farewell mike

A Farewell from Mike

Hey, guys. 

So, for the past 3+ years, this blog has been a huge part of my life. It’s been wonderful, even (and I say this without exaggeration) life-changing. But as with many good things, I’m writing today to announce that my time here has come to a close.

Starting tomorrow, I won’t be running the How to Adult Tumblr anymore.

Before you get too sad about this, please let me reassure you: The blog will live on. It’s going to be in amazing hands. This change is happening for incredibly exciting reasons. And although I can’t go into details, I can say that once those reasons are revealed (and they will be soon), y’all are going to be very, very happy campers.

So before I ride off into that Tumblr sunset, I just want to say, from the bottom of my whole heart: thank you

Although I’ve spent countless hours here trying to dispense advice and guidance, y’all have helped me every bit as much as I may have helped you. It’s been a privilege to play a small (and hopefully useful) part in your lives. And being a member of the How to Adult Team will always be one of the great honors of my professional life.

I’d love to continue talking with you at tmichaelmartin.tumblr.com, if you’d like to continue This Crazy Journey Called Adulthood together. 

Either way, though, please know how much each and every message, reply, Ask, reblog – all of it – has meant to me. You’ve seen me through my lowest lows and highest highs, and it has been nothing but a joy to get to know y’all.

Remember, friends & neighbors: Adulthood isn’t something that happens to you. It’s something you make. Here’s to making ours awesome.

Your pal,
T. Michael “Mike” Martin

PS - If you guys have any last thoughts or Asks, I’ll be checking in later tonight for one last go-’round. :]

Farewell to Commander Erwin Smith. This post is a farewell to Survey Corps’ Commander, who died bravely in latest operation where he put Companies’ lives in game to Levi could kill Zeke. Erwin Smith was Survey Corps’ Simbol. Simbol of freedom, simbol of fight, simbol of courage, simbol of survival, simbol of loyalty, simbol of release. He urged the Legion to the top, risking the lives of their peers to achieve their goal. A lot of people have critiziced him to bring their companies to their deaths to get his desire: goes to the basement and know the truth. And yes, this is selfish but he wants know World’s Secrets, like everyone in Survey Corps. Everything he has done has relapsed him on his shoulders. All deaths of his colleagues and friends have befallen him, taking them always with you and tormenting him every day of his life, which did not achieve happiness even for a moment. Along with the deaths, the decisions that took place and that caused their deaths. Despite this, Erwin never gave up or hesitate in his post as commander. He faltered at the end, but Levi made to carry out his final plan, and even if it were horrible and unreasonable, was the only one who died with pride aside fear, because it was the first to sacrifice his life to save humanity, taking with him to his colleagues. Erwin knew he was going to die and no doubt twice to lead his group to death that will provide success to humanity. He was so tired, and each day he remembered all friends who fallen in battle, like Nanaba, Mike and more and more and more people. He was so sad at the end because he knew that his death was near and he never could know what had been in the basement. He never could get his father’s desire at the end. He was so depressed because he never cried for his companies because ‘there isn’t time to cry by our companies’. I think someone said that or I read it in some place. He is hated by many people because he took the entire Legion to death just to reach his dream, but there are still more people who love him because all the sacrifices he has shown that, despite this, all his companions have been loyal and they have continued to the end, even if it meant death. Erwin has made it into the hearts of the soldiers with their deeds and words, giving them the courage to fight until the end, winning the freedom and liberation of this cruel world. Always he encouraged his great speeches making them see how important were for humanity. He loaded with all the lives of his comrades on his shoulders. Thanks to this, in addition to his dream, he was able to continue to avenge his comrades reaching the success of humanity and this be able to make sense of their deaths, because although they die, their will will live for generations. He has had to put aside their own humanity and become a monster to lead the Legion without flinching. It has never been in such a cruel world happy. The nice thing only has seen has been the friendship and ties that can build people fighting for the same purpose. Unfortunately, it has also seen how these ties have been cut over and over and over again. He was a wonderful character in this story and died like a hero. Saying 'thank you’ for everything to his friend, because he knew he was going to die and he was going to rest in peace. Levi realized that when he stared at him at the end. Levi wanted that Erwin will rest in peace, yet, because he couldn’t sopport more deaths about his shoulders if he’ll live. He has become in a legend and a legend never dies. This is our latest goodbye to you, Commander. Goodbye, Commander Erwin Smith. You’ll always be remember.

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