På Rangfeldts

I’ve spent most of the previous weekend with the Rangfeldts and it is always a nice time whenever we get together. They’re my Swedish host family and all of them are so cool individually. So here’s what went down during Easter break:

April 3, 2015 (Fredag)

Långfredagstravet 2015 in Färjestad: Sweden is famous for horse racing and this is said to be one of the biggest traditions in the country.Here’s a video that I shot and edited about the event! :) I was there with Åsa, Morgan, and Alexander.

Me, Alexander Rangfeldt  (Photo taken by Åsa Rangfeldt)

April 6, 2015 (Mondag)

Then, we met up again on Monday to have an Eastern late lunch/early dinner at the Rangfeldt’s in Molkom (a small town 30 minutes away from Karlstad). 

The whole family was there along with my two other fellow exchange students - Miki from Japan and Thorsten from Germany. After eating, we hung out at their tea room (basically living room) where everyone got their own Easter eggs full of sweets!! Yay!!!

Afterwards, we went on a short hike in their “backyard” aka the woods of Molkom. Hahaha. Thorsten really wanted to see any moose or wolves, but all we saw were wolf’s skin and this kinda old house ruin.

Me, Miki Yamada, Beatrice and Morgan Rangfeldt (Photo taken by Åsa Rangfeldt)

Into the woods…

Wolf’s skin!!! :O

A (kinda old) house ruin in the middle of the woods

Beatrice Rangfeldt, Thorsten, Alexander Rangfeldt, me, Miki Yamada  (Photo taken by Åsa Rangfeldt)

I really enjoy getting to see more and more of Sweden. I’m just really in love with this place!! And I’m so thankful to my Swedish family for letting me experience all of these things ♥