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For Day 4 of @tazladyweek, Canon Divergence. Don’t get me wrong, I love NO3113 as a member of Team Sweet Flips, but I really want her to be able to go home and chill with her family as well, maybe have some fun being an auntie?

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#147 haha much love :)

147. Zombies aren’t real, I promise 

Set during Home Farm week.

It wasn’t just the sex.

Clearly, the sex had been great – it always was, after all.

They’d both revelled in the fact that they’d been able to make as much noise as they wanted, and that there had been no chance of someone interrupting them half way through, and they’d loved the rare luxury of having an actual bed to do it on, time and time again.

But, besides the sex, it had been about so much more than that.

It had been about them being able to be together, properly, for the first time.

It was about the moments in between the sex.

The parts where they got to have a go at being ‘normal’, as Robert had almost offensively put it.

It turned out, ‘normal’ was them ordering a pizza and bickering over the merits of Robert’s questionable DVD collection as they decided which one to watch.

‘Normal’ was Robert appearing at the bedroom door each morning with a coffee made exactly as Aaron liked it; Robert knowing he took an extra sugar in the morning just to help himself get prepared for the day.

‘Normal’ was joining each other in the shower – not for the obvious reason – but just because it was good and comfortable and intimate to do it; to wash each other’s body and watch the suds flowing over soft skin.

‘Normal’ was perfect, they both came to realise; even if the words went unspoken.

And as Aaron slumped down on the sofa – wearing his jogging bottoms and one of Robert’s plain white t-shirts – he knew he didn’t want ‘normal’ to end; feeling the pain of reality approaching fast as the week went by, wondering whether tonight would be his last night here before Chrissie returned.

Robert walked through from the kitchen with two plates piled high with steak, chips, onion rings and a salad that he knew Aaron would immediately turn his nose up at. He was smiling at Aaron’s reaction before he’d even seen it.

“Salad?” Aaron questioned as he rolled his eyes.

“Yes,” Robert replied with a smirk. “With home cooked chips and a medium rare fillet steak from the butchers in Hotten – the best piece of meat you’ll ever taste.”

Aaron raised his eyebrows playfully as Robert passed him his plate. They were eating on the sofa – something they’d done all week, and that they knew would make Chrissie mad – but it wasn’t like they’d been following any other rules that week either.

Robert laughed, realising his own innuendo.

“You’ve got a filthy mind, Aaron Livesy,” he purred with a wink.

Aaron snuffed out a laugh, eating a chip with his fingers.

“What we watching, then?” Aaron asked as Robert picked up the TV remote and flicked through Netflix.

“My pick tonight,” Robert smirked as he looked across at Aaron and raised his eyebrows. “After I had to sit through your Danny Dyer trash last night.”

Aaron rolled his eyes as he watched Robert flicking through the categories, until he landed on a stream of zombie films and started scanning left to right instead of up and down.

Aaron groaned.

“What?” Robert teased.

They smiled together in that casual, comfortable way that they’d found was becoming more and more natural to them over the past week.

“Zombie films?” Aaron questioned as he shook his head. “Aren’t you a bit old for all that?”

Robert took offence at that, opening his mouth as he threw a cushion in Aaron’s direction.

Aaron laughed as he ducked to avoid it.

“Just because that one the other night made you all jumpy,” Robert teased back, alive with the memory of Aaron jumping out of his skin after he’d fallen asleep on Robert’s chest and been woken up abruptly by the sound of a zombie on screen.

“Shut up,” Aaron dismissed him, cheeks tinging pink above his widening grin.

“Ah, bless,” Robert continued, enjoying the way this was bringing out that smile on Aaron’s face – the one he was sure only he got to see; the one reserved for moments like this, behind closed doors, when he could be truly at ease. “Don’t worry, Zombies aren’t real, I promise. And if they do attack, I’ll protect you.”

Aaron raised his eyebrows at that, throwing the cushion back in Robert’s direction.

“As if,” he laughed dismissively, settling in to eat his tea, plate resting precariously atop a cushion that probably cost more than his entire wardrobe. “Can’t imagine you’d be much good in a crisis, anyway. You’d be too busy collecting up anything valuable and making sure they don’t smash your car up.”

