farm animal rescue

Magnolia (left) and Jazzy (right) are survivors of the dairy industry. They are both free-martins, meaning they were born a twin to a male calf, and are unable to get pregnant. As a result, they were deemed useless to the dairy industry. If Magnolia and Jazzy weren’t rescued, they both would’ve already been killed for their flesh — Magnolia for “cheap dairy beef,” and Jazzy for “veal.” 

Ditch dairy for them.   

(Photo by Cathe Moody)

Such a beauty, safe at sanctuary...

This hen is of the less than 2% of hens born into the egg industry who has not had a portion of her beak painfully removed—a practice the industry calls “debeaking”. 

She does not have to endure lifelong chronic pain in her beak nor struggle with eating and grooming. She is also safe at our sanctuary.

Yes, it’s September, but summer heat is still intense at our California sanctuary! Pigs have very few sweat glands, so the smartest and easiest way for them to cool off is by finding some water! Rolling in mud protects their sensitive skin from the sun in addition to keeping them cool.

I am writing this to urge all of you to take a moment of your time to call the Saint Helens, Oregon Police department at 503-366-4611 and demand they take action against George Bainbridge for one of the most senseless acts of animal cruelty I have ever heard of. He lives next door to the Baxter Potbelly Pig and Farm Animal rescue on Robinette Road and for months has been tearing down the fence between the properties trying to entice an animal onto his property and threatening to shoot it while patrolling the fence line with his compound bow. Today he succeeded. He coaxed D.J. a wouldn’t hurt a fly farm pig to cross the property line and then shot him in the neck. As D.J. ran for his life Mr. Bainbridge, as he proudly told animal control, “I chased him down and shot him again figuring I could use the meat.” He then shot D.J. a second time after he re-crossed the property line running for his shelter. D.J. passed from his wounds after surgery to try to save him. Mr. Bainbridge is a two time convicted felon who the local authorities have taken a “Well that’s just George” point of view on. I pray you inundate the police with calls until they are forced to take action. Do not let the murder of D.J. go unnoticed or unpunished….

Please sign the petition here!

Theo: gentle, sweet, and very tall

Theo was born on a dairy farm and was ripped from his mother within the first few hours of being born. Theo was purchased directly from the farm, meaning he was not forced to experience auction and the accompanying terror and confusion. Unfortunately, he was confined in an urban backyard with no other bovine friends. After busting out of this yard and into a neighbor’s yard, Theo was confiscated by animal control. Theo was just a month old when he arrived at Animal Place in 2012 – can’t believe how much he has grown!