So i kind of came up with this fucked theory where:
Daniel is the real David. From the little I know of cults, there’s a cult called Scientology, where the participants worship an alien being called Xenu. This name clearly resembles Xemoog, the alien being that Daniel goes on about.
Apparently, members of that cult are not allowed to bear children, and if they do have children, they are to be killed, aborted, or conditioned and used as beneficial “tools” to the cult, almost.
The David we know today is a clone/a fake.
I figure the real David went missing as a child, something to do with his parents/a parent being part of the cult. Cameron Cambell, not wanting to be sued/add on to his already-terrible reputation, decided to disguise a kid and brainwash/condition him to act the way the original David did (could explain why he loves Cameron so much. Maybe Cameron’s narcissism played into his brainwashing, thus leading to an obsessive child/adult. Not only that, but Cameron could have also played the role of the father).
In canon, the current David is told to keep quiet about Cameron’s whereabouts, but I think he also fakes his appearance and has been told to look the way he looks for the sake of his “identity”. He’s nothing more than a controlled puppet, and he was taught only to express happiness and extreme positivity to cover up anything that may be wrong. Considering he is a human, though, he clearly has other emotions, but they’re very dull and hidden due to being conditioned to stay “happy”.

This could be an AU, but its just an idea i came up with out of nowhere- i was actually bullshitting around with friends and then this happened.
If i have any facts wrong, i’m not going to argue my correctness- this is all based on my current understanding and just me coming up with some crazy, quite farfetched idea. It’s all pretty much improv and on-the-spot.
Still, though, it could be kinda cool.

(Also a side note: if you’re wondering why Campbell would have a reason to “create” a new david, when the only way he would disappear is if he was with his parents and not at camp, is because it’s Camp Campbell we’re talking about. Any child could die or be abducted without anyone noticing, and that’s absolutely a true fact.)

for my pal @skylaroftheisle​ , who rolled up in my messages with some Malvie and an “I’m too short to reach the top shelf and too stubborn to get a stool, you watched me take a running leap for it before you offered to grab the book for me”

a/n: the in-progress title for this so I could find it in my notes was simply “Mal is Short and Gay”

History of Animal Familiars and Companions.

There was a title if Mal ever saw one. The title of a book one of the grumpy Dragon Hall librarians had pointed Mal in the direction of when she realized she’d chosen to write her class essay on Diablo before remembering he’d been encased in stone her entire life and she knew next to nothing about him. On the rare occasions she found herself carrying enough interest to ask, Maleficent would drape an arm over her forehead and dramatically declare “I can’t talk about it” before shooing Mal away with the wave of a hand.

So as weirdly impersonal as it was to resort to a book to learn about a glorified family pet, it was her only option. She’d only been shown the general direction of the reading by the blasé bookkeep, but luckily for Mal and her precious precious time, the crooked bookshelf she stood before was the only one in this part of the library, and just had to be what she was looking for. The book itself, on the other hand, had no consideration for Mal and her precious precious time.

Tattered, peeling spines with worn and faded text were the order of business for almost every volume shoved onto a shelf, and Mal could barely make any of the titles out. By pure chance and pure chance alone her eyes darted to the top shelf, where like all the others the writing was seriously faded but still showed definite hints of “History of Animal Familiars and Companions”.

The top shelf.

“Of course,” Mal let out her breath in a huff.

Being Mal, height was not her thing—thank you, fairy genes. But also being Mal, she gave it a shot anyway. On her tiptoes she stood, stretching and straining her arm up above her head, but the book was just out of reach of her fingertips. She lowered her arm with a growl, then took a look all around to make sure there were no witnesses she’d have to handle later before she jumped, trying to gain that extra inch she needed. Her embarrassing little hops did indeed give her the height, but not the time she needed to get a firm grasp on the book and pull it from the shelf. Logic told her to go find and wheel over one of those stepladders the librarians were always lurking around on when they shelved, but Mal had already made it this far, she wasn’t about to turn back and take the easy way out. She’d sooner kick the decrepit bookshelf over and fish out what she needed from the rubble (which was not too farfetched an idea to her, especially not at the moment).

With the fingers of both hands curling around leather she straightened out the collar of her jacket with a yank, refusing to let this stupid, simple task get the best of her. Alright, hanging out with Jay was about to pay off big time. Murderously eyeing the top shelf she stepped backwards, shoe after shoe shuffling along away from the bookcase. She gauged her distance, gave herself a straight shot and flexed her fingers, ready for this stupid thing to be done and over with. On the mental count of four (she was a rebel) she took off into a run, hitting the perfect sweet spot to kick herself into a much better jump, physics on her side and everything.

She went crashing shoulder first into the shelves, falling backwards with a thud onto the floor as a clattering rain of books came down around her like the books themselves knew who she was and didn’t dare to land on the head of Maleficent’s daughter. The ancient bookcase tottered crazily back and forth but miraculously did not topple over, and when Mal sat up with a growl she found that History of Animal Familiars and Companions was not one of the books fallen beside her.

“…Here, let me help you before you bring the entire library down,” a soft voice said.

