Vekh Fareeda Mitti khulli,
Mitti uttay Mitti dulli.
Mitti hassay, Mitti roay,
Anatt Mitti da Mitti hoay.
Naan kar Bandiya “meri meri”,
Naan ay teri, naan ay meri.
Chaar dinan da mela dunya,
Phir Mitti di ban gai dheri.
Na kar eithay hera pheri,
Mitti naal na dhoka ker tu
Too vi Mitti, Oo vi Mitti.
Zaat paat di gal na kar tu,
Zaat vi Mitti, tu vi Mitti.
Zaat sirf Khuda di Uchhi,
Baqi sab kuch mitti, mitti.
—  Baba Farid Ganjshakar
Rabiah Adawiyah ditanya: Kaucinta Allah. ‘Ya.’ Benci setan? 'Tak. Saking besar cintaku pada Allah, aku tak sempat benci setan.’
—  Tadzkirah al-Auliya–Fariduddin Attar

کاگا سب تن کھائیو، میراچُن چُن کھّیو ماس
دو نیناں مت کھائیو، موہے پِیا ملن کی آس

Kaga sab tan khaiyo, mera chun chun khaiyo maas
Do naina mat khaiyo mohey piya milan ki aas

Feast on all of my body,o raven! ravage my skin and bones
Don’t eat away those two eyes of mine, for I hope to glimpse my Beloved!

—  فریدالدین گنج شکر Fariduddin Ganjshakar
The Devil Complains

A sluggard once approached a fasting saint

And baffled by despair, made this complaint:

“The devil is a highwayman, a thief,

Who’s ruined me and robbed me of belief.”

The saint replied: “Young man, the devil too

Has made his way here to complain - of you.

‘My province is the world,’ I heard him say;

'Tell this new pilgrim of God’s holy Way

To keep his hands off what is mine - if I

Attack him it’s because his fingers pry

In my affairs; if he will leave me be,

He’s no concern of mine and can go free’.”

The Conference of the Birds

Farid ud-din Attar


God is the Light of both body and soul, and it is He Who hath hidden the soul within the body, and He Who hath created both earth and heaven from His Light. He hath made the vault of heaven His pavilion in the firmament beyond Infinity. Moon and sun are His worshipers, making supplication before Him. Human reason is bewildered before Him, for it can teach naught concerning His Essence, but all things, didst thou but know it, can give thee sight of the Friend.

The heaven itself revolves in silence, consumed by its yearning to look upon Him. The sun, as it goes on its orbit, is seeking to solve the mystery; the moon and the stars, as they wax and wane, are craving for union with Him. When the flames of the fire rise heavenwards, it is from their longing to meet with Him. The wind, without foot or pinion, mounts aloft in its search for Him. The water rushing by in every stream seeks to find its rest in Him. For His sake the mountain is cleft into range upon range, so that in every spot it may keep its watch for Him. Even the sea, when thou see it raging so furiously, is seething with yearning for the Friend.

- Fariduddin Attar