If Isabel and Farlan Lived...

Isabel: Hey Eren, y`know my big bro really likes you~

Levi: Isabel you shut your-

Farlan: Oh yeah, he talks about you all the time! Eren`s so cute, Eren`s so pretty, OMG Eren, Eren, Eren~

Levi: You bi-

Eren: H-he does?

Isabel: Oh yeah, in fact I think he wants to MARRY you!

Levi: I-Isabel!

Farlan: Levi and Eren, sittin` in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G

Isabel: *kissy noises*

Levi: *blushing* I`m going to die

Eren: *giggles*

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does levi love anyone? and not even like romantically, does he just deeply care about anyone like he cared about farlan and isabel?

Have you looked at him in the manga recently?!?!?!?!

i’ve told quite a few people this fic was coming, so here it is. special thanks to my beta/girlfriend @danchou-chan, and to @partydanchou and @birbwin for listening to me whine about this thing for months. Read it on AO3

It was never truly his, the life he was born into. He’d known it from childhood, born with memories of monsters, of a war with no end. Erwin Smith was born with the memories of cable wires shooting out with the pull of a trigger, sending an army through the air, of blades and blood that evaporates, of blood that stays. He was born with the memories of a man who had lived two decades before he saw the sun, of fierce gray eyes and a sharp tongue, a man who was small and beautiful and meant to fly. His little bird. He was born with the memories of a broken promise and the knowledge that he is meant to find this man, this little bird, a knowledge that he keeps private, learning early on that others will not take kindly to these strange memories. A vivid imagination in childhood turns into a concerning quirk verging on madness as an adult and he quiets himself. His bird is in his dreams, in the shadows in his waking life, waiting. This life was never truly his, but he will live it if only so that he can prove to himself that this man exists, that somewhere he is looking for him too.

This is the first time, and perhaps it is due to his own naivety that he accepts without question the idea that he is fated to live again, to spend his life dedicated to a man he has yet to meet– maybe never will meet. He does not question the absurdity of it all, the guilt that consumes him for deaths he, now, has never seen, the desperate need for the man in his dreams, the name he finds himself whispering like a prayer as he lies in bed at night, eyes fixed towards the heavens: Levi, Levi, Levi. He questions nothing, fixated, obsessed, but somewhere someone was waiting for him, and in the end it’s all that matters.

Levi, Levi, Levi.

It happens at last during the winter of 1901, and Erwin is on the train, alone with a first class ticket in a quiet, comfortable car, off to visit a friend of the family (by obligation rather than by his own desire, but he’s resolved to be nothing but pleasant– he always is, when he can help it, after all). He is reading the paper when a silent stranger shuffles in, sliding into the seat directly across, a simple bag tossed beside him. Queen Victoria is dead. The stranger lights a cigarette, slumps against the window with a sigh. At half a glance it’s a man, a boy perhaps, small and dark and unremarkable in every way save for his stature and his unusually sharp angles. He is drowning in worn and ill fitting but well-kept clothes. It’s a wonder what a man like that is doing in a first class car. Erwin has no intention to gaze fully but there’s a nagging at his chest, a flash from a dream, from a memory, a whisper. A name. Blue eyes flicker up, the train is moving– he meets half-lidded gray, head against a curled fist, cigarette dangling between thin lips. Gray eyes meet his, cool impassivity turning to shock, head lifting. The cigarette is crushed against the sill of the window by a slow, hesitant hand.

And then there’s a weight against his chest, coming at him so fast it knocks him back into his seat and he almost forgets to wind his arms around the smaller body, to cradle him like something precious, something sacred. There’s a muffled choked out sob, “Oh fuck,” into Erwin’s shirt, drenched in relief, and Erwin wonders how long Levi’s gone thinking he was simply insane. He’s beautiful, he always has been but especially now, real and whole and his, and Erwin thanks every god he can think of for this second chance– for that’s what this must be, a blessing, a way to make amends for the lives he’s taken, the men and women and children he once sent off to die. A miracle.

“Levi… Levi.

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If Isabel, Farlan And Petra Lived And Would Have Met...
  • Isabel:Hey Petra, y`know my big bro really loves you~
  • Levi:Isabel shut your-
  • Farlan:Oh yeah, he talks about you all the time! Petra`s so pretty, Petra`s so beautiful, Petra, Petra, Petra~
  • Levi:You jer-
  • Petra:He does?
  • Isabel:Oh yeah, he wants to MARRY you!
  • Levi:I-Isabel!
  • Farlan:Levi and Petra, layin` on a tree, M-A-K-I-N-G O-U-T
  • Both:*making out noises*
  • Levi:*blushing and turns around to face Petra* I give you the permission to kill them now
  • Petra:*giggles*

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Erwin, Levi, Eren, Jean, Farlan, and Mike reacting to their s.o. surprising them with a trip to Disneyland? (AU obviously lol)

Erwin’s partner was getting short. He was sort of thankful for that, because he knew immediately when he revealed the tickets to them, they would apologize profusely for being mean to him.

