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How to instantly speed up your PokéPelago:

A glitch in Poké Pelago was discovered to complete ALL time-based activities when your 3DS clock rolls over from 31/01/2017 to 01/02/2017. (from last of January to first of February)
So this is how you do it:

  • Go to Poke Pelago and start activities: Plant berries, search for treasure, train pokemon and/or put down eggs or pokemon in the hot springs.
  • Save the game and go to the time settings on your 3DS. Set the date to 31/01/2017 and the time to 23:59.
  • Exit the settings and restart your game. Wait for the clock to pass 00:00 and then go to Poke Pelago.
  • All your activities are completed!

A video of the glitch performed can be found here.



This means you can put in 18 pokemon and level them up much faster than you would doing the Elite four! Complete 50-hour training sets in an instant - sweet! EV training can be done fast too, and entirely without spending your BP on the training bracelets.

You can also farm berries for clothing dyes and speed it up if you need/want the specific colors sooner than in two to three days!

And what’s best, you can repeat treasure hunt and hope for Golden Bottle Caps! (I haven’t gotten any in like a month so I’m not hopeful but that’s just my luck heh)

All other timed events in the game will halt fro a day, like Festival Plaza, berry trees etc. since you’re changing your 3DS clock, but it’s a small price you can choose to pay for speeding up your Poke Pelago.

Presidents Day fun facts

Today, February 15, is President’s day in the United States! To celebrate, I’ve accrued an interesting bit of information for every American president from Washington to Obama!

George Washington is the only president so far to not be affiliated with any party.

John Adams served as a lawyer for British soldiers charged in the 1775 Boston massacre, despite his own anti-British sentiments.

Thomas Jefferson spoke 6 langauges; English, Welsh, Greek, Latin, French, and Arabic.

James Madison was the shortest president ever, standing 5'4" tall.

James Monroe had the Liberian capital city of Monrovia named after him, as he helped establish the country.

John Quincy Adams was the first president to be interviewed by a female reporter, Anne Royal, who stole the president’s clothes when he went skinny dipping and refused to give them back until he answered her questions.

Andrew Jackson’s birthplace is unknown, but it’s in one of the Carolinas.

Martin Van Buren is the only president to not speak English as his first language, he actually spoke Dutch.

William Henry Harrison died a month after becoming president.

John Tyler has two living grandsons as of 2016.

James K. Polk died the youngest of any president, not counting those that were assassinated.

Zachary Taylor was nicknamed “Old Rough and Ready” because as a soldier, he went into battle in old farm clothes instead of a uniform.

Millard Fillmore is the only president to have never had a VP for their entire presidency.

Franklin Pierce’s wife believed God didn’t want him to become president, since their son died shortly after his election.

James Buchanan sometimes bought slaves just to set them free.

Abraham Lincoln is the only president to have held a patent, on a type of buoy.

Andrew Johnson was the only Southern Senator to stay loyal to the Union during the civil war.

Ulysses S. Grant’s real first name was Hiram.

Rutherford B. Hayes was the first president to use a telephone.

James A. Garfield was the last president to be born in a log cabin.

Chester A. Arthur was accused of being born in Canada during his presidency, and the allegations have persisted to this day.

Grover Cleveland was accused of having an illegitimate child, and his detractors protested by chanting “Mama, where’s my pa? Gone to the White House, ha ha ha!”

Benjamin Harrison was the grandson of William Henry Harrison, and his presidency, although 48 times as long, was just as uneventful.

William McKinley was the first president to ride in an automobile, however, this auto was an ambulance used to transport him after he was assassinated.

Theodore Roosevelt was the first American to receive a Nobel prize, for his role on ending the Russo-Japanese war.

William H. Taft kept a cow at the White House named Pauline to provide fresh milk.

Woodrow Wilson suffered from dyslexia as a child.

Warren G. Harding entered college at age 14.

Calvin Coolidge liked to wear a cowboy hat around the White House.

Herbert Hoover has a comet named after him.

Franklin Roosevelt was diagnosed with polio after falling into the Bay of Fundy while vacationing in Canada.

