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Scarlet & Iko brotp❔

  • These two are the supreme Mom Friends to everyone else. Scarlet offers healthy meals with a side of blunt advice and protective yelling, while Iko doles out hugs and compliments and support. They tag-team.
  • Of all the food Iko has wished she could taste, Scarlet’s is at the top of the list. Juicy tomatoes, yeasty homemade bread, sweet lemon cakes—for the longest time, Iko just had to watch and yearn for all of it. When the tech was finally available for her to be able to taste, Scarlet invited her out to the farm for a full-on banquet. The first things Iko tasted were fresh, organic Benoit originals.
    • Scarlet has literally never seen someone gush over food as much as Iko did. It was kinda adorable, actually.
      • Though, what’s even more adorable is watching Wolf and Iko eat new foods and gush together.
  • Scarlet was one of several people…”spoke” with Kinney regarding Iko.
  • At the many, many formal events Scarlet has to attend post-revolution, there is usually some sort of dancing at some point. One problem: farm girl pilots aren’t always known for their dancing skills. Iko, who only had to download a program to dance perfectly, gave Scarlet lessons prior to her first event.
Worst and best?

Okay, all of their situations were terrible, but which tlc character’s past do you think was the worst and which was the best? Here’s my list from best to worst:


Okay, Thorne by far has the best life out of all of them because… he had a pretty normal life. At least, one that people can relate to. Let’s see, he was pretty well-off, parents were never around enough, maid came around (or at least rubbed off) on him too much, and at school he was that charmer boy kid.

Scarlet was your typical farm girl with typical problems people faced. Although it’s unknown what happened to her mom, a lot of people can relate to having a non-existent dad and having to stay with their guardian/other relative (grandma).

I think Kai can relate to those who have to live up to fifty million expectations in life - well, at least, later on in life. Before Cinder was even thought of or his dad died of the plague, I imagine his life must’ve been WAY MORE easier than it was after his dad had died. All he had to do was be the prince and do “princely” things. But once he became king, more problems started to arise and that was when he REALLY had to take on the weight of the world on his shoulders. If I judged his past life based on after Cinder’s story, he’d be higher up on my list.

Cress was pretty much isolated from any and every one, and this sort of situation reminds me of kids and homeschooling. In a sense that you’ll never experience the “outside world,” lacking those social skills, and basically being withdrawn from the world. Yet, she adapts to it and makes herself comfortable (ex: talking to Little Cress, stalking Thorne, etc).

My son Jacin has gone through A LOT. From living in a palace full of manipulations, to staying loyal to a girl he couldn’t have that was going insane for her own good, he’s high up on my list. For one, he had a burning desire to be a doctor one day ever since he was little, but his desire and second nature for protecting Winter was even stronger. With that came some sacrifices, and his only dream and plan was quickly wiped away. I don’t think anyone can relate to constantly living in fear under a psychotic, manipulative queen everyday of their life.

This one was kind of tricky between her and Cinder, but Winter’s past has to be the third worst to me. Okay, so imagine living in royalty, but not because your blood, but because a stupid princess wants to get her way with your dad. Then your dad gets killed through her. Then you’re taught to live a certain way but you start to refrain from that way, making yourself a humiliation to society and their way of life. Imagine loving a guy who you didn’t know loved you back for a long time. Imagine your face being mutilated at the hands of your step-mom. To be honest, Winter really did not have a mother figure in her life. But her past is pretty chilling.

Cinder has been through hell and back also. She was basically an outcast to not only her adoptive, unloving family (with the exception of Peony) but to society as a whole. Like, NO ONE really liked her where she used to live in New Beijing. On top of that, imagine being the victim of an attempted murder at three because of your jealous and petty Aunt. Then having to undergo eight years of your life as a new person, having cyborg parts. That’s plain cruel.

I think this character is the one we should all agree with: Wolf. I mean… genetically modified into a wolf for your psychotic queen’s purposes. That’s it right there. That’s really all you need to hear. GENETICALLY MODIFIED INTO A WOLF AS A WEAPON FOR YOUR QUEEN. Not to mention, he was taken from a young age to be one of her soldiers and removed from his family. I really don’t have to explain from there. Wolf, congratulations to having the roughest life.