“Please tell me what’s going on. You said you had a surprise right when I woke up and it’s six, Erwin,” They whined, a pout forming on their lips as they cuddled up into his side. The man smiled mischievously, slinging his arm around their shoulders before sighing. “Alright, alright,”

He lifted his hips off of their couch, digging his hand into the back pocket of his pants before pulling two pieces of paper out. He spread both of them out, putting them where his partner could inspect them. They gasped, hesitantly reaching for the tickets before looking to Erwin for approval. The man nodded his head, watching as they speechlessly observed the tickets to Disneyland.

“Oh wow, I’m so sorry for pestering you about this. I can’t believe this!” ___ exclaimed, throwing their arms around the other man’s body before pecking his cheek.

Levi knew his partner would not only be surprised, but extremely appreciative as well. Everyone knew he was never the type to do something so generous out of the blue, but he decided that if anyone deserved to go on a trip to Disneyland, it was his ___.

“___, Get down here,” The raven haired man called from the lower level of their shared house. He could hear their disheveled groan from the top of the stairs. He decided to take a seat at their dining table while he waited.

“What’s so important that you couldn’t come up and talk to me yourself?” They sighed irritably, making their way down the carpet covered stairs. Levi scoffed at their attitude, thinking deviously about how bad they’d feel for their choice of speech when he presented their surprise.

“Will you go get that book over there for me?” ___ gave him a look of disbelief, wondering if that was really why he called them all the way down. Nonetheless, they stomped over, picking the book up only to see two tickets to Disneyland tucked under it.

They accidentally dropped the book, picking up the tickets and looking to their boyfriend. Levi nodded, smirking lightly as they ran over to him to give him a hug.

Eren had barged into his partner’s room quickly and without knocking, making their body jerk so unexpectedly they almost fell off their bed. ___ frowned at him in annoyance as he smiled impishly, chest rising and falling rapidly from his run.

“Did you run all the way here? You have a car.” They teased, scooting over so he could take a seat at the foot of their bed. “It’s in the shop. Anyway, this is important! I have a surprise!” Eren exclaimed once he caught his breath. The whole air of his personality was very energized, and his partner was able to tell that he was very excited over whatever he planned on telling them.

“Oh yeah? What’s that?” ___ inquired. On cue with their question, Eren shoved his hand into the pocket of his jeans before pulling out two slightly crumpled pieces of paper. The chocolaty haired boy smiled as he threw one onto their chest, letting them pick it up and inspect it.

___ went quiet for a second before laughing, throwing their blanket off of their body and wrapping their arms around Eren’s neck. “Eren Jaeger, I can’t believe this! Thank you!” His partner smiled, leaning back slightly to put pecks all over the side of his face.

Farlan had received many weird looks from his partner throughout the whole day. It had been one of those days where both of their schedules were void of anything that kept them from being apart.

The ashen haired boy had been smiling a lot more than usual, and he had been walking with a weird pep in his step, but despite their constant questions about his mood he refused to tell them. Pretty soon he was walking them back home, sitting in their common room and watching random movies.

“You know, I’m sort of sad you won’t tell me what you’re so happy about.” ___ teased, smiling up at him from their spot against his chest. “Oh! You’re right. Here, let me show you.” Farlan smiled, remembering the surprise he’d gotten for them. He pulled out his wallet, pulling out a Disneyland ticket and handing it to them, keeping his own in the leather wallet.

“Are you serious?” They asked, just short of shouting. Farlan laughed, smiling proudly at them and nodding. ___ looked at him with wide eyes, leaning up to kiss him before cuddling back into his chest. “Best boyfriend ever,” They whispered.

Mike had always been a quiet man. ___ didn’t really think it would be possible for him to get even more quiet than he already was, however, they had been proven wrong that day. Usually, whenever they asked him a question or talked to him, he’d give them short answers.

Instead, whenever they talked to him today the man only responded with mute nods. With his unusual behavior, ___ had begun to think the worst as the day progressed.

By evening, they were sad, a small frown poking at their lips as they looked down at the ground. Was Mike bored with them? Did they do something to irritate him without knowing. Their head was flooded with various bad thoughts they didn’t notice their boyfriend saying their name. “____.” Mike said for the third time,

“Huh?” They asked, looking up at him. His face was as stoic as ever, and for some reason they took it as a bad sign. “I’m sorry! Did I do something wrong?” ___ asked, eyes full of guilt. Mike looked surprised, but he shook his head no. “Not at all.” He said, stuffing the ticket into their hand. They looked at him questioningly, observing the piece of paper.

“You dummy! You had me worried you didn’t like me anymore! Gah, you really are a good guy.”