Harry S Truman kept a sign on his desk that said “The buck stops here” representing how he couldn’t pass on his duties to anyone else. The other side read “I’m from Missouri”, as Truman was very proud of his home state.

Dwight Eisenhower’s reputation as a war hero made him so popular, that both parties asked him to run on their ticket.

John F. Kennedy’s father encouraged him to go into politics and become the first catholic president, which he did.

Lyndon B. Johnson owned an amphibious car that he liked to surprise foreign diplomats with by offering them a ride and then driving straight into a lake.

Richard Nixon could play five musical instruments: Piano, saxophone, clarinet, accordion, and violin.

Gerald Ford is the only president to have never been elected to any executive office, he won both the vice presidency and the presidency by accident.

Jimmy Carter won a Nobel prize in 2002 for his humanitarian work.

Ronald Reagan kept a jar of jellybeans on his desk, and he would eat them whenever he was stressed. When he became president, the Jelly Belly company introduced blueberry jelly beans so the jar on Reagan’s desk could have red, white, and blue beans.

George H.W. Bush served as VP for Reagan, an ambassador to China, and head of the CIA before becoming president.

Bill Clinton originally wanted to be a jazz musician, but was inspired to enter government after meeting JFK in 1963.

George W. Bush is the first president to have run a marathon. In 1993, he completed the Houston marathon in 3 hours, 44 minutes, 52 seconds.

Barack Obama collects Spider-Man comics.

“Ode to Whitman”

-To You, Whoever You Are.-

WHOEVER you are, I fear you are walking the walks of
I fear those realities are to melt from under your feet
and hands;
Even now, your features, joys, speech, house, trade,
manners, troubles, follies, costume, crimes, dis-
sipate away from you,
Your true Soul and body appear before me,
They stand forth out of affairs—out of commerce,
shops, law, science, work, farms, clothes, the
house, medicine, print, buying, selling, eating,
drinking, suffering, dying.

Whoever you are, now I place my hand upon you,
that you be my poem,
I whisper with my lips close to your ear,
I have loved many women and men, but I love none
better than you.

O I have been dilatory and dumb,
I should have made my way straight to you long ago,
I should have blabbed nothing but you, I should have
chanted nothing but you.

-W. Whitman

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The boys going shopping with their babies or baby

Shu: *sigh* How did I get twins? (*giggles*) You two don’t understand anything huh? (*giggles*) You both just giggle. Now your mom sent me here to buy you both cute little girl stuff. Let’s see you need clothes, do you both like this? (*nods and giggles*) So you both like it? That’s good. How about this? (*smiles*) Yeah this will be cute for you both. You need new baby beds also. Will pink and blue work? (*gurgles*) I think you both like anything I pick out. (*points*) What are you two pointing at? This? I’m a guy how would I look carrying around a pink bag? (*whines*) Fine I’ll get it. (*claps*)

Reiji: Your mother have sent us off to buy you new things are you excited? (*claps*) Is there anything you like in particular? (*gurgles*) I suppose anything will do. This looks baby professional does this look good? (*happy screams*) I take that as a yes. What else? Hmm this is out of what I usually wear but this looks nice. (*smiles*) You agree? That’s good. We need to also get you a new baby bed. You like monkeys don’t you? (*yells*) Will this work? (*smiles*) So all we need now is a baby bag. What about dinosaurs this time? (*nod*) Okay, because I really like this.

Ayato: Okay little dude! We are going to buy the most swagged out things ever! How about this? (*claps*) The baby ladies are going to be all over you! Alright what else? Dude! Check this out! Chillin like a villain! (*giggles*) I know right maybe I can find one in my size! Maybe we’ll get this for private times. Let’s see if there’s a baby bed to hold all your swag. Maybe I can get this for ya! Or give it to Subaru! (*yells*) Now we need a swag bag. Check this! (*smiles*)  Your swag is gonna be 100!

Kanato: What do you want to buy today? Right you can’t talk. Look! A teddy onesie do you like it? (*giggles*) So do I. What if your mommy think that teddy can walk around when you start walking? That would look adorable for you. Ah look how cute this is do you like is? (*smiles*) Yes this is very cute. We also need a baby bed. Look at the butterflies on this one. Do you like this because I do. (*claps*) Good. Now lets get a baby bag. Look at this one it has a flowers. (*yells*) So you’re happy yelling for flowers? Well let’s get that also.

