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as much as i love girl meets world, you gotta admit the ending was pretty weak and unrealistic. my parents wouldn’t give up a huge opportunity like that and extra pay just because they love a place and they want me to stay with my friends. also, the rucas scene, what was that????? like damn at least hold hands or give each other a peck on the cheek, show that you have at least some chemistry? and the two morgan’s thing was confusing. also, when shawn was talking about adoption and handed maya the adoption papers, topanga kept saying OKAY ME NOW, i’m pretty sure no one in real life would ruin a sweet moment like that. honestly, the saddest scenes were the riley and maya scenes and the auggie and ava goodbye. call me a fake fan, whatever, but this is my opinion and i don’t think it was the greatest finale.

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They specifically said in the show that Smackle was not threatened by Riley. That was the entire point of that conversation.

Actually, if you’re referring to the following scene:

Smackle: Riley. Explain the role of uranium in nuclear fission.

Riley: I dunno.

Smackle: Yeah. You’re a real threat.

It actually ends there. They move on after Smackle says her line. I even re-watched the episodes just to make sure that I wasn’t trippin. There is no point in time, from what I remember, that they go back on that. Maybe earlier cuts have that scene in, but the final cuts didn’t, which could give insight into what they thought was important and what wasn’t.

Anyways, my point of bringing up all of this was not to discredit Smarkle, but to present an idea that Smackle could be threatened by Farkle and Riley’s relationship. And, actually, the point of that conversation was that Riley had affected them all in meaningful ways. 

Look. There’s a chance that I could be deadass wrong about this. That’s okay. I don’t mind admitting that I’m wrong. But, from my perspective, we got something completely different. Smackle admits her insecurities about her relationship with Farkle, and how he may not like her as much as he claims. Farkle says otherwise, and they solve their issues temporarily. 

But they also admit that they are people of science, and feelings are not their strong suit. Yet, Farkle has no issue admitting that he’ll always love Riley. In what context? If we get a fourth season, we’ll have to wait and see. 

In all honesty, the writers could either go with Smarkle or Riarkle and it could work, But in my humble opinion, I see more evidence for eventual Riarkle. That’s my position. Take it or leave it. I don’t mean to get snappy with you anon, but I’ve written over 30K words on this. At a certain point, you just get tired of repeating yourself, you know?

Anyway, thanks for the ask!

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Smackle doesn't even say anything when Maya kisses Farkle on the cheek!

While this is true, Maya kissing Farkle on the cheek while is much different than Farkle admitting that he’ll love Riley wherever she is (a scene that was paralleled by Auggie and Ava, mind you). 

I understand that Smackle didn’t say anything, but keep in mind that Maya has never been a romantic option much past the first few episodes of season one. And even then, it was debatable, to be honest. They shut down Maya and Farkle a long time ago with the “no sparks” high-five. 

The scenes just aren’t comparable. 


we think one of the greatest legacies in life is friendship. because sometimes life swirls you all up and knots people together for a reason. is that what you were feeling?

                           people change people. girl meets world. 2014-2017.