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This newborn calf, still wet with amniotic fluid and already tagged for slaughter, was taken away from his mother at birth and and will spend the rest of his short life in the cramped confines of a veal crate. Yet another innocent victim of the dairy industry.

Just look at the life you have sentenced this poor creature too. Stop doing it I’m begging you, find it in your heart to make sacrifices for him. 

If I were to redeem Free Birds from being “absolutely awful” to “just mediocre” I would of just made it about a spoiled bronze turkey from a small farm who got the presidential pardon one year ago team up with the new pardoned turkey, a gigantic tom who constantly struts and lived on an industrial farm, free all the turkeys upon finding out that turkeys are only kept by the featherless bipeds for their delicious meat. 

They team up with wild turkeys (one is the girl™ and love interest) who show them that once turkeys knew how to fly. There is a rival love interest who is a mysterious and flamboyant Ocellated turkey who constantly sparkles.


There is no such thing as a non-vegan environmentalist.
What you see above are aerial photographs of large feedlots and massive lagoons of waste. British artist Mishka Henner accidentally captured these aerial photographs that show the results of industrial beef farming. At first glance you may think it as abstract photography because of the geometric and vibrant images, or may even resemble open infected wounds, as you start to look closely however, you’ll see the details of the feedlots. The small black dots are only a small portion out of the billions of animals bred to become food. “While I was working on that series I was looking intensely at the American landscape, and that’s when I came across these really strange-looking structures, like a big lagoon, or all these dots that look like microbes,” Henner says. The massive waste lagoons waft up dangerous hydrogen sulfide fumes and contaminate groundwater with nitrates and antibiotics. Feedlots use large amounts of energy and water and saturate the air with odors that emit huge quantities of climate changing greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. This is extremely damaging on the environment. “To me, as somebody in the U.K., looking at something [like] the feedlots I was shocked on a very personal level,” Henner says. “I think what the feedlots represent is a certain logic about how culture and society have evolved. On one level it’s absolutely terrifying, that this is what we’ve become. They’re not just feedlots. They’re how we are.”

Restrictive educational regimes aimed at POC, poor, disabled, LGBT, non-Christian, and other marginalized students is about enforcing oppressive wider social norms and to exclude marginalized students.

But there are also very specific forms of training for exploitable labor that happen in schools.  Take a child and teach them that they have to beg for permission to rest, eat, use the restroom.  Give them few to no breaks.  Teach them to obey bosses without questions.  Make them do unnecessary, repetitive work.  Take away any control over their environment.  That means that when those kids go on to work in factories, farms, service industry, or elsewhere that it is harder for them to see that they should be treated better because they no longer expect it.

And that’s not some sort of inherent requirement of learning or education, it’s absolutely about enforcing oppressions and enhancing bourgeois ability to control workers.

what didn’t suck?

Absolutely forcing myself here to look for whatever silver flecks may be floating in the industrial farm-sized pool of hot pig shit that was 2016, the worst year of my life by a wide margin, although surely not as bad as the one ahead:

January: Robbie Fulks’ amazing year-in-review show at Fitzgerald’s with Grant Tye on guitar; my birthday; recruited for employment by Very Large Internet Company.

February: Devin’s surprise 50th birthday party / musical tribute at Martyrs.

March: Family vacation to Palm Springs.

April: Farmup!; day drinking with old friends in NYC.

May: Concessions is released; ran first 10-mile race.

June: Danny’s team wins their baseball championship and he’s named to the all-star travel team; Leah’s spring dance recital.

July: Concessions album release show at Lincoln Hall.

August: Road trip vacation to Michigan, Niagara Falls (hi Robin!), and Cedar Point; discovering Dawes.

September: Joshua Tree trip.

October: David Bowie tribute show at Beat Kitchen; saw Hamilton.

November: ran first half marathon; microbrewery trip to Kalamazoo with old friends.

December: Leah danced in The Nutcracker.


Jette born May 13, 2012 and Jule born December 20, 2015. Jette and Jule were rescued from a dairy farm. They now reside in Hof Butenland Farm Sanctuary in Butjadingen, Germany where Jette will no longer fear her child being taken away and Jule can bond with her mother and drink the milk meant for her. Hof Butenland is a farm animal sanctuary that rescues and provides lifelong care for animals that have been saved from slaughter, neglect, exploitation, and abuse. Hof Butenland is their lifetime home now. All animals deserve to live in peace and be free from harm. Choose compassion. Choose vegan.

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one of mike’s relatives is a vegan republican and that makes like 0 sense to me. gay republicans? sure, you can just happen to be gay and also have shit politics, whatever. but like… you assessed the case for veganism, agreed with it, and somehow you’re still…? like, pro-big business (including factory farming), anti-gay, anti-abortion, anti-tax? like that’s just SO weird to me. i have no idea how those ideologies mesh at ALL