Final shot of my #skatefuldead #skatedownstreet mural in Fargo, better appreciated in video. Though I am not a Deadhead myself, I got enough GD records to appreciate a lot of their music n culture. Felt like doing this little homage to their iconic bears without knowing my client was a big Dead fan, or that I would finish it on Jerry Garcia’s birthday! I love classic rock, so it’s sad legendary bands like GD, Yes n Pink Floyd are saying their goodbyes. But they will never fade away! Oneness! #gratefuldead #bears #classicrock #hippies #fargo #northdakota #spraypaint #streetart #gd50 #mural #oneness #skateboarding #sneakers

Some roads you shouldn’t go down. Because maps used to say, “There be dragons here.” Now they don’t. But that doesn’t mean the dragons aren’t there.
—  Lorne Malvo, Fargo

I just saw that there’s another season of Fargo coming up. That had to be my favorite series over the past last year. Martin Freeman was stellar in it. Billy Bob Thornton is Billy Bob, brilliant. Kirsten Dunst is one of the new stars for the second season. Eager to see what she does and what story is developed.

it had me thinking though - I would love to see Josh do a limited series like that, or something really high quality on HBO (look how great Woody was on True Detective) or even on Netflix like House of Cards.

The whole line between movies and TV has blurred in recent years. The production quality is far better than it was before. The caliber of talent is so good. Great writing. I would love to see Josh doing that sort of “TV” series.