farewell gif

thank you obama for giving me a safe and prosperous 8 years. you’ve made a mark in history that no one can ever replace. and you filled the White House with love and hope. & as a young American citizen, I thank you with all my heart.


We must say farewell…

While Skaiapocalypse is reaching its peak sometimes people have to move on to other things. Our wonderful Fefetasprite cosplayer must leave us to go on with their own life and we thank them with all of our hearts for joining us, it was a pleasure to be alongside them. And they are very welcome to come back at any time, you will be in our hearts and will forever be part of this family no matter what happens my dear @ask-the-ramqueen.

Now with this announcement I declare Fefetasprite now open.

Thank you for being with us so much.

~Mother-Fox Mod~