Robert laughed – a genuine kind of laugh that had been so alien to him not so long ago.

“I think I’d manage to tear myself away to make sure you’re alright,” he retorted with an air of sarcasm and an attempt at appearing aloof. “It’d be worth it to make sure of the lifetime supply of blow jobs in gratitude.”

“Twat,” Aaron smirked as Robert returned his attention to the TV screen, satisfied that he’d won and picking a film from the list.

The orchestral sound of the intro filled the room, and Aaron struggled to wipe the smile from his face as he sliced into his – admittedly – perfectly cooked steak.

About an hour later, when they’d finished their tea and left their plates stacked on the coffee table, and after Robert had invited Aaron over to his side of the sofa, and when they’d slowly blended themselves together into a perfect bundle of intertwined limbs and soft, gentle kisses against exposed skin, Aaron realised that maybe he could live with the odd zombie film, if he got to watch them all like this.

A list of things I’m still not over:

•How obviously in love the boys still are.
•Aaron knowing that Robert would rather do anything else other than camp but still telling him they can go to the festival together, knowing full well it’s just Robert wanting to still be close to him.
•Robert bringing out his soft voice with Aaron again when talking to him about careful while training. (Remembers ‘take it steady, yeah’ during Home Farm week and melts.)
•Aaron’s smile when Robert teased him about being careful and Zak being mutually exclusive.
•The Dingle’s being understanding of Robert wanting to make sure Aaron doesn’t push himself too hard. 
•Aaron, Cain, Debbie and Sarah playing paintball together and the girls whooping ass.
•Cain being the voice of reason when Aaron needed it the most. (The harder people push him the more likely he is to do the opposite.) 

so a beautiful nonnie of mine asked for more underrated robron moments so here we go:

1)) let’s start with the LEGENDARY yet often forgotten dazzling look on robert’s face when he gets the text from aaron that he’ll meet him at the lodge. it’s INSANE. because if you really think about robert has been a massive dick for a good few months, he’s really fucked up and thinks he’s lost aaron and then suddenly things are going good again and NEWS JUST IN! FOR THE DORK! aaron still wants to rip his clothes off! so he’s ridiculously happy about the fact that he’s managed to get aaron by himself for a few days or whatever and he is radiating !! that single look just sums up everything he feels for aaron, everything he STILL feels for aaron and despite how disastrous the lodge was it still makes me feel all warm and gooey when i think about how EXCITED robert was about going to the lodge with his grumpy grump.

2)) RIGHT NEXT UP, the ridiculously hilarious moment where chas asks robert if he’s seen aaron because he didn’t come home the night before (too busy freezing to death in the woods #poor baby) and robert literally DROPS HIS HEAD and then TENSES HIS JAW before he manages to be all like “good for him” and make out like he’s not just been HAUNTED by pictures of some random having his hands all over HIS AARON. this is all after their ridiculously soft home farm week and robert has broken it all by announcing the immediate arrival of his #drop dead gorgeous wife, and you can see how it feels like a PUNCH IN HIS GUT out of nowhere?? because aaron is single, because aaron is able to do what the hell he likes and he CAN and SHOULD and that’s all he can think about and it’s written all over his face. it’s not worry until chas places it there in his mind, it’s jealousy there and even a little anger too and yeah it’s just everything and ryan kills it in a single look so let’s shout about it more pls.

3)) “YOU DON’T GET TO LIE ABOUT HIM AND WALK AWAY!!!!!” ~ SO … there’s so many ridiculously amazing moments in ssw which we all rant and rave about but this moment literally gives me shivers and it’s not talked about enough! aaron is WORKED UP, like screaming in lachlan’s face (danny kills it as per) and this part just shines through all of it to me. like it’s the crux of the whole thing! lachlan dared to lie about robert? he dared to make up something so horrendous, something so damaging just because — and aaron can’t handle it. he can’t handle the thought of robert being hurt and DESTROYED because of this lie and he CANNOT LET LACHLAN JUST GET AWAY WITH IT. so he does what? he kidnaps the brat and it’s wild and so unlike him in so many ways but it’s all because of the way he feels about robert. he literally doesn’t know what to do with how much he loves robert and so many people genuinely wonder if he does love robert as much as robert loves him and it’s just INSANE because yeah okay robert is more consistent with love declarations and whatever but aaron’s love for him can literally just EXPLODE into something messy and wild like kidnapping a teenager because he cannot risk losing robert. with robert, aaron has this strong sense of justice for the love he feels for him and the fact that it could be STRIPPED from him because of lachlan is not even an option so the creep cannot get to walk away from it all? he has to damn pay for not only trying to scare robert but also fucking up aaron’s heart and making him panic for a second. can we talk about this please? thanks.

