Birds of a Feather | Bartz and Faris

Faris scuffed her feet on the dirt road. Her daily life was getting busier and busier. Being a Captain had already added to her normal soldier duties. And on top of that the army had been flooded with new arrivals for some strange reason.

She smiled despite all this. Thanks for her recent mission with Zack she had gained a new found appreciation for her life in Oerba. For the first time in a long time, she felt content staying where she was.

In some ways, that was a sort of scary feeling for the pirate who not so long ago clung to her freedom to go wherever she wanted.

It was that lingering itch of fear towards her life’s complacency that drove Faris out of her house that day. She needed to take her mind of things. These days, when she sat around too long she got to thinking and when she got to thinking she started getting freaked out about how settled in she was in Oerba.

So Faris continued walking down the quiet streets of Oerba. She thought about dropping by HQ and seeing if anything was going on for her to get in on. If not she could just train and train to get her mind off things.

She paused as she passed the chocobo stalls. There was a solitary voice coming from inside. It wasn’t that unusual for people to talk to the birds so that wasn’t what gave Faris pause. It was the voice itself… Somehow, it sounded kind of familiar.

After considering the situation briefly, she made up her mind to check it out and opened the door to the stalls abruptly. When she spotted the man inside she pulled up short, realizing that she hadn’t really thought through what to say. It would help if she could place him…

Brown hair, kinda spikey in a way (though not compared to Cloud or Zack). He was really familiar. But she couldn’t place him.

“Er, sorry about barging in,” she began lamely, “just thought I’d drop in and see how the birds were doing.”

First Steps | Ingus and Faris

Petty sparks bounced harmlessly off of Ingus’ leather boots, and fell to their quick demise on the floor below. Many followed in their steps, birthed from the grinding of whetstone to blade. Oerba offered a variety of gadgets to sharpen ones blade, but Ingus favored the control of a simple rock to temper his steel. It was an amazing sword to say the least, which arose numerous questions about his father and what his life was like. If only Excalibur itself could speak, then perhaps it would share with him the flesh it had hewn, and the travels it had taken.

Once satisfied with the razor edge of his sword, Ingus Lumine returned the whetstone to his inventory, and sheathed his blade. Despite the brevity it took to sharpen Excalibur, he became worried that he waited too long before checking in. Ingus was to seek out and introduce himself to the Captain of the Commandos, and demonstrate his skill as per instructed. As for the task, he was unaware of what was to come. A hunt, a spar, a duel, or maybe if he was lucky, she would be satisfied with his record and would require no further data. That however was unlikely, and in Ingus’ case, rather undesirable. He was eager to show his skills and to utilize them in the army’s favor as soon as possible.


Ingus pulled out the note given to him, stating where to find the Captain, and reread it for verification. Looking up from the letter, Ingus began to scan the environment in search for a body of water. Apparently her quarters was located next to a lake of sorts, which normally wouldn’t be too difficult to find, but Ingus wasn’t that familiar with this part of Oerba.

After a minute more of walking, and asking the occasional passerby for directions, Ingus found himself at the doorstep of his Captain. He took a moment to erect his posture, and refine his train of thought before curling his fist and curtly rapping on the door.

Physical Therapy | Basch and Faris.

This is stupid, Basch thought to himself, pacing the length of his room. If I want to leave, I’m going to leave. Ever since he left Oerba and had been brought back by Cloud and Queen, he had been placed under duress by the Army. He peered out the window and counted 5 armed soldiers outside his room. With a sigh he turned around and retrieved his leathers from the trunk at the base of his bed. Getting dressed, he cursed and muttered under his breath, irritated that the army had confiscated his weapons, having labelled him as a liability. His mind raced with the events that had befallen him lately, ever since joining the Army at Oerba. “I need to clear my head” he muttered to himself, and headed to the door.

Upon opening the door, he was immediately surrounded by six soldiers, must've miscounted he thought to himself, with a grunt. One of the soldiers squeaked at him, his voice cracking, “I’m sorry sir, but we must ask you to return to your room. If you do not comply we will force you to return.” Basch glared down at the young man and sighed. “You can try kid, I don’t really want to hurt you. I’m going for a walk. You’re welcome to follow if you want, but you aren’t going to stop me from just taking a walk" and Basch started off towards the water.

