farewell nine

farewell, 2015!

Here are nine times that women spoke up, spoke out, and challenged our deeply held biases. They’ve showed us what happens when talented individuals are given the opportunity to shine. They’ve come out against slut-shaming, islamophobia, and harmful gender binaries and come out in favor of intersectional feminism. They’ve asserted their agency and owned their sexuality.  More than anything, in 2015, we were inspired by the many women who called out systems they think are unfair, and asked us to change our thinking. 

Here’s to 2016, may more women continue to find their voices and speak up against the biases that hold women back.

Colepaldi-in-the-Tardis  — End of Line or This Blog is now History

All things have to end earlier or later, or nothing new would ever start. Isn’t that the phrase? I was unable to get it correctly together in my head, but I think that is more or less what it says and what I want to express.

For clarification: yes, I quit. I stop doing this blog. And writing this feels heavy on my heart and posting this in a week, will be a hard step to do. I didn’t do this all lightly.

I have this plan since over a year; I don’t know, maybe even longer. With creating this blog in August 2014, S8 in front of us, the first “Colepaldi” in the air, I knew already that this blog, dedicated to Colepaldi and Whouffaldi would end with the parting of Clara/Jenna Coleman. There was never a plan to keep going and going and going because things change and times too.

I have another blog on Tumblr, I had even before this, and aside I take care of it, it always was second place and I decided I have to change that. Also, I have a new job and time is rare. Plus other little reasons, I decided I don’t want to go on.

But mostly with the new companion and Whouffaldi is now history too, it’s time to move on. It’s not my style to regenerate this blog, rename and start blogging about kittens and dogs or whatever. The only logical, but drastic and sad step was to stop.

I am not going to delete this blog, no, don’t worry about that! I lay it to rest. And you can come visit it, whenever you like. Type into google “Colepaldi” you’ll find it in the top spot :D. I am not dying or anything; I am around. I won’t stop writing, just you know! I have my AO3 account and there you always will  find me. 

I probably will keep the “fanfiction library” on my blog up to date here and there. Provide PDFs to some fics I have written, so keep an eye on that, in case you are interested.

There is also the ongoing project of “Personalized Fics”, I am always open to write (just do one for a nice person). You can always send me a message via tumbler or AO3. I will keep looking into my account, and everybody can find an Email address in my AO3 account in case you want to keep in contact or just send in some prompts or requests.

I’ll reblog this post a couple of times so it gets round, I also will answer questions till the end of May on this blog, in case you want to tell me what kind of idiot I am for leaving or for writing RPF, or whatever you want to tell me. 

After that, I will check for incoming but will not post anything more on this blog. I also will be around in the message system in case you want to leave a message there or just stay in contact. You will probably see me “like” some stuff here and there – it’s a goodbye in stages. It’s not easy to do, but with time, I guess I will return lesser and lesser and one day I have forgotten my own blog..(Nah, not really).

The only reason for me to come back is when Jenna will return as Clara, then … maybe… I can imagine to write one last story or make some posts. Not sure. Maybe till there the Tardis has arrived and I am long gone travelling in Time and Space with the Doctor, so don’t keep your hopes up too high ;).

What else? Maybe a resume?

It was a great time! When I started this blog, I couldn’t imagine how many positive response I would get for what I wrote about. And before I started, there was only one Colepaldi fic on Ao3, and it was in Italian, so… also a few Peter/you fics. Now there are a lot of RPF going round and I think I have my fair part in people writing such stuff. Not sure if I can be proud of it, probably not, but I left an impression as it seems.

Anyway, people write and blog about Colepaldi and even it will get lesser and lesser; they keep doing it, and I am no more needed. Not that I ever was needed.

What else is there to say?

Thanks. For your following. For reading my fics. For commenting. For just dropping into my inbox and saying Hi. And thanks to all those ‘lovely’ people giving me their hate about writing RPF, and telling me having different opinions is wrong. That kept me going too.

But mostly my wonderful followers deserve a big hug and a big thank you, I am glad I met some of you in this crazy place called Tumblr.

Sorry for giving you all this countdown, some probably believed I publish a new fic or something. Having expectations that now are ruined… some of you maybe knew. Sorry, I didn’t expect you all so curious and “what is going on!”

Take care. Keep the flag up high for Colepaldi and Whouffaldi! And for writing fics!

And because every sad moment needs some wonderful last words; I borrow them from the 9th Doctor:

“Oh, and before I go, I just wanna tell you, you were fantastic.”

“And you know what?”

Thanks again. We had the best of times. I’ll see you round, guys! Don’t be sad, it’s just a blog. 


Owner of “Colepaldi-in-the-Tardis.tumblr.com”

Hiroto: (Advertising Alice in Wonder Cafe set) There’s actually coffee in here!! There’s this part here on the rim of the cup. (motioning to Tora) Come here for a sec
Tora: (walks over)
Hiroto: Have a drink!
Tora: (sips)
Hiroto: I heard Nao loaded this with alcohol. Can you taste it?
Tora: It tastes normal to me.
Hiroto: Maybe not, then. (Drinks) It’s actually really nice! (To crowd) You guys wanna drink some too?
Crowd: Yes!
Hiroto: (Feigns throwing the mug’s contents at the crowd). You better watch out! I might actually throw this at you. I used to do that a lot.
Tora: You once threw strawberry milk at everyone.
Hiroto: I did! (laughs)
—  Alice Nine Farewell -Live Side- Encore MC
Alice Nine Farewell -Live Side- Bits and Pieces

Other things to mention:

☆ミ Shou and Hiroto could not stop thanking club ALICE. They pretty much thanked us every time they had the chance to speak.

☆ミ Shou said that he had some flyers made with information on it, for when Alice Nine would resume their activities and that they would be handed out after the high five event. (Later on Twitter, he said that the flyers didn’t make it to the venue on time)

☆ミThe order for the high five event was Hiroto, Nao, Shou, Saga and Tora. This time, we were allowed to use both hands. Shou’s hands were more like claws (he had his fingers kinda bent when he was giving me a high five)