4)) THE GIDDY HANDS IN POCKETS ALMOST JUMP THINGY ROBERT DOES IN THE WOOLPACK TOILETS AFTER BEING INTERRUPTED FROM KISSING AARON AND CONFIRMING THAT THEY ARE HAVING #HOME FARM WEEK ~ so like yeah it’s ridiculously soft and it was almost out of nowhere? the whole scene is just madness because aaron goes from this hard angry little dog who is legit fuming that robert is going away to spend the week with his wife because HOW THE FUCK DARE HE? and robert manages to soften him into this gooey marshmallow who just wants to keep kissing his ‘overly decorated in purple’ lover who is literally staying to BE WITH HIM. everything is soft until some random laughs too loudly and they break apart and it’s all this energy whizzing through the air, the chemistry literally sizzles and then robert walks towards the door, listens to aaron say “tomorrow then?” and he sucks in a breath, nods his head and SMILES before saying “tomorrow”!! it’s just wild, and they are just SO EXCITED and it’s mind blowing and yeah … Let’s talk about it Now.

5)) OKAY SO THE AMAZING DOMESTIC “OH HERE WE GO” followed by a roll eye by robert sugden to his soon to be fiancé who is trying to actually initiate deep level shit whilst driving ~ it’s hilarious full stop. it’s just the best and the way robert already KNOWS that aaron is going to get to the whole #deep level shit without even hearing it just literally sums up how well they know each other. it’s honestly sickening how comfortable they are in each other’s company? how rob is like ‘here we go, another lecture by my grumpy gorgeous hopefully fiancé in a few hours boyfriend who wants to discuss stuff i cannot deal with’ it’s just PERFECT and we need to shout about the level of domesticity in the moment!

6)) OKAY SO - the scene where aaron asks liv if she wants to go the theme park with him and robert and she turns him down and his face just drops as he asks “is this because of robert?” like … OH MY JESUS HE WAS SO SCARED THAT HIS SISTER WOULD NEVER LOVE SOMEONE HE LOVES!! he literally starts banging on about him wanting liv to get to know robert and how robert is nervous about it and he is literally rambling because it means so much to him and it’s insane. all my baby wants is a quiet little life with his sexy af little businessman boyfriend and his wayward sister and it isn’t working and he’s trying his damn hardest to just help everyone get along as best they can. like even when she still says no, aaron’s all like “can’t [liv’s plans] it not wait?” because believe it or not back then when it was in the midst of what many referred to as the cold stage, void of any romance, aaron was ATTEMPTING TO BUILD HIS FUTURE AND SET THE BUILDING BLOCKS TOGETHER IN A NEAT PILE, starting with his sister and his boyfriend being close. and it just makes me sob because it’s so soft and aaron is so family entered and has such focus and it’s all about robert and liv and his family and yeah … No one speaks about this moment as much as they should and it’s a crime because it sums up how desperate aaron was to include robert into his family/life.

7)) THE ADORABLE MOMENT OF DOUBT ROBERT FEELS BEFORE HE SHOWS VIC THE ENGAGEMENT RING FOR AARON AND HE SAYS: “WHAT IF HE FREAKS OUT?” - like ??? it’s just ridiculous soft and the way he slouches and looks all torn and almost regretful is so refreshing to see and nearly a little not exactly like robert j sugden. because in all honesty, this is robert, this is COCKY LITTLE ‘everyone loves me eventually’ ROBERT SUGDEN and suddenly he’s all unsure and afraid and doubtful over something so big, something he has always deep down struggled to really grasp and that is AARON DINGLE’S LOVE FOR HIM. it manages to knock him down and make him feel small and unsure and it’s just this incredibly brief, incredibly important insight into his mindset and makes him appear so human and works with another layer of his character which isn’t always shown. and yeah, it needs to be shouted about more basically because it can be so easily overlooked but there’s so much behind it.