Falling To Pieces | Queen and Faris

When she closed her eyes, she could still hear the falling debris around her, the sound of crumbling earth and the clash of metal against metal as her sword and Lightning’s sword made contact. The soldier had matched her strike for strike, parrying each of her blows with ease and experience. Despite being a newer recruit, she had put up a fight unlike any Queen had ever been in before.

Perhaps, the difference had been in their resolve; though stubborn and narrow-minded, there was no doubt that Lightning’s strength had been a result of her desire to protect those around her. That in itself was enough to make Queen feel even more guilty about the situation and her inability to act. Had she been stronger - had her resolve been as strong as Lightning’s - the outcome may have turned out very differently.

However, there was no point in dwelling about the past now. She needed to look forward towards the future, no matter how painful it was to let go. Rising to her feet, she took several deep breaths, blinking the tears from her eyes. She needed to be strong; she couldn’t let anyone see her weakness.

Having lost track of how long it had been since she left camp, Queen thought it best to return. There was still much that needed to be done in regards to treating casualties and foreseeing the wellbeing of survivors. As chief medic, she needed to be there to assist Faris and Serah. Taking one last look at the ruined landscape, she squeezed her eyes shut and spun on her heel, refusing to look back.

Under Wraps| Faris and Queen

Everything in Faris was yelling and stamping to go back home and lapse into a deep and all-consuming sleep. Yet despite these callings, she forced herself to the clinic, knowing full well that she had to get her injuries looked at. Specifically the bite from the ghoul on her upper side. It wasn’t bleeding much anymore but the sting was still there; the whole area ached.

It was still morning, and she had officially been awake for roughly twenty-four hours. Her muscles were cramping up and she realized that she needed food and water on top of that sleep.

When she walked in, there didn’t seem to be many people around. This was her first trip to the clinic. She looked around, unsure of where she was supposed to check in. Maybe if she wandered around…

She hadn’t been roaming the halls for too long when she decided to turn around. Promptly she noticed the slight trail of blood that was following her. Faris’s eyes widened and she brought a hand to where her supposedly closed wound was, it came away bloody. She looked back at the trails of blood she had left on the floors of the clinic and swore, hoping she wouldn’t get in trouble for the mess. A medic’d be nice right about now…

Taejin Mission 043: Establishing Sanctuary | Faris and Serah

The call for the mission had gone out late at night, or rather early morning, and it was pure luck that Faris’s sleep was unusually light that night, light enough to be roused by the noise of the message. The emergency summons to HQ was more than enough to get her out of bed after that.

The entire atmosphere of HQ was tense when she arrived. It was also, she realized, the busiest she had seen it. Taejin’s Army was really pulling all stops to get help over to this town. Many of the people running around were, she assumed, working on stocking up the airships that would be heading out while soldiers waiting for private debriefings would hurry over on chocobo to provide more immediate help.

Faris glanced over at her companion, Serah Farron they had called her. She was a petite sort of girl, but that seemed pretty standard for a lot of medics. And her secondary role was Commando so at least she would be able to help with the fighting.

Once the briefing had ended, Faris promptly headed over to the pink-haired girl and extended her hand, “Faris Scherwiz. Nice to meet ye, minus the situation. I’d say more but I think we oughta skip formalities and head out right now.”

That said she moved to exit the briefing room but paused as soon as she stepped out the door. “Queen!" 

Queen and another soldier Faris didn’t recognize were standing waiting in line. Faris made her way over them and gave Queen a sturdy pat on the shoulder, and offering her a more serious look of determination than was usual for the former pirate, "Good luck out there. Maybe I’ll see ye on the battle field.”

Shooting Queen a quick grin that she hoped was reassuring, she continued on past the other soldiers and made her way outside with Serah in tow. As they headed to the stables, Faris asked Serah over her shoulders, “You know how to ride a chocobo right? We’ve gotta get over there fast.”

Taejin Mission 036: Peacemaking | Faris and Zack

It was only her second mission here in Oerba, but Faris found it was already off to an infinitely better start than her previous one. For one thing, the weather was glorious; Perfect weather for setting sail, she thought to herself, a confident smile gracing her features at the thought. For another thing, she and her companion weren’t setting out in the odd hours of the night. Her mission with Kain had been one creepy, hellish all nighter. This one would be nothing like that as they were departing in the morning and had multiple days to accomplish their task.

