Why Metro Man is my Hero

Because one post kind of doesn’t cut it and my heart is an ocean inside a bigger ocean when it comes to Metro Man. 

Remember these?

- That’s not a necessary part of the common hero job description. Metro Man has god-like powers and a fortune. He doesn’t need to do that or anything, really. He does this for this reason:

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 - and that alone. I think he loves this city that took him in and accepted him despite him being kinda scary when you think about it twice. His mother accepted his super strength and flying ability and whatnot without batting an eye and even as he grew up and met other people, he’s always only been accepted and loved.

I mean, also look at his cursing:

  • “Fargin’ dag crab nuggets!’
  • ‘Fackled fish-cracker!’

He has a tendency to curse, but he alters the words on purpose because kids are watching and looking up to him and he gotta set a good example. 

And then consider the whole power thing. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. You see this with Hal who is given powers and uses them for his own purposes. And you see this with Megamind who is given an incredible gift and uses it to build objects of mayhem. First, yes, he does these for a ‘good’ cause - busting his friends out of jail, making popcorn, defending himself - but then he just builds them for his personal vendetta against Metro Man.

The vast majority of people would behave like in this comic here when given powers. But not Metro Man. Never Metro Man.

The citizens trust him so much, they let him juggle babies. I think he has never let anyone down, up until the moment he faked his own death. 

He’s not as smart of Megamind to figure out a good solution that lets him retire, there are no other heroes in the movie or the script that could take his place and honestly I can’t think of an alternative to what he did. In the movie it was kinda a decision on a whim, yes, but in the original script he was looking for a way out of this for months already until he saw an opportunity.