The Evil Queen’s daughter was suddenly there, out of nowhere, reaching up effortlessly to take hold of the book and pull it free from the shelf. Not even needing to stand on her tiptoes or anything.

“Okay, Evie, you’re not that much taller than me,” Mal snapped, standing up and again straightening out her jacket collar.

Evie held the book out to Mal with a shy smile.

“And I didn’t need your help,” Mal snatched it out of Evie’s hands, glowering. “How long were you standing there?”

“Long enough to realize that if I didn’t help you you’d tear the place apart.”

“I didn’t need your help,” Mal repeated, turning on her heels and not even making an attempt to pick up the books she’d knocked off the shelf.

“I didn’t mind,” Evie said, following after Mal. “You were kind of cute, hopping up and down like that.”

“I am not cute!!” Mal instantly denied, whirling around just long enough to cut a glare at Evie.

Then she was storming off to the front counter to just get the dang book checked out so she could be on her way. Horrid library trip done and over with, she’d almost just made it to the doors to leave when that same soft voice was close behind her shoulder.

“It was cute.”

“It was not!!”

Evie trailed after a fuming Mal as she pushed the doors open and strode down the dark school hallway.

“A little cute, Mal.”


“You were just so determined.”

“Shut up.”

Mal went all the way to her locker with Evie behind her, where she shoved the textbook inside to be promptly forgotten until she came back to take it home with her after school.

“You don’t tell a single person about this,” Mal jabbed a finger in her direction.

Evie, here and now, wasn’t fazed by Mal’s intimidation—too strung up remembering the big bad villainess stretching on her tiptoes and bouncing around with little pouts and growls—but she smiled and nodded anyway.

“My lips are sealed, M.”

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55? For the prompts thing?

Again, I am so sorry for the delay!


“You are my best friend in the whole world, okay?” Beca said pulling Chloe into an even tighter hug. “You’re the person I love more than anyone. And this isn’t goodbye.”

She felt Chloe sniff against her as she gripped tightly at the fabric of Beca’s shirt.

“It feels like goodbye,” she said, her voice breaking.

“I know,” Beca said, struggling to keep her own tears at bay. “But it isn’t. I promise.”

“Beca, I hate this. I don’t want to be apart from you for six months. I don’t even want to be apart from you for six hours,” Chloe said, still sobbing into her shoulder.

Beca ended their hug but kept her hands on Chloe’s shoulders.

“Then come with me,” she said, as if the idea had just occurred to her. “Come on tour with me.”

“As your groupie?” Chloe said, laughing at what she assumed was a joke.

“As my girlfriend,” Beca said.

“You really want me to come?”

“More than anything,” Beca said. “I didn’t ask before because it seemed like a farfetched idea. But saying goodbye to you is too painful. I want you with me.”

Chloe still looked hesitant. In her head she was thinking of all the reasons she’d have to say no.

“Do you want to come with me?” Beca asked.

“Of course I do,” Chloe said. “But what about money? What about my job?”

“You hate your job,” Beca said. “And I’m getting paid enough for the both of us.” She took hold of Chloe’s hands. “This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I want to share it with you. Say yes.”

Chloe smiled.

“Okay then. Yes.”

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my farfetched little idea that makes no sense but i played around with it anyway about the glitch in clone drone was that Anti got a little sulky when he got told that he can't do bloody and gorey shit in a youtube video. He gave on glitch, there you go, that's all you get bc you don't deserve anything else from me, I just want you to know I'm MAD at you, and then he went back to wherever he came from and let Jack do his thing

So essentially Anti was pouting because YouTube’s rules restrict him and his antics.

I love it XD

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Have you seen "Film Theory, Moana's SECRET Identity REVEALED"? I almost bought it 'til I realized Maui had been stuck on an island for 1000 yrs, so the premise of the video was impossible. Still has some neat concepts.

I saw it! I thought it was a very interesting clip!

Though at the same time… use it as inspiration for stories and better theories - just don’t believe it is actual canon.

Just the idea that Maui is Moana’s dad or granddad is impossible if he was stuck on the island for a 1000 years. Bit farfetched….

But the idea that Moana is already a demigod is hella interesting! That is great AU material for fanfictions. :-) Moana, unaware that she is already a demigod, suddenly realizing after ten years or so that she isn’t aging - or people around her noticing how strong she is - or her being able to transform if she wields Maui’s fish hook… There’s a lot of great plot points up for grabs if you think about it longer than a minute. :-) Especially for the Hooked Wayfinder ship. There’s really no good reason for Maui and Moana not to get together if it turns out they’re both demigods. <3 

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What if sonic died in captivity and this one is an imposter? 🤔

You think I wouldn’t be able to tell? Not anything can pull
    off Sonic as good as Sonic. 

    I  might  not be the full-time guest to Eggman’s schemes
    like  my  friends  are, but I know him well enough that he
    enjoys tormenting his enemies rather than giving them a
    quick  death.  He  wouldn’t  kill  Sonic  until  the  perfect
    moment. If only for his own grandeur.

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Do you know of any resources about those debunked arguments? Socialization, gender etc. I'd like to read more about it!

