fargo // 7even devils

I just started and finished watching this show in a matter of a few days and what I’ve learned is that Fargo is spectacular. 

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Hanamiya being a total idiot when it comes to his girlfriend

»Hm …« Your friend Yuzuki thoughtfully rubbed her chin. »So, correct me if I’m wrong, but what you’re saying is that you’d like your boyfriend to be more affectionate with you.« As she questioningly looked at you, you averted your gaze and nodded, frowning as you noticed a small smile forming on her lips and the obvious mockery in her voice. »In other words, ___, you want Hanamiya Makoto to become a cute lovey-dovey boyfriend.« »Don’t say it like that!« She grinned. »Well, that’s one way to put it.«  As she took a sip of her tea, her hand started shaking from her barely surpressed giggle. »Though I must admit it sounds slightly … absurd.« »Oh come on, Yuzuki!« You groaned. It was obvious that she was enjoying the situation. After all, when you and Hanamiya started dating around a month ago and you mirthfully asked all of your friends if they found the two of you cute, she tould you that ‘cute’ wasn’t exactly a word she’d use in the same sentence as Hanamiya, earning a few dirty looks from you. And here you were now, more or less admitting that there was some truth in her words.

It wasn’t that you were afraid Hanamiya didn’t like you. He had confessed to you himself, and after the two of you started going out, he made sure to spend as much time with you as possible even though you were both busy. And you liked spendig time with him, to be sure - he could be, after all, quite a funny guy, at least for someone who posessed a somewhat dark sense of humour like yourself, and time often flied when the two of you made fun of everything surrounding you, including each other. Still, even though you knew and were content with the fact that he wasn’t the typical nice guy, you sometimes couldn’t help but wish that he’d also show a more … romantic side to him. For example, you wouldn’t mind things like holding hands while watching the sunset or stargazing from time to time.

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new v/b au idea!

bulma and yamcha had another fight and she decided to go looking for the dragon balls to wish herself a better boyfriend (i know that happened in dragon ball before, but i get the feeling that threat happened every time they got into an argument even if she didn’t always go through with it). it’s farily easy going and she finds two dragon balls with no issue. then, she runs into a bit of a problem. she’s looking for a dragon ball on foot when she finds a very distraught vegeta. his pod’s broken and he’s been stuck on earth for days (don’t ask me how he got there - frieza sent him idk). he’s really close to shooting her in the face before she manages to somehow calm him down. when he explains his situation, she gets an idea. after looking at the pod, she thinks she’ll be able to fix it. and she will… if he helps her look for the remaining dragon balls. after a bit of arguing, he realizes that he’s got no other options, and agrees to the terms. hijinks ensue.