Was going to get a late lift in

But our whole neighborhood is on lockdown due to an active shooter.
Currently being told to go to our basements for safety.
We’ve heard dozens of shots
And there are reports of an officer down
Please say a prayer for Fargo, ND tonight.

I need more blogs that post

. Star Wars (not a lot of prequil though. In fact, no prequil at all is best.)

. Cats (the animals)

. Stormpilot

. LOTR/The Hobbit

. Stupid fucking puns and memes you know how it is

. Goats

. Anti Trump

. Pro Sanders

. Feminism

. Did I say goats yet?

. Goats

. Fargo (tv show) . But heres the big thing ANTI REYLO!!!!!! . Game of Thrones

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THIS IS A TRUE STORY.The events depicted in this film took place in Minnesota in 1987.At the request of the survivors,the names have been changed.Out of respect for the dead,the rest has been told exactlyas it occurred. - fargo (1996)