It’s 4:30AM here, and my brain is fried from a lack of sleep, so if you don’t mind, I’m going to ramble a bit.

The notion of a universal female/male socialization binary was debunked ages and ages ago along with the related notion that we only ever receive one of those binaries (it’s very well established that we take in all messages, we sort and process them for relevance, based on the value we attribute to the socializing agents, reproduce them in difference ways depending on context, etc.). And that’s not even mentioning the impact of neurodivergence on socialization processes. Like, I haven’t heard a sociologist seriously peddling any of those ideas in…well, since I left high school ages ago. More common within feminism, but even then, there’s usually an asterisk implied that it’s a hell of a lot more complicated, and an assumption that they’re speaking specifically of general patterns within cis populations.

Literally every sociology class I took discussed that at least in part, and how socialization is multi-faceted, complex, involves internal and external processing, etc., most of my profs referencing intersectionality while describing it, so…like, I’m pretty sure there’s a heck of a lot of material out there on that, and how there’s no singular experience of womanhood or universal distinct female socialization that occurs the same way and imparts the same information across all regions and cultures and demographics. Like, I severely doubt that my little mediocre university here in Canada is the only one using the books and readings we did. 

I’m sure I could go find a few dozen textbooks that discuss it (I’d look at my own old textbooks if I wasn’t using my parent’s basement 300km away as a mini storage unit for a lot of my books, given I lack the furniture and space to hold them), but, like, it was something that was present in all my readings involving socialization in any sociology class that brought it up, and even in my applied psych and group psychology classes. Only place I read otherwise were two or three of my gender studies classes when we’d study some second wave feminist writings.

Privilege is something where some folks still cling to the old 1950s-1960s views on how privilege functions, back when theorists happily reproduced notions of oppressions all being separate and distinct from each other, and when theorists were neck-deep in cissexism and refused to actually consider trans and NB people’s existences.

Since then: 

  • the notion of a singular, universally transmitted socialization has been debunked, which troubles some of the assumptions and conclusions
  • Intersectionality has been accepted as the primary valid framework on which to understand lived experiences and power relations, further troubling notions of universal privilege. Because if we can accept that misogynoir is real, and that black women are socialized in different ways than white women are, we must also accept that black men are socialized in different ways than white men, which provides the question of how that intersection of power and marginalization impacts a black man’s ability to harness male privilege, and to which degree, in which regions/cultures/contexts/etc. This of course doesn’t mean privilege isn’t real, but it’s more complex than “You’re a man, you will always have X privileges over women”, for instance.
  • Cissexism has risen to the forefront as a framework to understand trans people’s lived experiences and oppression, which inherently troubles and challenges the notion of “male” and “female” states within the old privilege model (which they accepted as essential and immutable, when sex is actually socially constructed and far more fluid and variable), particularly when describing trans people prior to coming out, since it’s clear that trans people generally do not experience socialization remotely the same as how cis people tend to (and there is obviously always plenty of variation there as well). For instance, any notion of socialization-borne privileges of being “male” for trans women get necessarily called into question, given our socialization trends are significantly different than cis men’s.

Like, I’m sure I could find plenty of external sources saying the same stuff (maybe minus cissexism, which would be limited to trans people’s writings, usually not in academic texts or journal articles, but still perfectly valid) as I wrote above. if I had the energy to run a 20 page google scouring I would, but I don’t. needless to say, though, it’s not exactly farfetched, niche ideas. Folks have been challenging and proving wrong those simplistic notions of socialization and privilege for decades.

A Dog is a Dog - Part Two

Summary: The Boys’ hunt gets scuppered by the fact another Hunter beat them to it, but she doesn’t hunt alone
: eventual SamxReader
: 1597
: Language??
AN: This is for @idreamofhazel‘s Traits of Sam Challenge!!! I decided to do his love of Dogs… but then decided I was gunna put a little spin on that idea…
This is part 2! There will most definitely be a part 3 and potentially a part 4… I have no restraint  XD
Constructive Criticism Welcome!!!

ADIAD Masterlist


“You… you named a Hellhound – one of the most ferocious beasts of Hell – Berry?”

The disdain in Dean’s voice palpable, causing Y/N to scowl at him as Sam slowly pulled the glasses from his face and handed them to his brother.

“His name’s not Berry… it’s Cerberus. Berry is just… a nickname” she retorted as she started waving her hand up and down in the air. The steady thump, thump on the Motel room floor suggested that ‘Cerberus’ was now steadily hopping up and down on his front paws as he followed her movements, the booming bark that reverberated through the room certainly sounded light-hearted.

If Sam hadn’t still been stood in stunned silence, he would have laughed at how Dean recoiled at the sight of the hound. He almost fell backwards onto the mattress, his green eyes wide as he traced the beast’s movements. Y/N continued to play with him with a small smile on her face.

She ignored them for a moment longer before shutting the door and trailing wearily back to the bed.

“You never told me who you were” she said, gingerly getting back onto the soft duvet and scooting over to the side.

