Special Chapter - When you’re dying/After your death

Dunno just had this idea for a long time and decided to post it even if there wasn’t everyone. I’ll maybe make for everyone but maybe not, for now, there are 4 heroes. Doomfist, Pharah, D.Va and Zarya. And I saw your request @purplewings12 I may do it soon or not but, I apologize, don’t expect anything good if I do it

Trigger warning: Death, Serious injuries (If there are others I forgot, don’t hesitate to tell me)


He was a boss for the dangerous organization in the world, it was normal for him to be pursued. But not you, you had nothing to do with this. And yet you were killed, by who? By someone that he thought that worked for Talon but no, they were a double agent and they worked for his sworn enemy; Overwatch. Nothing went wrong for the two checkpoints but near the last one a big explosion was detonated. And you were here, in the middle of the fight, somewhere you shouldn’t be. Doomfist saw you from afar and he started to run toward you, but it was too late. He saw your death, a bullet went through your lung and another one near your heart. He knew no one could save you, you were going to die and he accepted this fact. Not with happiness for sure. He gently wrapped his left arm around you since the other one has the gauntlet and he didn’t want to hurt you anymore. You looked at him with tears in your eyes, a bit smiling. “I-I wish w-we could have spent more time t-together sweetheart…” You choked on your word, you started to feel numb and you were getting colder. “I wish that too.” He said blanky, he felt very bad about letting you die under his watch. You were the first person who loved him, but that also means you gotta be targeted by Overwatch as his weakness. And he learned this too late and at a cost. He fainted out when Ana slept him from a rooftop, not struggling anymore.

Doomfist was in a jail, lying on the bed. You never left his mind after your death. He kept asking tons of questions to himself. Why were you here? Why did he not notice you sooner? He sighed and he got up from the bed. He thought about something since he was here, and he decided to demand Overwatch if he could have just one thing. One thing that wasn’t harmful nor dangerous in any ways but they still took a long time but they finally agreed for him to have this special thing. It was a necklace you offered him for his birthday, it actually meant a lot to him. It contained so many memories if he could only have one thing it would be this. You didn’t have a right funeral, he was a prisoner after all and you lost your family when younger. But you were still with him, even if he couldn’t see you, he knew you were here. You waited for him to join you. You wished he could take all the time he needed, you weren’t in a hurry and saw him alive make you happy.


Be on a battlefield was something dangerous, both civilians and soldiers knew it. That’s why Fareeha tried to keep an eye on you if you had a problem she would go help you. Even though, Fareeha was a great soldier she wasn’t perfect and mistakes, even when we wish they wouldn’t. It was another victory for the Overwatch team. The team was clearing the field, looking out for any enemies remaining near the area. Pharah was in the sky, spotting easily the enemies remaining and you were on the ground, helping the team in any way. Everyone was scattered around the field, but no one could have predicted such an end. It happened so quickly, Fareeha didn’t have the time to tell you by the comms the presence of the sniper, aiming for the team. And their shot hit you, along with 1 other teammate. Fareeha shot back quickly, landing on the ground after the shot touched its target, rushing to your side. The other teammate was already dead, and you were dying. Fareeha kneeled down, taking off her helmet still not believing what just happened. “I-it seems they didn’t miss their shots… B-but at least, I-I can see your c-cutie face one last time.” You whispered, closing your eyes feeling a bit warm with Fareeha’s warmness enveloping you. Fareeha tried to smile, but she couldn’t. It felt like you were dying because of her, it appears it was her fault. Tears filled her eyes but you softly rubbed your thumb against her cheeks to wipe some of them. “H-Hey, it’s alright. I’ll wait for you, I’ll stay with you. Can I-I have, j-just o-one l-ast smile?” You asked with the strength that remained in you. Fareeha gave a small nod, a smile appearing on her face with tears running down her cheeks. You chuckled lowly, watching Fareeha’s smile one last time before kissing her on the lips one last time. It was gentle and slow, but it didn’t last. You just gave your last breath on Earth. Fareeha lowered her head, taking tenderly your body to the ship, her expression dark.

Fareeha gave you a proper funeral, your grave at the cemetery of Overwatch. There were your friends, your family and your lover. After the ceremony, Fareeha read your letter, she felt slightly better but it was still something hard to recover. The days that followed Fareeha didn’t speak to anyone. Most people knew the reason, that’s why they didn’t push further. All but one, her mother. She knew it was hard to lose someone, especially someone you love but it was during those hard time her daughter needed time but also company. Now on, Ana accompanied Fareeha every week when she visits your grave. She also takes time to make some tea and talk with her daughter if she needs it. Fareeha approached your grave, months after your death… Almost one year. She grabbed two rings out of her pocket, snow on your grave she swiped it away, putting the two rings on it. “Wish I could’ve proposed you before it happened,”