8)) THE TINEST LITTLE SMILE ON AARON’S FACE WHEN CHAS BASICALLY GIVES HER BLESSING ABOUT AARON GOING OUT FOR A DRINK WITH ROBERT TO “TAKE YOUR MINDS OFF THINGS” ~ like she’s obvs trying not to make it a big deal and failing in the typical mum way by shrugging her shoulders too much and aaron totally clocks onto it and he’s just FLAWED for a few seconds because this is his mum who hates robert flipping sugden with all her heart and soul and now – she’s giving her blessing and actually wanting robert to be around him and it’s wild for him, it’s insane for him to even try and get his head around. so he doesn’t even speak, he just has to nod his head slowly and it melts my whole heart because it means SO MUCH TO HIM and it shouldn’t because … they’re just Mates with a massive capital M but still … you can see the way it makes him feel, this mad blessing from his mum of all people and he allows himself to start believing that maybe this is all going to work out okay and yeah it’s just this soft glimmer of hope amongst such a shit load of drama and it’s perfecto. so let’s scream about it okay?

9)) OKAY SO IT ISN’T THAT BIG OF A DEAL BUT I GROW WEAK WHENEVER I SEE THE SCENE ON CHRISTMAS DAY WHERE THEY ARE GOING TO LEAVE AND ROBERT PASSES AARON HIS COAT BEFORE TAKING HIS OWN ~ shoot me if you think i am being dramatic but is2g there’s something so soft and sensitive and couplely about the moment and it just screams domestic bliss to me and helps add to the canon fact that robert is an absolute GENT and would so do that embarrassing thing where he pulls out aaron’s chair when they go to a restaurant or something like that and he has to then apologise for making aaron blush. anyways it’s just so cute, i can’t get over it and the way it’s just so charming and it’s just a regular occurrence within their relationship (rob does the same with food, like passing it to aaron before eating his own) and yeah … it’s the hight of domestic fiancé bliss and no one can tell me otherwise. let’s scream into the void about it pls.

10)) THE SCEEN AT THE SCRAP YARD AFTER VADAM HAVE GONE OFF TO GET MARRIED AND ROB AND ANDY COME LIKE LITTLE DETECTIVES DEMANDING ANSWERS AND AARON IS BEING HELLA DIFFICULT AND ROBERT LITERALLY SAYS “WELL WE CAN SEE WHERE YOUR LOYALTIES LIE CAN’T WE?” AND AARON IS LITERALLY LIKE … “YOU WHAT?” because holy cow he knows exactly what robert is attempting to talk about, he knows he’s trying to say that somehow because of their sexy time aaron shout rat adam out and he expects aaron to have his back despite treating him like shit, but that is their secret business and he’s hella confused about why robert is so boldly bringing it up in front of andy (who literally doesn’t flinch or question why even after robert looks back at him to almost check if he heard - it’s mad) like the whole thing is just HILARIOUS!!! robert is just so pissed off? because it’s adam who aaron has loyalty to not him, not the guy who he says he LOVES and he can’t get his head around the injustice of it all despite knowing full well it’s not that black and white. he’s just overwhelmed with things starting to get out of his control and the fact that aaron isn’t “dancing” to to his “little tune” and he’s just full on GONE by the whole encounter so has to switch up the game and change the convo real quick because shitttt a little bit of feelings spilled out over the scrapyard gravel and he looked needy and like a little boy who just wanted help with his project from his crush and wasn’t getting any at all and yeah it’s just Gold. the silence after he blurts it out … Gold, the squinty eyed reply from aaron … Gold, robert looking back towards andy to see if he’s even noticed anything … Gold, robert being all awkward and attempting to carry on the conversation … Gold. so can we talk about this a lot more?

there you go, just another ten underrated robron moments we need to scream about a lot more, hmu if you want more from my collection.

