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Stuffed peppers with only the finest fresh veggies from the garden. Chopped up some onion, tomato, a little parsley, and cooked up quinoa and brown rice. Oh and don’t forget the cheese!! Lots of it ..Mixed it all together inside my scooped out peppers and baked in the oven at 350 for 25 minutes!

Farm Workers Day is a day to celebrate and be grateful for all the hard work that farmers do to keep fresh food coming! It can also be seen as a day to thank the bats for helping the farmers! Due to their insect eating abilities, bats can help save up to $53 billion dollars a year on pesticides in the agricultural industry!

cows are chill. like nobodys seen a cow murder somebody. theyre just soft and pure lil creatures. just like look at their cute innocent eyes. just like beSSIE LOOKED MY FATHER IN THE EYE AS SHE STABBED MY FATHER TO DEATH WITH HIS OWN PITCHFORK I DIDNT EVEN KNOW COWS COULD HOLD FARM TOOLS I HOPE SATAN IS ENJOYING HIS BESSIE BURGER IN HELL YOU SICK TWISTED ANIMAL


#beauyiful #live #prawns just caught from the#farm . First time prawn #fishing and happy to have the beginners #luck . #Singapore latest #hobby . Will be my #dinner or #supper . Must be delicious due to them being #fresh
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Okay so it's crzy8s again, and some of my other OCs are a pair of twins called party pop and poison pop that basically saw a wanted poster for the fab4 and converted that day. They worked in BLind hydrofarms, so what they do now is farm fresh food in a greenhouse they made from an abandoned delivery truck they found in zone 3. They mainly support themselves on selling weed, but grow other things like corn and potatoes. Big conspiracy nuts, they believe that power pup is drugged and won't eat it.

ooo, the conspiracy thing is a nice detail!!


Griddled “Yard Bird” with Braised Greens and Loaded mac ‘n’ cheese from the Farm Fresh Marketplace available during the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival.