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Little Leaf Sheep Nudibranch Grazes Adorably Underwater

This is going to shock you, but the creature you’re looking at is a sea slug, or nudibranch. That being said, how much does this thing look like a little undersea sheep made out of seaweed? I have dubbed thee a leaf sheep. Formally, these nudibranchs are called Costasiella kuroshimae. The little leaf sheep is only a few millimeters in length and feeds on the green algae,Avrainvillea. It even grazes like a real sheep!! This species is named after Kuro Island, in the Yaeyama Islands, of Japan where it was first found… andddd that’s about all the information there is on it.

There needs to be a leaf sheep expedition ASAP because I’m dying to learn more about these adorable miniature sea animals! Plus, can we all just take a moment and recognize how cute its little black wonky eyes are in the middle of its face?


Sheep stampede through a crack in a lava flow - seems definitely Icelandic.