The Robron Break-Ups : A Definitive Guide (Part Four/A Large Number)

Part One / Previous Part / All / AO3

And so we return again to what is ostensibly a Break Up Counter but is actually at this point just a general recap of Aaron and Robert’s entire storyline, because I literally have no self-control.

Fair warning to you - with this post we reach The Donny Saga and The Time of Chrobert and the first Proper Break Up, which is personally one of my least favourite eras as far as Aaron and Robert are concerned and I spend most of it wanting to silently and furiously throw sharp objects at my tv screen. I MAY NOT BE AS SUBTLE ABOUT MY DISLIKE AS I COULD BE, TO BE HONEST.

But still, this has been therapeutic, and has reminded me that we’ve lived through many a Dark Age before.

Anyway, everyone loves a good bit of low-key saltiness don’t they? And also, in amongst all the… Lachlan stuff… there’s still some really wonderful moments, because of course there are. It’s Aaron and Robert.

I love you all. Thank you for your kind comments and likes/kudos/general loveliness. Enjoy.

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49. But, I said I love you.

Takes place during Home Farm week 2015.

Chrissie had been gone for four days, and Robert had just about got used to being able to wrap himself around Aaron in the mornings, familiar all of a sudden with the whimpers that seemed to escape him in the morning as he broke through into a waking state.

He slid his arm around Aaron’s waist under the covers, nuzzling his face into the back of Aaron’s neck, feeling Aaron responding beside him as he relaxed into Robert’s embrace.

“Morning,” Aaron grumbled almost indecipherably into the pillow.

Robert squeezed him a little tighter, bending his knees to slot them in behind Aaron’s legs as they curled up together, drifting in and out of sleep for the next half an hour until Robert’s alarm interrupted them.

“Time‘s it?” Aaron groaned as he stretched, allowing Robert to pull him backwards and even further into his arms.

“Time you cooked me breakfast,” Robert whispered into his ear as he nibbled on his ear lobe, sending a shiver coursing through Aaron’s entire body.

Robert trailed his fingertips down Aaron’s left arm, over the goosebumps he’d sparked with his kisses.

“No chance,” Aaron muttered, shifting in the bed so that he was facing Robert; his gaze full of promise as he leant in for a morning kiss.

“Not even if I beg for it?” Robert teased as they broke apart, catching Aaron’s eye as he fluttered his lashes expectantly.


“You usually give in to my begging,” Robert reminded him.

Aaron laughed in reply, shaking his head at Robert’s shamelessness.

“It’s a little bit different when I’m getting something out of it too.”

“So cook yourself some breakfast whilst you’re down there?” Robert replied cheekily.

Aaron was having none of it.

“If you want bacon, you’re gonna have to go and cook it yourself,” Aaron told him, matter of fact. “I did breakfast yesterday, anyway.”

Robert pouted back at him.



“Pretty please?”

“No, Robert!”

“But, I said I love you.”

It caught Aaron off guard for half a second, before he saw the smirk on Robert’s face and he laughed, raising his eyebrows in surprise that Robert was referring back to it so easily.

“Well if you really love me you’d be off making me breakfast, wouldn’t you?” Aaron teased.

Ten minutes later, Robert was sauntering back through the bedroom door with a tray, carrying two bacon sandwiches, a strong black coffee and an Americano.

His smile told Aaron all he needed to know.

He guessed Robert really did love him, then.

  • Tracy: Do you know, I'm thinking of closing here early too. A mark of respect for Ashley.
  • Aaron: Nothing to do with you wanting the day off, then?
  • Tracy: Can't believe you're even suggesting that.
  • Robert: But before you do, grab us some of that salmon, will you? Oh what? Salmon too nesh for you now, is it?
  • Tracy: Are you guys having a picnic?
  • Aaron: No.
  • Robert: No, we're not allowed to use the P word.
  • Aaron: Are you all right?
  • Rebecca: (who just came in) Can't grumble. Ah, a special occasion?
  • Tracy: They're having a picnic. Ah, we could join you if you want, now I've got the day off.
  • Rebecca: Tempting as that sounds, I'll pass.
  • Aaron: Lachlan's out soon, in't he?
  • Rebecca: Yeah, should be back in Home Farm any week. Not that he's talking to any of us.
  • Robert: Lachlan not staying with Chrissie? Must have a bit more taste than I thought. (to Aaron) Do you mind getting that? I left my card back at the house.
  • Tracy: Old ones are the best. (aaron goes to pay)
  • Robert: What you doing?
  • Rebecca: He came up to me. I didn't have much choice.
  • Robert: Yeah, well, Tracy's closing up now, aren't you?
  • Tracy: Well, yeah, unless it's summat quick.
  • Rebecca: It's not important. Bye, Aaron!
  • Aaron: See you.

