@farkledagain sent me this post b/c it reminded her of H+A and I was like ‘yesssssss. but oh no now i wanna draw something like this 4 theeem’ and then she told me to do it so I did it b/c I’m WEAK.

I have no idea what happened in the show that photoset is of, I’ve seen a couple episodes of it in the past but never got around to watching more. As for what’s happening here, I’m thinking Helga beat the crap out of some dude the other day who was making a mutual friend of her and Arnold’s miserable. Or was just being awful to them or something. It was probably someone most of the school thought highly of, so even though Helga did it for the right reasons she’s still seen in a bad light by most pple, b/c her reputation isn’t the greatest to begin with either and ppl are pretty scared of her normally. Arnold knows better tho, and he knows why she did it, and although he isn’t big on settling things with violence, he knows this was probably the only way that person would stop and tbh he was pretty close to decking them himself soon, Helga just beat him to the punch (da dum tsh). So ya, Helga’s got to deal with pple talking shit about her and she doesn’t really care b/c at the end of the day she has pple like her friends and Arnold who know better and that’s all that matters. The talk still puts her on edge tho b/c pple are feeling sorry for the asshole, but Arnold’s touch and words of affirmation melts the tension away and gets rid of the urge to punch more pple in the face.


I’m planning on coloring the last two but I feel bad I haven’t posted much art stuff here lately since I’ve been working on shortakiweek stuff, so have some sketches.

The top two go together, it’s the fantasy au I drew a long time ago when I was taking requests. It was @farkledagain ‘s I think, and wanted to revisit that. Anyway, she’s mad b/c he’s adorable and she hates it and wants to punch him in the face for making her want to kiss him (she doesn’t punch him. but she wants to).


G: What do you think? Now I’m jungle ready AND looking good!
H: *scoffs* Ya, if sweating buckets and looking like a dork is the new En Vogue.
G: No one asked you, Pataki.
H: No one had to ask, I’m performing a public service here. That things an atrocity to mankind and a health hazard.
G: *rolls eyes* Arnold, what do you think? Cool right?
A: Um, Gerald… Helga has a point.
G: Man, you’re supposed to support me as my best friend!
A: No, I’m supposed to keep you from doing something crazy. You could get heat stroke like that in this weather!
G: Tch. Phoebe! What do you think?
P: I think you look quite nice actua-
H: Her opinion doesn’t count.
G: What? And WHY not?
H: She’s biased. Completely blinded.
G: Blinded by WHAT?
H: That’s classified information. Now can you just wear your freaking t-shirt and get rid of that thing already, ya chucklehead!
G: What, no! Do you know how long I’ve been wanting this limited edition sweatshirt for? This is the best compromise I could think of after one of the sleeves ripped off and a huge tear was made in the side of it!
A: *sighs* … Gerald.
H: Look Geraldo, I’m not gonna get slowed down on this little mission of ours just because YOU decided to be an idiot and collapsed from the heat. Either you change into your t-shirt and get rid of that thing, or I pound you until you do. Your. Choice!!!
G: Alright, alright!

In which I once again got carried away with something silly. The crop top idea is all @farkledagain ‘s fault btw. And it started b/c I was a little surprised by Gerald still wearing his sweatshirt in the jungle in that one screenshot we got from Craig. It looks like it’s pretty thick too. I suppose, now that I think about it, it could just be night time lol. Either way I like poking fun at my children so no regrets. 

Also I imagine Arnold would ask his parents if they could help him get Gerald a new sweatshirt after they’re back home as a thank you for helping out and b/c he’d feel guilty about it having been ruined.

And sorry for the lack of stuff lately, been working mainly on shortakiweek stuff and i can’t share that until it’s time to.


Magical Girl AU sketch duuump b/c I loooove iiiit so muuuch. I thought it’d be neat to think of some special moves the girls could have (along with cheesy names for said moves). The top pic is some sisterly bonding between Timberly and Helga (and belly rubs for kitty!arnold of course). As always, AU and designs are the amazing @farkledagain ‘s creation.