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my farfetched little idea that makes no sense but i played around with it anyway about the glitch in clone drone was that Anti got a little sulky when he got told that he can't do bloody and gorey shit in a youtube video. He gave on glitch, there you go, that's all you get bc you don't deserve anything else from me, I just want you to know I'm MAD at you, and then he went back to wherever he came from and let Jack do his thing

So essentially Anti was pouting because YouTube’s rules restrict him and his antics.

I love it XD

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Nickname: cj; coob; scobles; scoob.

Sign: aries

Height: 5′4″

Last Thing You Googled: ‘john everett millais’ i don’t even remember why tbh

Favorite music artist: i love EVERYONE i listen to (check out my spotify *wink wink*)

Song stuck in my head: hayloft by mother mother. also! dead girl walking from heathers is constantly in my head.

Last movie you watched: the history boys

What are you wearing right now: skull shirt and minnie mouse pj bottoms. i’m a fashion icon.

What do you post: voltron, lots of pidge.

Why did you choose your URL: faerie is such a visually appealing word and pidge is just appealing. mash them together.

Do you have any other blogs: too many. they’re in my links if you’re actually interested lmao.

What Did Your Past Relationship Teach You: it was a 2 day relationship. it’d be a wonder if i learned anything. well ok, i learned that i wasn’t interested in him lmao.

Favorite Color: yellow!!

Average Hours Of Sleep: 3-5 hours

Lucky Number: 2 & 72!

Favorite characters: pidge [vld], dirk [dghda], haruhi [ohshc], sailor venus/minako [sm], marceline [at], sayaka [pmmm], tracer [ow], lapis [su], yurio [yoi]. i have so many so i’ll stop here fhajdkdjak. 

How Many Blankets Do you Sleep With: one duvet and my fluffy blanket if i’m ill or especially cold.

Dream Job: eh, it changes. thinking about jobs is stressful. i don’t have any talent really so there’s nothing i’m good at.

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Could I expand on your ghost gym idea a little more? Maybe the music in the gym would at first be silent, but as the gym puzzle continues, the music gets louder, but it's a very heavily distorted version of the usual gym theme. Opening doors could have a creaking sound, and the trainers could jump out at you from seemingly nowhere. Pokemon did create the Old Chateau in Sinnoh and the Strange House in BW2 Unova, so I don't think it's too farfetched of an idea

That would be pretty cool. Given that it’s an active Pokémon Gym as opposed to an abandoned building, it would be creepy in a pretty unique way relative to the other haunted locations of Pokémon.

URL change

Hey folks! I haven’t really said anything other than poetry in a very very long time so hi. This little break in the usual routine has two purposes. Firstly thank you all so so much for 64 fuckin thousand of you. I never even dreamed I would be able to speak to this many people at one time and even more farfetched is the idea that you all want to hear what I have to say so thank you. Thank you so much. Truly.

Secondly I want to warn all of you that I will soon be changing my url. I’ll let everyone know the new one right before I change it instead of now just for safety’s sake. It will be a couple days though just so as many people as possible get the change to see this message. I really hope the change doesn’t inconvenience anyone too too much and if anyone has a huge problem please message me. I don’t want to lose anyone.

Lastly, I hope your tomorrows are all more lovely than you can imagine today.

- A.O.A.M.

Advance Review: Once Upon a Time 5x01 Dark Swan

Once Upon a Time’s Season 5 premiere “Dark Swan” will air this Sunday, the wait for this episode after the jaw dropping season finale is well worth it. It was phenomenal. You will not be disappointed with where they take this road. The idea of camelot, of Merida, of all the stuff that’s been tossed around the past few months was very difficult to piece together and kudos to the crew at Once Upon a Time for throwing us off that much. The way they do bring this together, the way they bring these two realms together and have these strangers work as one is flawless. One thing I love about this show is that even the most farfetched ideas have come together in a way that’s not so far fetched.

Alright enough with the love showering, I know you all want spoilers and I won’t make you wait any longer. Here are 10 things to look forward to this Sunday night!

  1. Emma’s internal battle being displayed quite literally on the screen. As pictures show, Rumple is with her but is he really. The first episode will explain the appearance of Bobby Carlyle in the Enchanted Forest with our new Dark One.
  2. Yes, I said Enchanted Forest, they don’t go straight to Camelot. They do make it there in the episode but they have to go through the place a majority of the characters call home.
  3. Remember the scene between Zelena and Hook? Well she’s turned a leaf, sort of. The reasons behind why Zelena does what she does, and how she does manage to help the heroes get to Emma is beautifully executed. Bex Mader really sells what she’s saying, I don’t know if this is because I had the opportunity to meet her and if you ever meet her you’ll know what I’m talking about, she’s not someone you hate. Yeah she did this horrible thing, but the reason why will make you feel a little bad for her. Cruella is really the only villain without any remorse.
  4. With Emma gone they did need someone to step up to the plate and be in charge, Regina does do this in a way. She of course doesn’t want to but she does.
  5. Emma’s baby blanket does make a scene, which includes a very sentimental Snow and a sassy response from our favorite queen.
  6. Merida, King Arthur and Merlin all have appearances in the premiere.
  7. Emma may not have learned her art of stealing from Neal. Little Emma is quite skilled at that herself.
  8. Henry and Hook go rogue.
  9. Lana in a red dress with her hair swept to the side and looking as flawless as ever will have you going all love eyeballs at the screen.
  10. The last scene of this episode will leave you scared of JMo.

The episode airs Sunday at 8PM on ABC. Don’t miss it! The hiatus is almost over. Dark Swan is coming.