faren makes art

Everything’s coming up aliens.

Normally I draw skulls or myself, but lately I’ve been drawing aliens…

I do contract graphic design work, and sometimes other work, for the International UFO Museum and Research Center in Roswell (Y'know, the UFO Museum…) and we had the 66th Annual UFO Festival a weekends ago. I was asked to run the photo booth because they were shorthand and I’m the most proficient in photoshop. I met some really cool UFO celebrities, and since then it’s been a lot of alien talk and talk of doing commission work for them. Now the museum has me working the booth every Monday, so it’s like all aliens and UFOs all the time.

Please excuse the abomination where his hands should be. I’m having a shite time with perspective right now…


Loki Rules. 2013.

This did not really turn out how I wanted it to. In the beginning he had a body, but I realized how terrible I am at drawing clothes and bodies, so I did what I always do and just did a bust. It also was not going to have all the collage elements, but that’s just kind of my thing, these days, so I’m not too disappointed about that part. But the rest… meh.

Real Power Magazine is probably my favorite part.

Also, Loki’s brain is a bag full of cats.