Laito: Come on lovebug are you ready to get you things? You need something cute. Do you like this? I like the little sweater for you. (*giggles*) Hmm..what about this? (*claps*) Do you see the pretty flowers? (*nods*) Okay lovebug let’s go get your new baby bed! Look at this one! It has the pretty ballerinas! Are you a little ballerina? (*smiles*) I know you are! How about a baby bag now? This is too cute! Are you a couture baby? Yes you are! (*happy yells*)

Subaru: I guess we are suppose to do this shopping thing huh? (*bites his key*) No, please don’t do that you’ll hurt your gums! We’re here for clothes let’s find some. Look at the pretty polka dots do you like them? (*smiles*) So do I let’s get this. What else? (*points*) Are you pointing to this? (*yells*) This is cute let’s grab this. Now we have to go find a baby bed for you. Do you want this one? You do like to dress up. (*claps*) Okay we will get this. Now and last a baby bag. Do you like this one? Its blue and pink. (*gurgles*) I take that as a yes.

Ruki: Come on calf let daddy pick out cute things for you. Look over here do you like this? (*claps*) So do I lets’s get this one. Hmm suppose you like this? Good because so do I. It’s perfect for the summer time. Now calf we can find you a baby bed. This one is a full set. Do you like it? (*yells*) You like the colors mostly. Now let’s look for a decent baby bag. We can put your name here do you want this one. (*gurgle*) You like it that’s good.

Kou: My little boy kitty and I are going to get cute baby clother~! (*giggles*) You like my singing? That’s nice. Let’s get you the bestes clothes! Do you like this? That would look so nice on you! (*claps*) Do you like this to? (*smiles*) I do to! Let’s look at the baby beds. This is nice don’t you agree? (*gurgles*) Last thing we need is a baby bag then were done. Look at this one with Pooh bear! It’s so cute! (*nods*) Good you agree!

Yuma: Come on you two piglets! We need to find girls and boys clothes! Something that’s good enough! (*giggles*) Oi! You two like this? (*gurgles*) I take that as a yes. Okay what about this? (*smiles*) You needed farming clothes. We need a baby bed also for you both. Look at this one let’s get it! Last thing is a baby bag. Here two separate ones lets get it okay? (*nods*)

Azusa: Okay princess…pick out anything…you want… (*pokes his nose*) haha…. Say do you…like this It comes….with two… (*smiles*) Okay how about…this also..? (*giggles*) That’s good. You also need…a swim suit..the mermaids…wanted to Is this cute..? (*claps*) I agree..I really like..the colors.. You also…. need a baby… bed. Do you…like this one..? (*yells*) That’s nice. Lastly, a baby…bag. We can..put your Do you want..this? (*flails around*) Okay..princess we now..

Carla: You both we are going to try and hurry to go in ad out of here. (*smiles*) Let’s begin with clothing, do you two like this? (*nods*) Simple and easy good. How about this one? You both can get one. (*giggles*) You both need a winter coat as well. Is this one good enough? (*yells*) That’s good but you both calm down a little. We also need to get two baby beds. (*bites and pulls his hair*) You both cut it out. (*still pulls and bites*) *sighs* For baby beds do you prefer this? (*claps*) That’s good because it would look good in the house. Now a baby bag. This is pretty good. (*smiles*) You agree thankfully.

Shin: Okay pup we gotta buy thing you need. Clothes, so do ya like this? (*smiles*) Good thing you don’t care because i’m tired. Okay do ya like this to? (*claps*) Okay ya do like it then. Hurry now let’s look for a baby bed i’m hungry. Hmm…something elegant and nice.. Look at this! I would sleep in here if i could! (*gurgles*) I know i know i’m to big to sleep in there with you. Let’s find a baby bag. It’s no wolf but it’ll do. Do you like this? (*yells*) I guess we can get it.

