Martin Freeman and me.

Ok. So. This is me, holdig a microphone, scared the living shit out of me, asking a question to MARTIN FREEMAN in front of 820 people . Hands down, one of the greatest satisfactions of my life. Plus, I screamed like a fool “oh and HI AMANDA!”, his wife, who was there with him. And this is what she wrote back at me on twitter:

This is why Giffoni is a special and unique thing. Too bad that this was the last Giffoni of my life.

From ‘Hobbit’ to 'Captain America’: Martin Freeman Talks About Franchise Roles

“It’s rare in an actor’s life, to do films that you know people will see,” he says.

British actor Martin Freeman traveled to Southern Italy to receive a Giffoni Experience Award at the Giffoni Film Festival, the largest festival in Europe for kids and teens, which wrapped on Sunday. The Emmy and BAFTA-award winning actor met with press and with young jury members to discuss his life and career.

Freeman has had key roles in a variety of franchise series, including the lead role of Bilbo Baggins in the Hobbit trilogy, the role of accidental murderer Lester Nygaard in the Fargo TV series, Watson in the successful BBC show Sherlock, and the role of an ambiguous government official in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War.

He takes no credit, however, for the success of the widely popular films and TV shows he stars in. “It’s definitely nothing to do with me. It’s only my responsibility to hold up my bit of the boat,” he told The Hollywood Reporter. He referred to Captain America as, “a juggernaut that’s been on the road for many years, and will be for many years more, with or without me.”

“It’s rare in an actor’s life, to do films that you know people will see,” he said of his slate of work. “Whether they like it or not is another thing, but you know they will see it, right? So I’ve been lucky in the last few years that I’ve done things that I know there is an audience for. It is kind of weird, because it does seem totally by accident that I am going into these big things.”

Freeman admits that he’s not signing up to be a superhero just yet, but he wouldn’t rule it out. “Since Iron Man, I guess the model for who can play a superhero has changed. Because it’s gotten more actor-based now, as opposed to gymnasium, model based, if you know what I mean,” he said.

“Because all the people in those Marvel films are proper actors, good, serious actors,” he continued. “I don’t know what my super power would be, but yeah, as always, if it’s well-written and if it seems fun and the lunches are good, then I’d be in for that.”

The actor, who previously called himself “geek royalty,” believes that often fans can drive the best stories. “To a certain extent, Hollywood began, and I guess every film industry in the world began with people who are very, very obsessive and single-minded. Otherwise, an industry wouldn’t happen,” he said. “I think things seem to have gone more that way, on a certain level, you know, like basically the kids who read comics when I was at school, a lot of those people are now in very good jobs in film production. As long as mankind is telling each other stories and we’re listening, that is what’s important, really.”

Freeman can next be seen in the upcoming Christmas Special for Sherlock. He claims the biggest pain of shooting in the Victorian era was wearing a huge fake moustache. “It’s good fun, until you want to eat,” he said. “And then it’s annoying.”

He also has no issue with joining forces with his compatriots, Judi Dench, Daniel Craig and J.K. Rowling, who recently sent a letter urging Prime Minister David Cameron not to reform the creative and financial structure of the BBC.

“There’s no question that the BBC of course is not perfect,” he said. “But I’m fiercely proud - I think most British people, conservatives or left or whatever they are, would see the BBC as the best value tax we’ve got in Britain. “You show me better television comedy than on the BBC, I’ll give you a million pounds, you can’t do it. Nature programs, documentaries. If it’s a fight between the BBC and the British Conservative Party, there’s no contest as to whose side I’m on.”

He’ll also be in Paramount’s Fun House in which Tina Fey stars as journalist Kim Barker recalling her time covering wars in Afghanistan and Pakistan. According to Freeman, it’s not just a war story. “It’s about expat, mainly British and European, American and Australian ex-patriots, as reporters and journalists,” he said, “finding themselves in this crazy place, where everyone goes mad, as people do in times of war when you’re living that close to death and you’re sleeping with people, you’re taking drugs, you’re doing lots of things because you think any day might be your last day, which is kind of what happens, I guess.”

The film is slated for a 2016 release.

29.7.2015 (x)

They tumble into the elevator, gloved hands pressed into each other’s sides. Her doorman is discrete, as is her building manager – and would have to be, in an apartment building less than two blocks from Times Square. The weather, too, helps their cause of anonymity. Or so MacKenzie thinks, remembering the press of Will’s body against her own pushing her into the brick wall of the Wells Fargo at Sixth and West 45th.

She pushes him up against the rail, laughing as he pulls her scarf away from her mouth and manages to rip it off her entirely in his haste. It flutters from her shoulders down to the floor, coming to rest across her iced-over boots.

“Patience is a virtue,” she murmurs.

Regardless, she unbuttons his coat and then tears her gloves off her hands so she can slide her fingers under the hem of his damp sweater.

Will repays her by pulling her closer, bending press a chain of kisses from the apex of her jaw to her lips. “It really isn’t.”

She gasps.

“Some of us are less impulsive than others, you know,” she reasons. As if to prove her point, Will ducks his head to fit his mouth against her pulse. The kiss is open-mouthed, his tongue dancing over the taut line of her throat, and she bites back a moan. “Some of us don’t go around bending women back over their arms because they’ve been caught under the mistletoe.”

He snorts against her neck. “You started it.”

Boxing Day, Chapter Three

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Why did you choose this url?
Because these are one of Stefan’s and Caroline’s nicknames. He is the gentleman and she is the blondie.

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If you could own a fairy tale pet, what it would be?
I don’t have this figured out, but I like the raccoon on Pocahontas, he is so cute, or maybe one of the talking dalmatians from 101 Dalmatians (if these movies can be categorized as fairy tale pet)

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Many. black, gray, magenta, burgundy, turquoise, marsala, and mustard.

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“Dreams", by Beck.

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Right now, TVD, How to get away with murder, and Hannibal. True Detective, Fargo and Better call Saul are my favorite series right now, but I do not see so much talk a lot about it so I do not know I consider to have a fandom, or at least one mingled.

Why do you like tumblr?
I get to talk on and on about my OTP without annoying someone que do not want to hear about that. On tumblr you can express about what you want (in various ways) with people that want to hear about that, and you bond with people so geographically away, that you would not meet in person and maybe never talk to her about that things outside this media.

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Allison Tolman and Bob on the set of Fargo

“I don’t know how he does it so quickly, but the moment I met him, he knew where, like, two bookstores were that we should go to and every good breakfast spot in town.”

(Allison on meeting Bob for the first time; Bob is certain to help you find good books and good food)