“Yeah, well” Dean started, cringing as the bed dipped beside her, clearly watching Cerberus as he curled up beside his owner, “we had other, more pressing matters on our mind…”

“I’m Sam,” Sam cut in, taking the glasses from his brother and passing them back to Y/N who took them with a small smile, “and this is my brother Dean.”

“Sam and Dean, huh? Wouldn’t happen to be the Winchesters?”

“Yeah, we’re the Winchesters” Dean replied curtly, eyes narrowed on the spot where the hound was probably now lying. “Sorry, lady, but I am not ok not being able to see that thing.”

“Tough luck” she snapped, her hand seemingly curling into thin air as she presumably buried it in her pet’s fur, “I don’t carry spare glasses.” The air between Dean and Y/N was growing steadily colder with hostility, and the two continued to stare daggers at one another. Clearly, Y/N didn’t like people referring to Cerberus as ‘that thing’.

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Types in Depth #7: ENTP

Moving back onto familiar territory, the ENTP (Familiar because I use all the functions the ENTP does, but in a different order). Because the next two will be ENTP and INTP, I expect(ed) they’ll go faster. But I overestimated my own INTPness. Oops. Sorry.

So, here comes to extraverted cousins of the INTP: the ENTP.


The dominant Ne (extraverted intuition) gives the ENTP a breadth of objective pattern recognition skills. There is no inhibition on the Ne (except maybe the Si, the inferior function, and whatever Si has determined to be an absolute, the Ne using ENTP will not budge on), so the ENTP naturally can easily connect the most farfetched ideas and concepts, seeing patterns, breaking patterns, potentially everywhere. In this aspect, ENTP will seem very similar to the ENFP. Thus it is potentially imperative that the ENTP develops his/her auxiliary function, Ti, in order to cull out what is sound pattern from unsound ones, to discern inconsistencies within thoughts, theories, and even conclusions. This is different from the ENFP, who needs to develop Fi in order to prioritize and champion for the goals ENFP deems worthy. This is how they can differ, and once they each learn to rely more on their auxiliary function to process thoughts accurately, they’ll be able to narrow down their endless amount of brainstorming ability and achieve some level of permanence and consistency in their thoughts.

The ENTP according to Keirsey, is in the NT group, or “Rationals.” Of course, like the INTJ, ENTP can only really be considered to be rational thinker once and if they develop their Ti, which allows them to become more effective in their ability to create systems of logically consistent and objective thought. Until then, it is highly likely, that the ENTP will function more as Devil’s Advocate and trollTM than “rational thinker,” and will have symptoms similar to ADD/ADHD due to Ne-Fe looping, which may seem as class clowning or much more “feely” than the traditional thinkers. For example, many Ne-Fe looping females may have trouble handling interpersonal frictions despite the need and desire to discuss and debate (which can sometimes end in contentious states). There are other problems associated with the looping ENTP (as it is for ENFP, but we’ll get to that below).

According to The Myers & Briggs Foundation, approximately 2-5% of the general U.S. population, with males (3-7%) outnumbering females (2-4%). This is a general trend though, by the way. Generally, for whatever reason, more females test/type as feelers than thinkers, so thinker women will be rarer than thinker men and feeler women. Same for feeler men, although the distribution of men typing as feeler is more evenly matched to that of the thinker men, even if thinker men outweigh the feeler men. There is no real explanation for this at the moment.

Anyway, the developed ENTP will process information in this order Ne>Ti>Fe>Si. Unhealthy ENTP will process information via Ne-Fe loop, or even through Si grip, at which point, ENTP will likely suffer paranoia associated with their health where they feel sick or out of balance within themselves, but it’s seemingly undetectable under medical examination (or have an outright health breakdown), or become stubborn about facts and figures, or processes.

So, we will examine how the healthy ENTP functions, and unhealthy ENTP functions, and what triggers the Si grip in ENTPs, like before.

The ENTP’s dominant function is Ne. Ne, like in ENFPs, is unfiltered and serves no other function except its own. This in theory, allows ENTP great ability to recognize patterns and make instant intuitive leaps on thoughts, systems, and even reality (on a side note, as INTP, my Ne serves the Ti, so I don’t get such width/breadth in the use of Ne as ENTPs/ENFPs do, and sometimes I get jealous of that. Sometimes, I don’t). Anyway, the ENTP can process the tremendous amount of data the ENTP picks up on every minute/second from his/her environment, whether that is through books, environment, or even people. Then the ENTP uses Ti to ask, “is this true? Is this false?” which will help the ENTP cull out what is real from what is unreal, or true from what is false. This will help ENTP help with the reduction of possibilities and competing thoughts/ideas. Then, using Fe, ENTP can test out the perceived “truth,” which will eventually lead to the creation of the ENTP’s ability to establish new “Si,” or in this case, new permanent standard of doing things.

Ne as already covered in the ENFP, is an extensive observation process which is geared toward objective intuitive observation. What does this mean? Ne creates observation in the immediate environment much like Se users, but they’re always aware of what is not being seen, said, heard, and always making random connections, which can lead to great brainstorming abilities. Also, as Ne tends to be removed from concrete reality (Se) and tends to operate with subjective memory/physical state/history, like other NPs, ENTPs are not well aware of the present or good at objective “concrete” observation. You tried to sit ENTP still for like an hour? They die a little (that’s joke, ha ha).

