Music Festivals in Your Thirties

A drunk couple wearing parody Dr. Seuss jerseys that read “Turnt 1” and “Turnt 2” mark the second and third times I see someone vomiting.

Twenty-year-old me thinks, “Power couple.”

Thirty-year-old me thinks, “I can’t even appreciate the irony of their shirts because I’m too worried that there aren’t enough medical tents here.”

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Farley Katz.

Bio: I’ve been published in The New Yorker since 2007. I’ve done cartoons for places like Mad Magazine, SNL, and Narrative. My latest book is “The Married Kama Sutra: The World’s Least Erotic Sex Manual.”

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Tools of choice: The most important tool I have is my haunted human skull which I won in a game of cards in Tibet. Every day I sit down at my computer, consult the skull for a cartoon idea (which are all home-runs), and then I pay a caricaturist in Times Square to draw it and wait for the checks to pour in.