Shifted - Part 1, Chapter 2

Every Tuesday I’ll be posting a chapter from my brand new AU story. The premise is simple - what if Claire had gotten pregnant with Brianna a month or two earlier in the story, and she and Jamie had re-evaluated their priorities and decided that the cause was lost, and they were able to slip away from the army and quietly return to Lallybroch?

Previous Installments

“I want you in the room with me.”

It was late, and the candle on Jamie’s side table cast a soft glow on his skin, exposed to the chilly September air of the bedroom.

Brow furrowed, his left hand paused over her bare belly - palm on her navel, fingers extended wide over the still-growing swell. Claire recalled the early days of her pregnancy – those dark days immediately after Culloden - when he could cup her entire stomach within the span between pinky and thumb. Amazing, really, how something so small had brought them so much joy.

“During the birth, ye mean?”

“Before the birth, during it, and after the baby is born. Every step of the way.”

His thumb swept gently over her sensitive skin, lazily back and forth. He shifted his face closer to hers on their shared pillow.

“Whatever ye ask of me, Claire, I’ll do it. I willna leave ye alone. Not after…” he swallowed.

The same lump echoed in Claire’s throat, as it always did when she thought of that terrible time in Paris when they’d lost each other. Half-blind in the dim light, she laid the fingers of her right hand on his lips. No need to say any more.

“I know. I never expected to be alone in this, Jamie.”

Left hand still on her belly, his right hand took hers at his lips, folding over her fingers and gently kissing her ring. His ring. Her only ring.

Five months past Culloden now, and the English patrols had stepped up their visits to Highland homesteads. They were always hungry for food that the houses could not spare – and for any goods of value, within the houses or on their occupants. A ring of gold would bring unwanted attention – a ring of iron had no value to them.

But it did to Jamie.

It minded him of everything that had brought them to this point. Their joy at discovering the pregnancy in late February had put matters into perspective. Highland politics being as it was – together with the Bonnie Prince’s vacillating attitudes – he and Claire came to the difficult conclusion that their efforts would not yield true fruit. Their grand ambition to change the course of history would not be realized.

But there were things Jamie could change. Wife, child, and family were always more important – free Scotland or no. Better to quietly take Claire and the Lallybroch men home, lay low on the estate, and prepare for the hard times they knew would follow.

So over the course of two sleepless, antagonizing weeks, Jamie slowly extracted himself from his position among the united clans – just as the chiefs were committing their men to the final battle. He had gambled that amid the confusion, twenty Fraser crofters would not be missed – and, thank God, he’d been right.

Still, after all their work to figure out just exactly how to get away – all the late nights where they’d spent hours going over the scenarios, one of Jamie’s big hands cupping Claire’s still-flat stomach while the other traced her features, drawing strength from her nearness – he’d tried to send her away, back through the stones.

Murtagh rode ahead with the Lallybroch men, leaving Jamie and Claire to return at their own pace. Claire had had no sense of the direction they’d take home – and Jamie had had no intention of telling her. But as soon as they crested a hill and came within distance of the standing stones, Claire whirled to face him.

“What do you think you’re doing?” she’d hissed, eyes narrow.

He pulled on the reins to stop the horse. “Keeping you safe, a graidh.”

The shock on her face had almost physically pained him. “Are you joking? Do you really think I’d let you do that, James Fraser?”

Let me?”

“No power on earth can keep me from you. Haven’t we proven that?”

The corner of his mouth had lifted. “Aye, but I’m no quite sure that the power of yon stones is one from this earth.”

Turning fully in the saddle to face him, she’d slipped her arms around his shoulders, under the shelter of his plaid. Slowly he bent his neck so that their foreheads touched.

“I’m staying put. With you. I don’t care how hard it will be. Living without you for the rest of my life would be harder.”

He’d swallowed and closed his eyes. “He can provide for you and the bairn – there – better than I can now. Better than I may be able to for a good many years yet.” One hand held tight to the reins, the other gently cupped her belly. “Food. Peace. Safety. Stability. If half of what ye’ve said about what’s to come is true, Sassenach, I canna promise you any of those things. And I willna let my child grow up without them.”

Without warning Claire anchored her fingers in the hair at his nape, pulled him to her mouth, and kissed him hard. In reflex he reciprocated, desperately. He wanted, needed to keep her safe. But he also wanted and needed her with him, always. Speaking those words, admitting his inadequacies, had cracked his heart wide open.