Another fortunate turn of events that Faris was grateful for was her companion, Zack Fair. Kain had been a more than adequate partner during their mission together but the two had hardly known each other back then. Zack was someone Faris already trusted wholeheartedly, due in no small part to their “trip” to Midgar.

She shot Zack a grin, “Should be a fun one, eh?”

Indeed, it definitely seemed like it would be. She and Zack were to travel to the town of Eundaise, a known pirate frequent, to negotiate a treatise with the pirate that Tifa and Queen had encountered on a previous mission. Due to a multitude of factors, Faris had been feeling particularly nostalgic for her days of piracy.

All things considered, she was looking forward to this mission. Her pace quickened as she and Zack made their way to the docks where their ship awaited them. Confident and brimming with excitement, Faris made her way to the Captain of the ship and shook his hand, quickly asking him standard pre-mission questions.

Upon confirming that their departure would begin soon, Faris gestured for Zack to follow her as she went below the ship’s exterior to the barracks. She and Zack found the bunk set aside for them and deposited their small bags. 

“Come on,” she said, “we should get back on deck. Don’t want to miss departure.”

She ran back to the top of the ship, and quickly headed over to the railings on side, leaning over and drinking in the sight of the open water and the pleasant breeze that day.

Under Construction | Selphie and Faris

“Goddamnit!” Faris’s long string of profanities reached this peak in its crescendo before her voice gradually lowered and she resorted to just muttering the obscenities under her breath. She had been toiling away under the hot sun for a good few hours, and had made little progress since getting stuck.

Feeling another wave of frustration flood her, Faris began cursing Cloud’s name under her breath. It was all his fault she was out here. After all, he was the one who had suggested Faris build her own personal ship.

“Ship,” she sneered, sarcasm dripping out her pores (along with the sweat), “this thing’s a baby turtle compared toThe Syldra.Ship, my ass…”

If she was being honest with herself, she certainly didn’t hold it against Cloud. His suggestion was actually quite brilliant, and despite the strife it was causing her Faris thoroughly enjoyed working on her boat. It gave her something to do on the beach, the perfect excuse to be close to the water. Besides that, the idea had come when they’d met, a day she’d formed a good friendship with the Ravager that had only grown stronger with the events to follow.

It certainly had proved to be a struggle though, this ship building business. Despite the years she’d spent aboardThe Syldra,Faris had no real experience building vessels for sailing. She was going off of the experience she had as a pirate and a captain, and that experience didn’t grant her expertise in the mechanics of water worthy vessels.


In an absolute fit of frustration, Faris threw the piece of wood she’d been working with to the ground and kicked the skeleton of her boat-in-progress for good measure, swearing all the while and completely unconcerned with disturbing others given that she’d thought she had the beach to herself. But this impression would soon prove false…

Self-Sustaining Cook | Faris and Hope

It was… kind of red and kind of yellow… Very round, overall. Stupid piece of fruit. Was it a fruit? Vegetable?  

This is pathetic.

Faris felt her face flush, an act she rarely partook in being the proud individual that she was. But it couldn’t be helped. After all, she was rarely this out of her element in the first place.

She allowed her eyes to stray from the mountain of kind-of-red-and-kind-of-yellow fruit in front of her and roam over the aisle she was in; it was full of a variety of fruits and vegetables, all of it well out of her regular vocabulary. This was a far cry from the grocery shopping that took place on the Syldra.

It wasn’t uncommon for the crew to just go ahead and pillage whatever they needed. And even when they did shop for food, their options were limited due to the realities of life on a ship. Faris had spent the past several years of her life on a steady diet of dried meat, fish, dried fish, pickles, pickled fruits, pickled vegetables, pickled fish… other dried food… canned food…

Sure, they had sometimes gotten better meals with fresh ingredients (usually when they were docked for a while), but that wasn’t the norm.

Do they have a canned food section? The query caused her to turn left and right, looking around for any indication of the sort of food she’d be familiar with, and that was when she noticed a young man with soft silver hair.

Has he been watching me stand here like some daft sop? She wondered, and subsequently squared her shoulders at the thought—already feeling defensive.