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Yes, what you wrote about Robert and the comparison to Cain is all true, but it's all headcanon, bc we stan for Robert and we look deeper than what the show is giving us. But unlike Cain, we never see that on screen. We never see Robert having long heart to hearts like Cain or moments of insight. Yeah, he doesn't have anyone to offload to, but they could still show him talking to his dad's grave, looking at an old photo, idk, sth that would show the general audience what we see is there...

Ahhhh I certainly want more although this ain’t just headcanon. what my post was based on–it’s canon. I’d certainly love more moments where he maybe ponders a photograph or stops by his dad’s grave, but we can’t act as if similar stuff hasn’t happened tbf! Starting from his return and moving forward:

  • drops a rose at his father’s grave in his very first return scene
  • stops by tenant’s cottage (where the sugdens used to live) before having any other scenes 
  • talks with chrissie on the steps of home farm before they buy it about his insecurities regarding andy and his dad, why he’s so uncomfortable returning to emmerdale, etc–quite a great little convo
  • that horrible bar west scene where rob’s a dick to aaron–you know, that meanness overshadows something else that happened there, which is that robert tried to open to aaron about smth, that pain and jealousy he feels about not getting any say in what happens to his dad’s ring–and he’s just shut down immediately, ahhh (and he was shut down by diane before when he talked to her, vic, & andy about being upset)
  • that time robert tried to arrange a memorial to their mother & they all gathered around her grave but lawrence fucked it up, leaving andy angry
  • i mean, christmas day, robert cried to andy about how much he felt he missed out on knowing their dad & how excluded he felt
  • this gifset shows how much of a touchy subject his dad is–he instantly looks down at the mention of him! (also pretty much check out all of @robertsvictorias gifsets tbh)
  • before home farm week with robron, the whole reason aaron even accepts rob back? not because of the “i love you”… but because vic says that deep down, she believes robert is good. that’s what sold it him–that vic believes robert is good to his inner circle, and it’s the truth. it’s canon.
  • crying to aaron about how much he loves him, how he’s the worst mistake, how he has to protect his secret bc it would kill andy if he knew
  • crying to andy about how he didn’t mean to kill katie, how awful he feels
  • the max king road parallel–the way robert breaks down like, “you killed mum!” showing he’s harboring all this pain from his childhood to this day, like?? he ain’t getting over shit, man, this dude feels shit deeply and holds on tight. it’s sooooooo canon.

it’s sort of a consistent theme that robert cares deeply but the people around him don’t notice/care/whatever else. this goes way back to before Ryan Hawley’s Robert Sugden–most memorable for me the brief return he had for his father’s funeral where he just hung around in the background and refused to speak to anyone, but he had to be there for his dad–and vic complains that robert is so rude not to show up, but she’s wrong… you know… they just get it wrong but the audience knows the truth.

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Robert would have fucked Aaron in the whites office at a point in the affair.

there’s no doubt in my mind this happened more than once, anon. robert and aaron had sex on probably every surface possible to have sex on in home farm (and then some.) if you got a blacklight to that place post home farm week, it would have been the stuff of nightmares.

(lawrences desk. also his bed. the kitchen island. the stairs. all sullied by robert and aaron tbh 😌)

First of all: Thank you so much and a thousand to @memorieswarm for making all the gifs in this post.

“The Reunion Kiss” AND “The First Kiss” with 11/33 votes each

Note: Even though I tried a tie break vote these two came still out tied

“Home Farm Week” with 15/33 votes 

Note: This was the most clear winner, the runner-up only got 4 votes.

