jfc why are all you all so bent out of shape about a fargin dress in a movie? 

Like I get its not historically accurate. I get they may have given Emma too much creative control. I get that the dress is ugly. 

But like. Calling her a dumb bitch, or a useless person, or a terrible actress…is like Defeating Your Point. 

Y’all are mad because you think the historical inaccuracy is demeaning to the women that actually lived in that time. Maybe it is. My guess is they don’t care because they’re dead. And I guarantee you 90% of the people who watch that movie aren’t even going to be thinking about that - they won’t even know something is up with the dress aside from how ugly it is. 

But you’re lambasting Emma, a living, breathing human in derogatory ways. Like chill the fuck out and grow the fuck up.