farm animals

When people say shit like "omg this cow think it's a dog!" or "look at this video of pigs acting like a dog"


They are acting like their own species. You are just pretending their behavior is special (and similar to that of your valued companion animal) because god forbid you realize that omg, the animals you fucking eat have personalities and enjoy their lives.

So I dunno. If you think those videos and stories are cute maybe you should stop eating/supporting the exploitation of the subjects of those videos.

Early childhood exposure to farm animals and pets modifies immunological responses

Exposure to farm animals in early childhood modifies the key allergy-related immunological mechanisms, shows a recent study from the University of Eastern Finland. The study provides new insight into the role of dendritic cells and cytokine production in particular.

Growing up on a traditional farm has been shown to protect a child from the development of childhood atopic diseases. The association between pet exposure in early childhood and the risk of atopic diseases is less clear. Previous studies have indicated that farm and pet exposures may exert effects on the maturing immune system but the underlying immunological mechanisms are mainly unsolved. Dendritic cells are professional antigen-presenting cells, which are able to regulate the responses of adaptive immune cells towards, e.g. non-allergic T helper 1, allergic Th2 or regulatory T cell responses. Dendritic cells may play an important role in the effect of farm and pet animal exposure on childhood atopic diseases.

Heidi Kääriö, MSc. The allergy and asthma protective effects of farm environment and pet animals - The role of immunomodulation. Scandinavian Journal of Immunology and Clinical & Experimental Allergy, December 2015

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Grade school with your Farmer and Sebastian's first kid, at another, larger town that has little idea about Pelican Town and the people that live there. Show and Tell, and she brings one of the bunnies. "This is one of the animals on my mommy and daddy's farm! His name's the ULTIMATE DARK LORD and he will make the whole world bow down before him with his ADORABLENESS! LOOK AT HIS FLOOFY TAIL, YE MORTALS, AND DESPAIR!" Later, Sebastian gets a call from the school.

you don’t understand how badly i wanted to do more comics with their daughter