“The Shower Incident” with 6/33 votes

Note: This one was a close race, two scenes were with 5 votes on second place

“The Rape Reveal” with 14/32 votes

Note: Only 3 votes more than the infamous Lodge scenes.

“Upstairs now!” with 10/33 votes

Note: This was a close race till the last vote. The Portacabin scene got left behind by the last vote coming in

“You’re the strongest person I know” with 13/33 votes

Note: I was actually surprised how clear this vote was. The second place only had 4 votes.

“Aaron punches Robert” with 15/32 votes

Note: Again a clear one. The second place got 5 votes

with 10/32 votes

Note: This category had one of the most different answers, 15.

with 9/32 votes

Note: Nothing to say, haha :)

with 11/32 votes

Note: Second place with 5 votes was the moving in dialogue.

“The Maroon Suit” with 5/29 votes

Note: With 19 different answers the most diverse category

“The Blue Suit” AND “Overall” with 4/30 votes each

Note: The winner with the least votes. Outfits were very hard because I got so many different answers it was hard to put together.

“The Rape Reveal” with 13/28 votes

Note: Again a clear win with the second place only having 4 votes.

“Andy/Robert Face-Off” with 14/29 votes

Note: The category with the least different answers, only 5, and the only winner that is not a Robron scene.

“The Reunion” with 8/30 votes

Note: You are big rewatchers, we had 14 different answers here.

A big thank you to everyone who participated! This was so much fun to put together and to see all your posts and answers!

if you wanna see more answers and stats to the different categories please send me an ask with the category and I will post it!

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ooh rank these robron scenes: a) 'i don't think i could've done this without you' / 'yeah you could' b) when robert takes off his ring in january c) the end of home farm week when aaron is making tea and robert tells him chrissie is coming back d) the scene where robert realises aaron/chas thought he had gordon killed

holy aksjsjdi ok






Robert Sugden The first kiss The way they look at each other Break ups Make ups Roadside Fight The kisses Drunk Robert Hotel visits Home Farm Week The I love you’s Vulnerable Robert Caring Aaron Worried Robert Robert in a maroon Suit Aaron in a blue suit Both of them in blue Robert in his white and blue fancy shirt Scrap yard kissing The Chemistry The Sex The post sex tea making The Arguing Business meetings The investment Garage sex Wall shoving Eye fucking Heart Eyes The passion Barns Conversations by the stairs The Hug The drunk kiss Aaron's Bobble hat Waist holding Face touching Trashmouth Robert Taking no shit Aaron Their sassiness Robert and his cars Aaron Livesy

Here’s to another six months.

Week 5

Wicked Chrissie falls over a bannister and lands on a glass table at Home Farm this week - leaving sister Rebecca fearing she’s dead.

Rebecca is horrified by what’s happened and rushes to Chrissie’s side, just as Robert stumbles upon the scene. He advises Rebecca to lie about what happened just before Chrissie crashed to the ground, but Rebecca won’t hear a word of it and calls an ambulance. (Inside Soap)

Week 6

Lawrence wants to draw a truce with the Dingles. (What’s On TV)

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Off the back of that anon's question... when did Aaron fall in love with Robert? Like proper, totally in love, not like he'd felt for Jackson (and Ed?), but something more and bigger. "I've never had this with anyone" kind of love. When did that happen?

Ahh Jen why are you doing this to me!! So many feelings! My beautiful, sweet Aaron!

OK, so a big moment in my head is their first hotel stay, when Aaron wakes up and he’s got Robert’s arm around him – the first time he’s had Robert truly to himself, without the panic of getting caught and without the discomfort of hay bales sticking into his back – and it’s like he has this moment where he pictures what it would be like to have Robert all to himself, and he wants it. He wants it so much. The way he looks at Robert when they kiss as well the next morning – have you ever seen something so beautiful? For me, he is clearly smitten at this point.

It’s also key that it comes just after Robert’s ‘You’ll make me think I fell for a quitter,’ line. I can’t work out Robert’s motivations behind that line, I’ll be honest, but when Aaron hears it he’s physically shook. It’s like, up until that point, he hadn’t even considered it as an option, and then all of a sudden it’s entered his psyche and that’s what plants the seed, leading to old heart eyes teddy bear Dingle in the hotel room.