But in reality, ENTPs exist for a reason, and their brainstorming ability, coupled with their auxiliary Ti, can make them truly broad-minded yet systematically consistent, which can potentially create an intellectual who can handle tremendous amount of conflicting data and observation, culling it, and be charismatic enough to establish a new norm in the effected industry/neighborhood/society. 

But that’s the healthy ENTP, and sadly, I’ve not met many of those. So why don’t we focus on the unhealthy or the developing ENTPs?

Ne-Fe Loop

Like I remember saying with ENFPs, ENTP needs a narrowing/introverting function to cull the truly expansive mind they have. When the ENTP skips Ti introspection in favor of Fe, ENTP begins their route towards the unbalanced psyche where dooming inferior Si awaits (This is really dramatic; honestly, it’s not the end of the world to be in a grip, even if it feels like it). Ti, although needing development and preference in the ENTP, is still a very strong and preferable function to dealing with dominant level Ne strength. Fe on the other hand, as a tertiary function, does not have as much of an ability to handle the tremendous amount of data that Ne picks up on a daily, hourly, minute-by-minute basis. Ti with its ability/desire to seek consistency in data can cull out the correct Ne data from faulty Ne data, but without Ti, Ne would be bombarding Fe with simply too much information. Fe is a function that creates interpersonal relationships, meets needs (this is where the NTP desire to solve problems come from, by the way; NTPs want to meet the Fe needs of their community/environment by solving problems, which in turn helps them feel needed), distributes work so that everyone feels included and also contributes based on their talents and comforts, and feel validated by their distribution, and also be recognized/appreciated for them.

However, those in Ne-Fe loop rush in with all of their Ne ideas, which to the innocent bystander, will seem erratic, too off-the-wall, or even inconsistent/hypocritical. This is where the stereotype of famous NP types contradicting themselves in their first sentence come from. Had the ENTP taken the time alone to process his/her thoughts through Ti to detect inconsistencies and consistencies and establish a basic internal logical framework to work off of, it would naturally be more polished, consistent, and easier to “spread” or communicate to a third party. But when in Ne-Fe mode, ENTP sees the need to implement new ideas everywhere, and suggests lots and lots of things to people, only to see nothing getting done, and people being irritated from ENTP constantly bombarding them with Ne.

Furthermore, this looping behavior makes it nearly impossible for the ENTP to get anything done, because they do not care about establishing an internal structure, opposing ideas and patterns can essentially cause self-sabotaging behavior in the ENTP, and hinder the ENTP’s desire to establish a new social norm (inferior/aspirational Si). You may see this a lot in the ENTP/ENFP types, where they have a million different ideas they want to manifest, but a lot of them are in conflict with each other, some of them are not quite possible at the moment, and some will seem possible to carry out, yet they won’t (as INTP, when I listen to ENTPs talk about their plans, it is always very interesting, but I can’t help but wonder how they plan to manifest as I see too many loopholes/incompleteness within them). ENTP certainly have the energy to manifest their ideas, but this very energy can burn them out if they don’t take the time to build their introverted thinking function.

Instead of being recognized for their insight and brilliant brainstorming capabilities, they’re likely to be ignored, be known as being annoying, or even shunned; tertiary Fe can make the user appear like trolls (and they often don’t mind being one, which only exacerbates the issue at hand), all, while the weight of attacks ENTP faces begin to pile on the ENTP. This eventually leads to… 

Si Grip

Very similar to the ENFP; ENTP will physically crash, become reclusive, engage in repetitive behaviors, and become stubborn in certain areas. They will appear like very unhealthy ISFJs almost; unable to handle criticisms by anyone (even if valid, which ENTP would normally be okay with as Fe is lower in the ENTP’s function stack). They also will have trouble handling conflicts (even if they’re not the instigators), and will hide themselves away from the very people and adventure in thoughts they so crave. They will also find themselves having trouble coming up with new ideas which seemed like a well at one point.

When Si grip hits, a lot of ENTPs will initially show signs of hypochondria, and some of them will actually deal with a lot of physical problems. Due to Si being their inferior function, they’re usually not at all aware of their internal states, or maintain habits that can maintain one’s health (Si and Fe usually takes care of those). As a result, these things can unfortunately catch up with them, making them realize the importance of balancing the Ne and Si. The normally spunky ENTP will look almost depressed (and I mean… to some extent, they are); refuse to get out of their repetitive behavior pattern, and will think about the “good ‘ol days” despite not actually remembering as much. Unlike the SJ types whose Si is much stronger and preferred, the ENTP’s version of Si is highly likely to be off since they don’t stay in touch too often with them. ENTP’s Si is like… a muggle imagining the good ‘ol days at Hogwarts; it didn’t happen, it is riddled with false impressions, and contrast sharply to that of say, SJs, who would be more like the wizards that did go to Hogwarts; in the sense that the SJs actually do remember more accurately and knew exactly how it was in the good ‘ol days compared with the ENTP.