Suddenly she pulled away. His mouth chased hers – should it be one of the last kisses they would ever share - but she pulled back too quickly.

“We’ll find a way. We always do. And you can provide so many things he couldn’t.”

Jamie licked his lips, eyes focused intently on Claire’s. “No, a nighean. I can’t.”

Her hand slid to cup his cheek. “Yes, you can. Love. Commitment. Loyalty.” She paused, thumb caressing his cheek. “Passion.”

He swallowed, heart in his throat at the thought – even fleeting – of her in another man’s bed. But for the child – for the promise of his blood – he had to think on such things. And it absolutely killed him.

“Claire – ”

“He can’t provide that. Any of those things. He wouldn’t.”

The horse shifted under them.

Despite himself, Jamie’s face leaned in to Claire’s caresses.

“That’s no enough to raise a bairn on, and ye ken it well. No enough to keep you here with an outlaw husband.”

“We won’t be alone in this, Jamie. What about Jenny? Ian? All the men? We’re just two mouths among many.”

The hand on her belly tensed. “No ye’re not. Ye’re my wife. My child. It’s my duty to keep ye safe, and fed, and looked after. And I canna do it myself. Not in the way you both deserve.” God, was this what it felt like to rip your heart in two?

Claire placed her hand atop his over her belly.

“I will not tear out my heart, Jamie.” Her voice was quiet, furious, determined. “You can’t ask me to do that. Not after everything we’ve gone through.”

Her eyes, defiant, challenged his. His eyes – so wide, so blue, so expressive – swam with moisture. Their gazes locked for a lingering moment – and the tension broke. Overcome, he trailed the back of one hand down her cheek.

“Oh, Lord, ye’ve given me a rare woman,” he whispered, voice suddenly hoarse. Grabbing her right hand, he’d kissed her iron ring hard, and folded their hands over his heart.

Her face had split into a smile.

So they’d ridden back to Lallybroch, arriving a day behind Murtagh and the crofters. They’d used the four weeks before Culloden to prepare. Finish with the spring planting. Hunt as much meat as could be found and dry as many wild plants and herbs as could be gathered. Mend clothes and farm tools. Gather books and medicines.

And remove any and all items of value from the farmhouse – including Claire’s gold ring. “If need be, we could sell it for the gold,” she’d told Jamie as they settled in for sleep on a late March evening. “I’d rather it feed the family. It’s of no use to me now.”

Jamie was preoccupied with watching the tip of his forefinger trace the slight concavity of her stomach, directly below her navel. “Ye’re sure ye don’t mind, Sassenach? I feel as if I’ve taken you from him – but I don’t want to take him from you.”

He’d felt her sigh. “I’ve chosen you twice now, Jamie. I don’t need it. I don’t need the reminder of him.”

“Three times.”


He lifted his gaze from her belly. “Three times you’ve chosen me, a nighean. Don’t forget when we wed.”

She snorted. “Well I did choose you – but I didn’t, at that time.” Pursing her lips, she glared at him. “You know what I mean.”

“I did.”

“Did what?”

“Choose you at our wedding.”

“Of course you did,” she retorted. “Once you Frasers make your mind up about anything, there’s always hell to pay.”

“Ye’re a Fraser too – have been for going on three years now. And as for hell to pay –” he rolled so that she sat in his lap above him, thighs on either side of his hips. Gazing up at her from the soft feather pillow, he snaked a long-fingered hand through the open front of her shift.

“I’ve made my mind up that I want to take ye. Now.” He rolled his hips slightly to emphasize the point. “Care to stop me?”

She’d smiled and, in one motion, ripped the shift up over her head. Her right hand rested atop his, caressing her breast.

“I choose you, Jamie,” she’d whispered. “I will always choose you.”

Jamie smiled at the sudden memory of Claire floating above him, naked, repeating those words as she took him within her again and again.

He blinked – returning to the present moment. Claire. Always Claire.

“It joys me that you won’t have to bear the bairn alone, Sassenach,” he whispered in the darkness, kissing her brow. “But truly, what can I do except watch?”