The second hotel room was another big moment – and I think when Aaron realised he was struggling to share Robert any longer. His talk with Paddy the next day confirms that, and that he was in love with him at that point, and already it’s a different kind of love to what he’s ever known (see below).

Home Farm week was important too – Aaron getting a taste for what a real relationship with Robert would be like, and Aaron loving it so much he never wanted it to end. I mean, I’m not sure what Aaron was expecting to happen afterwards, but when Robert announced that Chrissie was coming home, he’s completely devastated. He fell hard during that week, and I’m not convinced he’d ever enjoyed domesticity quite like it before, even if he had lived with Ed in France.

BUT you ask when he felt the ‘never had it with anyone’ before kind of love? Well…

What he feels for Robert is completely different to what he felt for Jackson or Ed, in my opinion, so arguably as soon as he’d fallen for Robert, it was automatically different; automatically something he’d never had before. Why do I think that? Jackson and Ed were safe. He fancied them – clearly – and there was a spark. But in many ways, Aaron was totally in control. He decided to pursue the relationships, and the feelings developed from there. Love arose from attachment, in some ways. The narrative with Jackson is a little skewed because it runs alongside Aaron coming to terms with his sexuality – which he was clearly not in control of – but I think Aaron felt with both of those relationships that he was at least able to make the decision to be with Jackson/Ed, and there was never the same level of uncertainty that he faced with Robert.

With Robert, he accepted there was no future (hahahahahaha bless them!) and that it was what it was, and yet his feelings developed regardless; despite himself. There was no attachment (or there shouldn’t have been) but still his heart longed for Robert. His heart didn’t do as it was told, with Robert; in contrast, with Jackson and Ed, his heart was just doing what was expected in that situation.

AND, to add to that, I think that in actual fact it was sometimes the time apart from Robert, where Aaron really realised how much he really loved him, and how deeply. He got over Jackson and Ed with time. Time cured him of those feelings. BUT – he could not get over Robert. Despite everything – despite what he knew Robert had done; what he was capable of – he couldn’t stop. However much time passed, and however much distance he tried to keep, and however many times he may have tried – he NEVER STOPPED loving Robert (we know that – it’s canon). He couldn’t. And that’s a kind of love Aaron had never had before.

Also – as an aside – with the whole shooting/Aaron wishing Robert was dead scenario – I was talking to @stolemyhheart about this only today – I think the real reason he wanted Robert dead wasn’t because he didn’t love him. It was because he knew that was the only way he could move on from him; the only way he could stop loving Robert, was if he was dead. (And, I doubt that would have stopped it tbh, Aaron – Robron’s love transcends human nature and mortality, I’m sure of it)

So, yeah. He loved him early on, and he never stopped, and it was only when they weren’t together that he realised he’d never had a love that overpowering, and he never will again!

anonymous asked:

my sister has been watching emmerdale for a while now, and she ships aaron and robert, which to me seems toxic and abusive. from what i understand, they've been sleeping together since 2014, and robert is manipulative and emotionally abusive, especially in 2015. could you please explain how you justify wanting them to be together when robert is such a bad person/influence on aaron?

This is a really good question and it deserves an in-depth answer so I hope you’re all right with a full blown essay, anon!

So, I want to say first off that you’re not exactly wrong in your summation. There are people who would like to gloss over the fact that Robert was very emotionally manipulative towards Aaron, but to me that’s basically trying to erase a part of his character and I don’t want to do that. I also think it’s important to acknowledge that their relationship was not always healthy or particularly loving in many respects.

To properly answer this question I have to split it into several parts, focusing on each stage of their relationship to explain why I still ship robron and why I think they make such a good couple.

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robert: I didn’t go looking for ya!
also robert: oh I bought coffee let’s be mates, oh I’m stuck in a layby have you got aaron’s number? oh, I’ve come here to where you are to tell you to stop being near me it’s suspicious, oh I’ve come to this pub where you live to corner you into talking to me, oh here have some money, oh there’s this barn you should come to, oh I booked a hotel, actually two hotels, wanna hang out at home farm for a week?