It doesn’t change the fact that they’ll still believe what their Si shows to be true, however. They will eventually need to get out though, as being in a grip is simply unproductive and draining way of life. Eventually, ENTP’s Ne will start firing again, and ENTP will get to leave the dreaded Si state. But when ENTP is in Si grip, a good way to get out of it, is to meet their Fe needs (connect with people, be reassured that they’re not jackasses, take care of their basic needs) But also, to engage in Ti. Si Grip in ENTP will tire them out pretty quickly, and they will find that they don’t have much energy to stay in such state. ENTP should take care of Fe needs for themselves; exercise, eat well, establish some basic schedule to optimize their bodily states (which I understand, is very difficult for someone with inferior Si, but even a simple sleep schedule/eating schedule/exercise schedule is generally enough to fulfill that Si need in ENTPs). As the ENTP meets the inferior Si needs, he/she will find that the Ne begins to come alive for them again. They’ll start becoming inspired, have more ideas, have a desire to learn; however, to prevent falling back into this cycle of Ne-Fe loops and Si grips, it is paramount that the ENTP learns not to overextend the Fe process, but let it assist Ti, which must be accessed consciously to weed out inconsistent ideas. It may seem a bit depressing at first for the ENTP to do this, but it is vital if ENTP is to gain some control over themselves and innovate.


Ti will help ENTP’s exhausted psyche relax. Which if you’re a Ti using individual, you’ll think, “What?” But Ti will take off the tremendous load of heavy weight that Ne can put on the much weaker and less preferred Fe and Si, and help bring ENTP calmness, clear-mindedness, and eventually have ENTP brainstorming and creating new systems of thoughts that will meet needs and be established as new norm.

It is kind of interesting that… so many NPs actually feel so powerless, uncontrolled, and feel ridiculed by society, yet they are the very people that society needs to continue development and prevent stagnation (and therefore instability). NPs often complain about feeling useless, unproductive, and under-respected, yet there’s so much untapped potential in them, that if they don’t do the work themselves and bring themselves out to meet the challenge, they’d not only be doing themselves disservice, they’d be doing society a disservice.

What a predicament. Finally… INTP next. Thank you.

midnight-in-town replied to your post : Did… Did Ayato just miss his sister’s wedding with…

(this is just my personal feeling but, while I was really meh at first about him missing the wedding, I think it was made on purpose so that Touka will actually have this one chance to live through the Oggai invading the 24th ward in case Ayato manages to be on time to help her against them)

Yeah, I agree. Everything about this ceremony speaks of urgency. It’s almost like both Kaneki and Touka are painfully aware that they won’t live long or have a chance at happiness that will last, and are trying their best to make the most of what little time they have. Not that it’s unreasonable, since we just learned that Kaneki’s aging really fast and that Touka might face severe repercussions of her new diet, but… I guess that from a narrative point of view this chapter could equate to chapter 125. The seemingly unrelated flowers at the beginning of the chapter (did anyone analyse their meaning?) and the overall feeling of finding solace from the threat of the outside world by isolating themselves into this fake safe heaven where they can continue choosing each other over their responsibilities kinda made me think back to the intimacy they reached in chapter 125, even if not quite as pronounced. I guess that’s just my personal interpretation, though. Kaneki seems to realize, to an extent, that he cannot go on without a plan. This panel here almost made me laugh:

Like… I’m sorry, Ken, I love you but

He truly is a terrible, terrible leader…

Anyway, yeah, I hope that whatever Ayato is going to discover down in the underground city will be of help to Kaneki’s cause.

Which also makes me wonder… (I’m putting this under a read more because I’m approaching crack theory territory. Extreme crack)

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Erwin should have seen this coming, but hindsight, as they say, is twenty-twenty.

The plan was: the more decorated officers he brought, the more admirable the Survey Corps would seem, and the more funding they would potentially get from the nobility. Of course the plan didn’t work if all of his most decorated officers were either too anti-social or too in-your-face.

Mike had planted himself by the food table, and had spent the entire time eating and drinking, nose steadily getter redder. Granted, he didn’t get any more talkative, but at least he managed to look stoic and respectable.

Levi and Hange, on the other hand, were wreaking havoc. Levi was sneering at everyone within a ten yard radius, wrinkling his nose and narrowing his eyes whenever someone got any closer than that. Hange was trying to regale people with their titan research and theories, which, while Erwin found them fascinating and informative, most of the nobles did not. They hid their expressions of distaste behind fans and wine glasses and made excuses to escape before too long, faces contorted into barely contained fear when Hange followed them, eyes alight with a near savage fervor.

He should have brought Moblit or Nanaba. While not as highly ranked, they would have behaved, or at least helped Erwin to keep Levi and Hange in line. Hell, he should have brought Eren. His titan-shifting abilities could be considered terrifying, yes, but these people might have seen him as an exotic pet. Something to gawk at and be impressed by. There certainly would have been less probability of someone getting bit by him than by Levi, who looked like he would gladly tear everyone’s throat out.

Erwin sighed for what seemed like the millionth time. He might be able to salvage the night if he could manage to explain Hange’s experiments in a more gentle manner, and get Levi to stop murdering people with his eyes - though any attempt to reprimand him so far had just made everything worse.

