farewell patrick

Hi Max, it’s me. Sorry to interrupt, I know you’re probably up there playing baseball with your Dad. Um, look, I’ve got a situation here. I think that I’ve been holding myself back from falling in love again… and I think it’s because I can’t let you go. But you’re not here anymore, so… I have to ask this: Would it be okay if I moved on?

Tracy McConnell, How Your Mother Met Me, How I Met Your Mother (2014).

Twisted Sisters: They Stand Up For Each Other
  • CRISTINA: "We're in an elevator. That's your specialty, right? McDreamy moments in the elevator?"
  • DEREK: "Dr. Yang-"
  • CRISTINA: "You know what? For just a moment, I’m not Dr. Yang and you’re not Dr. Shepherd. You’re the guy who screwed up my friend. The guy who drove her to get a dog she can't keep, the dog she only got because her boyfriend lied to her about his wife."
  • DEREK: "I never lied to her."
  • CRISTINA: "Yes you are. You know, I know a liar when I see one because I am a liar."
#HIMYMFarewell: The Characters We All Love

How I Met Your Mother is my all-time favorite TV series. I really really love it the way I love myself. Because this show opened me to a lot of things that other shows can’t probably give. That’s why it’s really hard to say my goodbye, or rather our goodbyes to it because obviously, we don’t want it to end. And even we finally met the mother; we still want to extend the show because we all know that we don’t actually want to know the mother. What we want is to enjoy the lives of the five characters we all love, the characters that changed our lives forever – Ted, Marshall, Lily, Robin and Barney.

Theodore “Ted” Evelyn Mosby –Ted is a very very very very passionate person – he’s passionate to the things he cares about, for the things and people he loves, to the things that matters and even to the things that don’t, to his goals and dreams and to the idea that there are so many stories that deserve to be told. His character wasn’t only created to be the “I” on the show’s title, but also to portray all the people in the world who believes in the magic of happy ending, destiny, right timing and reasons.

Marshall Eriksen – Marshall is a very thoughtful person not only to his wife, to his family, to his friends but also to other people. He’s the friendliest and the most sincere person among them. He’s the one who will do anything for his loved ones. He loves what he does but when it comes to other people’s happiness, he is selfless. His character wasn’t only created to be the best friend of the narrator, but also to portray all the people in the world who got hurt, got betrayed and got left, yet still choose to be kind and nice.

Lily Aldrin – Lily is a kindergarten teacher, a mother and a wife, and a person who can’t keep a secret. Okay, maybe she can keep a secret – and that’s a secret about being a wonderful and amazing teacher, mother and wife at the same time. She’s the one who can handle things while everyone is being immature and hopeless. She’s right when everybody’s wrong and she’s wrong when everybody’s right. She’s a little bit selfish and self-centered, but that’s because she doesn’t know how to be the person she actually wants to be. Her character wasn’t only created to be the wife of the narrator’s best friend, but also to portray all the people in the world who are still confused about what they want to be with what they actually needs to be.

Robin Scherbatsky – Robin is the toughest and the most independent among them. But we all know that deep inside, she’s the weakest. And she’s weak not because she’s fragile but because she’s so strong to the point that she forgets what being strong really means. She is her own boss. She doesn’t let other people help her and know her better. Her character wasn’t only created to be the greatest love interest of the narrator, but also to portray all the people who are longing for love, understanding and a place in this world.

Barney Stinson – Barney Stinson is Barney Stinson. He will always be Barney – the one who always get laid, the one who always tell pieces of fake historical information, the one who loves making high fives, the one who loves making up catchy phrases and the one who can’t get enough with boobs. He’s the father of awesomeness, yet he’s more than that. Because like Robin, he doesn’t also like to show who he really is or what he really wants even if he’s so obvious about them. His character wasn’t only created to be the jester friend of the narrator, but also to portray all the people in the world who are lost in their own personality yet willing to be found.