URL change

Hey folks! I haven’t really said anything other than poetry in a very very long time so hi. This little break in the usual routine has two purposes. Firstly thank you all so so much for 64 fuckin thousand of you. I never even dreamed I would be able to speak to this many people at one time and even more farfetched is the idea that you all want to hear what I have to say so thank you. Thank you so much. Truly.

Secondly I want to warn all of you that I will soon be changing my url. I’ll let everyone know the new one right before I change it instead of now just for safety’s sake. It will be a couple days though just so as many people as possible get the change to see this message. I really hope the change doesn’t inconvenience anyone too too much and if anyone has a huge problem please message me. I don’t want to lose anyone.

Lastly, I hope your tomorrows are all more lovely than you can imagine today.

- A.O.A.M.