She withdrew her hand from his grasp. Resting her fingers on his back, her knuckles traced the web of his scars as her legs tangled with his beneath the sheets. Slowly she nuzzled her nose against his. Safe.

“I need you to make sure the midwife has clean hands, and that she keeps them clean. With hot water and alcohol.”

Clearly he had not been expecting this. “Oh, aye? Is that to protect against the gerrms?”

She couldn’t help but smile. “Yes. And you must make sure that the cloths she uses have been boiled, and that she uses different water to clean the baby once it’s born.”

“How should I expect the midwife to listen to me, Sassenach? She’ll be put off enough that I’m in the room with ye.”

“I don’t bloody care. I’ll be counting on you, Jamie. I can’t get an infection. The baby can’t get an infection.”

She paused, steeling herself against the next words.

“If it goes badly, Jamie – if it takes too long, or I start to really bleed – I need you to promise me you’ll choose the baby. Choose to save the baby.”

Jamie bolted up straight in bed. “No, Claire. No. I canna do that. I willna do that.”

“You must. If it comes to it – you must.”

No, Claire.” His breath came short. “Just the thought of it curdles my wame. I – I canna…” Fumbling in the darkness, his hand found hers, twining their fingers together above her swollen belly.

“Ye said to me – at the stones – that I couldna ask you to tear your heart out. Dinna ask the same of me, now, mo chridhe. You are my priority. We can always have another bairn. But I’ve the one life, Claire – and that’s you.”

A sharp jab pushed against Claire’s palm.

“Jamie –”

“Sassenach. You have given me life – and given us new life. Ye’ve withstood trials and tests before – this will be no different. I’ll be with ye, I’ll mind what you say, and once I hold you and the bairn in my arms we’ll know all this worry was for naught.”

Slowly he slipped his fingers from Claire’s to rest flat on her bare belly, tracing the child’s movements as it continued to push outward.

“Soon, a chiusle,” he said softly. “Soon. Let your mother keep you safe to herself for just a while longer. We’ll have all the time in the world to get acquainted once you arrive.”

How to make UNLIMITED CAPS, hwow

yooo people were asking about the unlimited caps/water thing I mentioned, so here ya go man, get rich quick with water farming:

1.) Build a shitload of water purifiers. Industrial produces the most. Purified water will build up at any settlement in which water resources are greater than its residents require, and is automatically added to the settlement’s workshop inventory (under Aid).

The max settlement size you can get (without factoring in any bonus charisma) is 21, so any water source that yields MORE than that is gonna start storing the excess in your workshop.

The big purifiers do have to be placed in water, so you can’t build them anywhere, but I fit a whole mess of ‘em at Sanctuary and the Castle (11 and 18, respectively.)

Be aware they take oil, ceramic, rubber, copper, steel, cloth, and screws to build, and require 5 power each to run. I linked all of mine together and hooked them up to their own nuclear reactor generator.

2.) Wait. Purified water is automatically added to the workshop inventory after 24 game hours and 8 real minutes have passed.

3.) Grab that shit! Your workshop will only hold so much water, so once it caps you have to remove them all or it won’t deposit any more.

(so much water whow)

Water gets (weirdly) heavy, so if you don’t want to carry that shit around, just do what I did and build a storage box for it. It’s like a lil water bank.

4.) SELL THAT SHIT, SON. 1 water = 20 caps, so you can honestly wipe shops out selling them nothing but water.

(fucking 331 water for 4635 caps holy)

5.) Repeat whenever, forever. Congrats, your money will never end. Neat.

****if you’re having trouble getting raw materials to actually build water purifiers, I broke down the parts and where to buy shipments:

  • Oil (Goodneighbor, Kleo - 25)
  • Ceramic (Diamond City, Myrna - 25)
  • Rubber (Diamond City, Doc Sun - 25)
  • Copper (Diamond City, Arturo or Goodneighbor, Kleo - 25)
  • Steel (Diamond City, Myrna - 400)
  • Cloth (Abernathy Farms, Connie Abernathy - 25)
  • Screw (Diamond City, Arturo - 25)

now make dem caps.