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Rita is a 20 year old cow that lived in Cantabria, she is from a race that was bred to give birth continuously and for her children to be sold for meat. The hope of life for cows is usually 25 years. The people who once had Rita have for a while now, followed the stories told about the Sanctuary through facebook, they have become vegetarian and have decided to cease their activity as cattle ranchers. They got in contact with Santuario Gaia to look for “dignified retirement” for the animals they had. This story has filled them with hope about a better world being possible, and that things are changing. Ismael and Coque, the founders of the Sanctuary, went all the way to Cantabria for Rita, a long trip filled with emotions and hope. Rita currently resides at Santuario Gaia in Camprodon, Girona (Spain).

Early childhood exposure to farm animals and pets modifies immunological responses

Exposure to farm animals in early childhood modifies the key allergy-related immunological mechanisms, shows a recent study from the University of Eastern Finland. The study provides new insight into the role of dendritic cells and cytokine production in particular.

Growing up on a traditional farm has been shown to protect a child from the development of childhood atopic diseases. The association between pet exposure in early childhood and the risk of atopic diseases is less clear. Previous studies have indicated that farm and pet exposures may exert effects on the maturing immune system but the underlying immunological mechanisms are mainly unsolved. Dendritic cells are professional antigen-presenting cells, which are able to regulate the responses of adaptive immune cells towards, e.g. non-allergic T helper 1, allergic Th2 or regulatory T cell responses. Dendritic cells may play an important role in the effect of farm and pet animal exposure on childhood atopic diseases.

Heidi Kääriö, MSc. The allergy and asthma protective effects of farm environment and pet animals - The role of immunomodulation. Scandinavian Journal of Immunology and Clinical & Experimental Allergy, December 2015

The reality of my life. Homelessness and Animal Rescue

There’s just so much going on right now. I live on the farm sanctuary with my mom. We may have become a nonprofit in 2009, but I’ve been involved in animal rescue for nearly my whole life. My mom has been rescuing animals since she was 10. We provide 24/7 care to the animals. If we hear the geese yelling, even if it’s 1am, we run out there to make sure everyone is safe.

When the news came down in 2012 that we were going to have to pay big $$$ for this place or lose the farm and our home, I sacrificed my late teen years and early 20’s and devoted myself to saving this place. Like damn my mom and grandfather literally built this house and this farm from nothing.

We’re 2 years from deadline and we’ve raised some money (over the $5,000 mark) but there’s just so much more that needs to be raised. The nonprofit is going to purchase the farm and then in the future I’m going to renovate the house to make it more of an animal rescue headquarters or no-kill shelter type thing. Maybe even an adoption center.

My home, the animals–so many lives are at stake right now. I feel the weight of the world on my shoulders. My mom literally supports me, a 23 year old, because I’ve dedicated myself to raising money for this place. We’ve started reaching out to actors, celebrities, and philanthropists for bigger donations, but literally if half the people who saw our campaign donated $1 we would have surpassed our goal. We actually have a celebrity contributer and supporter who has helped us raise the majority of this campaign’s money.

I haven’t talked about the homeless factor publicly because at the end of the day it’s not about me. It’s about the animals. I could live in my car if I needed to, but the animals need this place. Sometimes we’re the only place that can take in animals because other rescues are full.
There aren’t a lot of farm rescues.

Especially ones that keep animals long term. Farm animals come here to live out the rest of their lives whether it’s 1 year or 10 years or more.

Please, if you can, $1 would help. Reblogs spread awareness and are always appreciated. All we want to do is continue to rescue animals. It’s literally our life’s work. To have this place that we built up taken away from us would be devastating.

Our Campaign to Save our Sanctuary.–6#/