farm insurance

do you ever wonder if bill’s friends from weirdmageddon are actually like, pretty normal

do you think pyronica works at the Nightmare Realm’s equivalent of state farm as an insurance salesperson

do you think 8-ball and teeth work in the IT department

do you think kryptos works in a shitty, high-stress retail job

do you think bill just called them up one day and invited them for a fun weekend fucking with some mortal beings down in that there Earth place, and drinking a few barrels of time punch to unwind

write-me-jessica  asked:

I worked at Target and had just gotten off work but I needed to buy some toothpaste before I left and it was summer so I wasn't wearing a jacket, just my red tshirt and kahkis. Someone stopped me to ask for help and I told them I worked at the State Farm Insurance across the road. (They wear red and kahkis)

Omg ily

I work at IKEA and people will sometimes stop and ask me if I work there and I’ll look down at my shirt and name badge and back up at them and just stare at them. Who wears a yellow polo shirt for funsies?

Capitalism should not be condemned, since we haven’t had capitalism. A system of capitalism presumes sound money, not fiat money manipulated by a central bank. Capitalism cherishes voluntary contracts and interest rates that are determined by savings, not credit creation by a central bank. It’s not capitalism when the system is plagued with incomprehensible rules regarding mergers, acquisitions, and stock sales, along with wage controls, price controls, protectionism, corporate subsidies, international management of trade, complex and punishing corporate taxes, privileged government contracts to the military-industrial complex, and a foreign policy controlled by corporate interests and overseas investments.  Add to this centralized federal mismanagement of farming, education, medicine, insurance, banking and welfare. This is not capitalism!
—  Ron Paul
Everything you need to know about Commissioned Writing

Hey, minions. As you may have seen, I’m looking into charging commissions for SOME (emphasis on SOME) of my writing. I’m going to be paying rent in an expensive district in about a year or so, and I may very well be on my own if my friend doesn’t get accepted to a college in the area, so I thought I may as well reap a little benefit from writing on here for you guys to ensure I get to eat. Because that’s kind of important.

I will not be writing fanfiction. Stick around for details, there are loopholes. What with copyright laws and the Fair Use Doctrine being so shaky, legally, I’ve decided to stick with original work. It will be based on your requests, not related to Supernatural characters or events (hunting, however, will be allowed. Fighting monsters is not Supernatural-oriented. It’s been in lore since the dawn of time. There’s the loophole, minions), but original characters will be applied. As per usual, “Y/n” will be used in place of a name unless you request the imagine to involve your name. Fluff only, please. I won’t be writing any smut or using any profanity outside of acceptable television-grade swearing.

Commissions will guarantee the writing is completed if it follows the rules set on the “Guidelines” page. A request sent in that contains a trigger with commission fee will not be written. The order of commissions will be first-come, first-serve UNLESS I’m blocked on the idea. In that case, I will move on to the next commission and return as soon as I’ve finished. 

The imagine process has been, for the two years I’ve been writing on tumblr, free of charge. I’d like to begin charging to those willing to pay for imagines or poetry of specific lengths. Submit a request, theme, or general outline, and I will respond to accept your submission. Send it in, and once I accept your request (I’ll respond to your ask), I will begin work on your piece. DO NOT SEND ANY PAYMENT UNLESS I HAVE TOLD YOU THAT YOUR REQUEST IS BEING WRITTEN. I don’t want anyone to think that I’m ripping them off because I haven’t written anything yet and you already sent your money. As soon as I find the payment on my PayPal, I’ll post the piece. Oh, and this is ind of obvious, but you need to be able to send payment to my PayPal account. You need to have access to a debit card and be able to link your card to spend money on your computer. If you’re under 18, please be sure to clear it with your parents before you send payment.

Please send a commissioned request in beginning with © to save on room for your request. “© blah blah blah” should be a quick, easy format to follow.

The following prices will be issued in American currency:

Short (minimum of three detailed paragraphs NOT including dialogue breaks, maximum of five paragraphs): $10
Medium (minimum of six paragraphs NOT including dialogue breaks, maximum of seven paragraphs): $15
Long (minimum of eight paragraphs NOT including dialogue breaks, maximum of ten): $20
Continued imagine series: $5 in addition to original length price for the continued imagine. Specifying that the series is intended to be continued will charge $5 dollars in addition to the original length price, but will ensure another installment is written. If no request is given after, the default length is short.
Personal Imagine (replacing Y/n with a name) is an additional $3.

Short (minimum one stanza, maximum two. Don’t worry, they’ll be lengthy): $5
Medium (minimum three stanzas, maximum four): $10
Long (minimum four, maximum eight): $15


To have any writing or poetry read aloud by yours truly is an additional $5. An audio file will be added to the start or end of the piece.

If anyone is confused on the payment add-ons, I’ll supply an example:

A short imagine is $10, and is intended to be continued. The price is then $15. If the imagine is continued with a medium-length imagine, the price is $20 for the next installment, not the original. Imagines from commissions can be continued by people other than the original requester.

Commissions have their own Masterlist-type page, titled “Commissions,” as well as their own plot on the “Masterlist” page beneath the Supernatural imagines.

I’ve opened a PayPal account to accept payments for the commissioned writing. I will send you my email address once you’ve come with a request.

Thank you all so much for the help. You’re now literally paying my rent. Put that on your resume.

The Farm Bill Passed the Senate. What Made the Final Cut?

There was one thing both Senate Republicans and Democrats could agree on - the Farm Bill. With overwhelming bipartisan support (a vote of 64 to 35), the bill passed the Senate and is now headed to Congress, where apparently it will face tougher opposition.

80% of the bill’s spending is on the  SNAP program, or food stamps, with plans to cut $4.5 billion from the program over the next 10 years. This a ton of money cut from a program that is serving 46 million Americans, but less than some of the cuts proposed. And where are savings from the food stamp program coming from? Changes that include banning lottery winners from getting assistance. Seriously? That hasn’t already been taken care of?

The  other approx. $19 billion in cuts go towards programs for farmers. The  bill makes significant changes to some farm programs and eliminates or consolidates others, it leaves in place several Depression-era programs like supports for American sugar growers that set prices and limit imports. The bill eliminates about $5 billion a year in direct payments that have been given to farmers and farmland owners, whether or not they grew crops. This means that farmers only have the subsidized crop insurance programs to fall back on, that cost the government $9 billion a year. Right now, the government subsidizes about 62 percent of the crop insurance premiums, and the policies typically guarantee 75 percent to 85 percent of a farmer’s revenue.