An update, and a farewell.

An update to the previous news of ‘narah and myself stepping back from the game, and leaving the FC in the hands of the officers.

The FC is now closed.  We’ve discussed it, and the conclusion is that this is best for the memory of the FC.  Applications have been shuttered, the existing applications denied, and OOCly the FC has been put into stasis.  ICly, Inarah and Kilid both fully retired, and retired the company, letting the employees go aside from a skeleton crew (of NPCs) to keep the house in shape.  The house remains open and a home for those who worked for the Jackals and continue to need a roof over their head, and is open for RP and events, but nothing official will be happening going on.

The Sunny Seaside Bar is also being shuttered because of this, freeing up that monthly time slot for anyone who wants to run something without clashing with an existing event!

Down the line… 'narah and I have decided we’ll only really return if Viera are introduced as a playable race down the line.

Until that gloriously tall-eared day… it’s been a blast, folks.

To those who were Jackals, I salute you.

To those who associated with us, I commend your tolerance for hijinks.

To both groups, and everyone we RP’d with in passing, I thank you for some frankly amazing memories.  We’ll cherish them going forward in that warm, hazy glow of nostalgia. (And screenshots, of which I have over 25k taking up over 105GB.  Plenty of those.)

Till Sea Swallows All (And may you walk in the light of the Crystal)

Inarah and Kilid, out.