“Quite the colorful chain of command you have, Erwin.”

“Dot,” Erwin greeted the older man as he came up and stood next to Erwin. “How are you this evening?”

“A fair deal better than you, I would expect.”

“I’m having a great time,” Erwin said sarcastically.

Pixis chuckled. “Perhaps I can be of service?”

“How so?”

He smiled at Erwin and made his way toward Hange, bowing and extending his hand when he got to them. Hange let out a gleeful cackle and took his hand, and Pixis led them to the center of the dance floor. They were surprisingly graceful - Erwin was not aware that Hange knew how to dance - even if they continued to talk the entire time. Pixis listened with a patient smile, commenting here and there, which made Hange laugh before continuing with even more enthusiasm.

Erwin sighed again, but this time in relief. That was one problem solved. Now if he could just get Levi to–

Oh no. Erwin’s eyes roved around. Where had Levi gone? He got his answer moments later when he spied Levi on the opposite end of the ballroom. With Mike. Levi was licking his lips as he dragged the taller man - who looked more than thrilled by this turn of events - by the belt of his pants away from the refreshments table and out of the room. Well, it seemed that problem was on it’s way to solving itself. Erwin just hoped they would make their way to somewhere secluded before going at each other.

The only thing left was crowd control.

“Did you hear some of the things they were spouting?” a woman from a group of people to his left tittered from behind her hand.

That seemed like a good place to start. He was about to casually slide into the conversation when another person from the group spoke first.

“It’s not a farfetched idea if you think about it,” another woman stated.


“Yes. If you consider…”

Oh? That was interesting. Despite their initial aversion, it seemed Hange’s aggressive ramblings had gotten through to them after all. Maybe all he had to explain away was Levi’s abhorrent attitude.

“He seemed a bit prickly,” a man from a different group commented.

“And who wouldn’t be after all those life-endangering expeditions?” someone asked.

“Besides,” a third man piped up, “if he’s that intimidating on the battlefield, I imagine humanity could conquer the titans yet.”

Another surprise. Erwin’s chest swelled with hope. Perhaps the evening would turn out as well as he predicted, after all.

Through the shade of Garrett’s rose-tinted sunglasses, clarity of vision was a farfetched idea. Prying eyes, however, had already found piqued interest in his figure. After all, it wasn’t usual that they be greeted with a sight of a bearded man to whom the definition ‘worse for wear’ seemed an understatement, and in his tow, a precious baby in a stroller. “No, I did not kidnap her, if that’s what you’re wondering.” You can’t be too sure, though.  

A few weeks ago, I thought about the Light of Zwei, so I thought I would share it here.

So I’ve been thinking about the Light of Zwei, and I’m not sure if anyone had mentioned anything similar to this yet. Sleuf saw the Light of Zwei when at the Tower of Blaggi which means the Light has a connection with Blaggi. When he sees Leif, it reminds him of the youth he saw in his vision, so most likely the youth is Leif himself.  Leif receives the Blaggi Sword at chapter 23, so when Sleuf tells Leif that he’ll understand at a later time, he’s probably waiting for Leif to actually receive the sword and that’s when he will have understood everything that has been going on. Sleuf does say that the Light was a strong power and the Blaggi Sword is the only weapon capable of beating the Loptyr Sword’s effects, so it doesn’t seem to farfetched of an idea to theorize the Blaggi Sword being the Light of Zwei.  But if that is the case, it still leaves me with more questions. Why is it called “Light of Zwei?” Now the light part is not too complicated. Light could represent how it’s against the Loptyr Sword, which represents darkness; the opposite of dark is light. Or perhaps Blaggi’s power is indicated by a light, similar to how Finn could sense Altena’s Noba aura. But it’s Zwei that leaves me with questions. I wanted to theorize that it was the name of the dragon that gave Blaggi his holy blood, but that leaves me confused as to why the dragon would share a name with one of the deadlords, unless it was just coincidence or the dragon had an attribute with two (like maybe having two heads). I I don’t remember the game presenting anything that would lead any indication on who or what “Zwei” is, so I couldn’t really figure out any reasonable explanation for it. 

Not sure how much closer I got to solving the mystery, but I hope my ideas at least helped bring some other theories to the table, though it makes me sad that this is all just speculation and we’ll never know what the Light of Zwei really is (unless Kaga tells us one day).

Long story short, the Light of Zwei could be the Blaggi Sword, but I have no big indicator on who or what “Zwei” refers too.


Pairing: Daryl Dixon x Reader

Genre: angst 

Words: 1,951

Summary: you and daryl have always had a special connection. 

Notes: loosely based off that eric shaw quote, but not really. i actually took time to edit this one, guys! turned out a bit angstier than i intended it to be. emotional daryl, vulnerable reader. enjoy.

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I think people (me included) might think Dean dislikes dogs because he gets upset about them being in his car (isn't it a rule he's repeated multiple times?) and associates them with Sam abandoning him (5x16 and pretty much all of season 8)? Add on some hell memories of being ripped apart by invisible dogs, and it's not a farfetched idea. I don't think that means he hates dogs or is even afraid of them, but I don't think he's getting one as a pet any time soon.

