thebusylilbee answered: Daredevil, Hannibal, Fringe, Fx Fargo, Parks and recreation ! 

  sherlockislikeadrug answered: i just finished watching House MD and it’s amazing!! also Elementary, Broadchurch, Orphan Black, need more? 

  you-were-the-best-distraction answered: Daredevil

DAREDEVIL WAS AMAZING! Also omg hannibal’s current season in amazing I just watched the last episode ;u; I’ve heard of Fringe but it’s never come up so I never ended up watching that! But yes Fargo, and I’ll need to finish PAR!

House is so great! I had to stop to the fourth season some years ago when my needle phobia was at it’s worst, but I could maybe continue it now that that’s better c: I’ve seen Elementary’s first season and whole of Broadchurch and Orphan black, ahh amazing shows eep eep ;u;; I need more Orphan Black, especially.

So things to watch: Fringe, Fargo, Parks and rec, House, Elementary :3

Allison Tolman and Bob on the set of Fargo

“I don’t know how he does it so quickly, but the moment I met him, he knew where, like, two bookstores were that we should go to and every good breakfast spot in town.”

(Allison on meeting Bob for the first time; Bob is certain to help you find good books and good food)


Full trailer for Season 2 of Fargo