So we introduced the ball tonight 🤣

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“Our culture will go vegan, transform, and flourish, or it will continue brutalizing animals, humans, and the earth to its self destruction. We are not the only species on this planet, and we cannot continue to usurp the wisdom of the web of life here.”
— Will Tuttle
Photographed by Hof Butenland Farm Sanctuary. (Don’t delete caption)

“Gentle stimulus and lots of TLC is drawing Peter Poppet out of himself. Every day we introduce him to something new, without causing him stress or fear. He lacks the natural inquisitiveness young lambs have, but it’s there, just waiting to be awoken in time. His time.”
— Hugletts Wood Farm Animal Sanctuary
(Hugletts Wood Farm provides sanctuary to cows and their friends. A home for life to farm animals and birds, rescued from the misery of the meat and dairy industry and the horrors of the slaughterhouse.)
Thank you for keeping the caption.