I feel like this is a headcanon/fanon thing though?

Sure he doesn’t LIKE dogs maybe but it’s not like he hates them if this is it?!

Dean doesn’t like anything dirtying/smelling up his car not dogs specifically. He doesn’t like anything that is associated with bad memories. He wasn’t scared of the dog cos it was a dog but cos he was scared of everything… he won’t like hell hounds sure for a very valid reason but even then he’s not particularly averse by season 12.

Idk I am totally cool with it if so, I just don’t so far see any reason why this is a concrete meta idea in canon that he hates dogs specifically!

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Precisely this: these same people have NEVER had Louis best interests at heart and have, for YEARS, tried to diminish him and push him in the background. They dimmed his light in 1D, continuously punished him for every ounce of self-expression. So why does it seem so far-fetched for people that they still don't have his best interests at heart and continue the same agenda? Louis was sabotaged for 5 years in 1D. We as fanshave all the rights to be vigilant and demand the BEST for his solo career.

Well said anon. At this stage, anyone who claims to be a fan of Louis and is claiming that idea is farfetched, given the overwhelming evidence to the contrary, is getting a very *very* severe side eye from me. Imo the best thing we can do is not convince ourselves things have changed, until we have solid proof things have changed. Definitely prepare ourselves for damaging bullshit at every turn because these people are well aware disappointment is even more damaging and if theyre lucky causes a backlash, when they’ve raised some hopes first.  And lets fight like hell for him. Buy, gift, stream, request JLY (and BTY too for that matter), call these demons out at every turn (and don’t forget to vote for Louis). We dont have to sit passively by do we, anon?

A cute AU concept: for some reason or other that i haven’t particularly bothered to consider the details of yet, gertrud is temporarily indisposed or something leaving young oswald in the care of Good Old (Asshole) Uncle Maroni….

you know i love that big mobster dad bc i’m milking out some farfetched au ideas just to make him as dadly as possible i love it. i love maroni.

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Anything about Sith tattoos! All three of those options sound great!

*claps* Okay! I’ll start off with a few.

1. Sith tattoos cannot be removed. 

Literal poison, as well as Sith magics in some instances, are used to create Sith tattoos. There is probably a way to remove them buried deep in an old holocron somewhere, but as of the Clone Wars era, there isn’t any known way to remove them.

Not only are these things impossible to remove via the usual tattoo removal methods (lasers), but if one were to get scarred, the tattoos would eventually appear on top of the scar tissue. Once these things are on, they’re on.

2. Sith tattoos are written in Sith.

Looking at written Sith language, I don’t think is too farfetched an idea. Perhaps it helps to imbue more power into them via words, old chants or what have you. I assume this has changed over the millennia, and it isn’t always the case with some tattoos, but I still think it’s a cool headcanon.

(Bet you five bucks Palpatine wrote ‘Property of Sidious’ somewhere on Maul.)

3. Sith tattoos can be used for protection or strengthening.

These things don’t just have Sith alchemical magic in them so that they stick. They can also be used for a myriad of other things. Strength. Protection. Forcing someone to stay alive through excruciating pain.

Ngl this one mostly came about because of Maul.

“I survived because of my singular hatred for you” no you fucking didn’t, you dramatic cockroach. You survived because Palps tattooed you with runes that will legit keep your heart beating even if your head is cut off. It’s both a gift and a curse. A gift because, hey. You get to live. A curse because, hey. You get to live. 

I also like to think the eye tattoos Bane and Zannah shared were meant to strengthen their perception somehow, or at the very least to cement the whole Master/Apprentice thing via shared tattoos. Which brings me to my next point…

4. Sith Lords can use the tattoos to keep tabs on their apprentices.

This is an art that few have mastered, since it takes a particular intimacy with the Dark Side as well as extensive knowledge of Sith lore.

So, naturally, Palpatine is quite good at it.

I call bullshit that Palpatine didn’t know Maul was still alive. He did. He so fucking did. He was just pissed Maul failed so he was like “Lmao have fun in the garbage, failure.” Then, when Maul made his return, Palpatine simply kept up the illusion of having no fucking clue what he was up to because he wanted to see how much shit Maul could fuck up. (And then dramatically return and put the fear of Sidious in him on Mandalore.)

By the time of Rebels? I assume Palpatine just doesn’t give a fuck anymore. Maul is washed up. He serves no purpose. Palps has Vader now.

5. Sith aren’t the only ones that use Sith tattoos.

There are multiple Dark Side sects that use tattoos, the most notable being the Nightsister clan. These differ slightly from conventional Sith tattoos, but by and large are pretty difficult to tell apart. 

Mother Talzin has built up the practice of having her sons tattooed at a young age. (Depending on what lore you go by) She tattooed Maul before giving him to Sidious. 

(I personally like to believe Maul has tattoos both from his Mother and from Sidious. In fact, Sidious was clever enough to incorporate Mother Talzin’s work into his own designs, making the final product twice as powerful.)

(He’ll never admit it, though. He hates Talzin.)