattle calf wants to play with the cat.

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I think the reason spay and neuter is pushed so hard is because in the event a dog runs away or by some other means ends up on the streets then it can't breed. I think it applies especially to cats because lots of people have outdoor cats so they have a lot less control over their breeding habits. But I agree spaying and neutering isn't the only solution for people who have dogs they're willing to train right etc etc.

But- outside of things like accidents, a responsibly owned animal wouldn’t run away or end up on the streets. Similarly, outdoor cats (with the exception of barn cats, which frequently are not sterilized because the farmer wants to use the kittens as farm cats too) are not responsibly owned- allowing your cat to stray and wander off your property is not good cat ownership. Outside of population booms and feral concerns, outdoor cats have decimated populations of hundreds (if not thousands by now) of various small prey animals and in doing so have directly contributed to massive die-offs of large predators who no longer have enough food because they have to compete with people’s cats. When your pet species being allowed to roam is the single cause of extinction of seven different species, maybe there should be less apologist behavior for keeping a cat outdoors.

If you are an organization dedicated to advocating for animals or rescuing animals, and you serve animal products at your fundraising events, you are doing it wrong. Reject speciesism - they all matter.

You can’t logically advocate for the rights of cats and dogs while serving your benefactors a fucking steak. 

Farmed animals deserve as much respect as the companion animal you consider family.