These months were rough for Hana and you. The Colossal Omnic monstrosity attacked Korea more often. It wasn’t a few years, it was every month now. It came back, stronger than before as usual. In one month, MEKA didn’t have the time to find new strategies to defeat it. Every time they did, it was only by pure luck. But luck doesn’t always come. The Omnic was defeated again as well as the Gwishins and it tried to regain the sea. Well that was what MEKA thought but it hid under the sea. When all the MEKA units including Hana started to fly back to the ground, they noticed the shadow of the Omnic. Its “arm” swung into many buildings and a lot of them fell on the ground, killing a lot of citizens. And you were one of them, Hana was okay thank to her Mech. But you weren’t. Hana rushed toward you when she saw your bleeding form near rubbles of buildings. She came out of her Mech and she immediately cried when she noticed you weren’t going to survive this. She gently took you in her arms and she hugged you tightly. “H-Hana?” You asked, your voice trembling with fear. Hana didn’t respond she just hugged you tighter without hurting you too much. You felt her presence for a moment but then, you were only surrounded in darkness without the horrible noises you heard before. “I’m scared H-Hana… I don’t w-want to go.” You started to cry and Hana felt hopeless, her throat already started to hurt her. “A-Are you here Hana?” You demanded in a whisper, your voice commenced sounding low and weak. “Yes, I am (Y/n).” Hana whimpered but you didn’t hear anything now. You were slowly joining the other side without knowing Hana was by your side. “I w-wish you w-were here… but if y-you somehow can h-hear me. If I could spend another life with you, I’ll definitely do it.  I’ll w-wait for y-you at the finish line, my love…” You whispered the last sentence with your last breaths. Hana stayed by your side the entire time, sobbing quietly on your body so devasted that you thought you died alone and now, she was screaming in sadness. Never she thought it would be you, dying first.

Losing a friend was hard, losing someone you loved was even harder. She never wanted to revive this horrible moment, that’s why she worked hard after your death defending her country over her own security and health. Before there was Dae-Hyun and you but now there was only Dae-Hyun and it wasn’t enough to convince her. She did make a small ceremony for you, there were only your, her families and the MEKA squad. It stayed unknown to the public, anyone could have understood but not the media and Hana knew it. Hana discovered your letter a few months after your death while cleaning up your room. She cried again, quieter and shorter but everything that reminds her of you always made her feel something. Eventually, Hana moved on, not forgetting about you, of course. She respected your last wish, she tried to take care of herself and to work as a team. Ultimately, with everyone and you in her mind, they finally defeat the Omnic Monstruosity, defeating as well her horrible nightmares once and for all.


It was her job to protect you, to protect her team. Why? Then why was she the only one alive? Out of 20 agents, how could she only be the only one still breathing? How could she let you die under her watch? So many questions rushed her mind, but only one remained. Why?

The mission was a disaster and Aleksandra knew if they kept going in like this they’ll all perish. That’s why she ordered a retreat, they all started to do it, you included. The Omnics followed the group, firing at you. Aleksandra did her best to protect everyone with her abilities. And you all succeed to reach the ship but of course, the Omnics knew you would go away with a dropship. That’s why they prepared a bigger gun to take you down. It was too late when Aleksandra realized her mistake, it was at the same moment when the Omnics shot the ship. The ship crashed down on the ground, far away from the Omnics but not near enough a city or town. The white snow slowly coloured in red blood, fire eating the ship and some bodies. Aleksandra watched your lifeless body with dull eyes. Her grip on you tightening as the minutes passed. She got up with you, wrapping your body in a jacket. She was determined to come back to the base with at least you, she didn’t care if she will die doing this. It will bring a bit of relief to see you again, even if you would have wished her to live longer.

Aleksandra arrived at the base situated in Russia, her body cold and you in her arms. Everyone rushed to heal her but she only pushed them away, wanting a moment alone. She only asked them to take care of your body, wanting a great funeral for you. Aleksandra went right after your ceremony in your shared room. The room was still filled with your scent and great memories, but something was missing. Your presence that Aleksandra appreciated more than greatly. The only thing that caught her attention was a letter, she approached to examine it and she recognized your writing. She read it carefully, brushing the paper so slightly as if she didn’t it would disappear. Information and different feelings rushed through her. She closed the letter after reading everything, a small smile finding her way. “I promise I’ll do it (Y/n). I’ll respect your last wish.” Aleksandra learnt to move on, it was hard in the beginning but she understood she couldn’t stay forever in the past and it helped her to do it quicker. Her friends, her and your families were here for her as well. She knew you would like to see her happy and not mourn any longer. Plus, your last wish made her feel like you were still there in her and she’ll do everything to keep this feeling as long as she can.

things to take away from the new interactions

- nobody likes junkrat

- nobody likes moira

- nobody likes symmetra, but it’s okay because she doesn’t like anyone either

- doomfist keeps trying to get people to join talon. nobody wants to join talon. he’s so desperate at this point that his pitch to mccree was “join us and we’ll buy you clothes.” somebody help this man

- lucio has/had a dad that worked for vishkar and apparently everyone knows about this man who we didn’t even know existed until like 2 days ago

- orisa wants efi to go to college and is willing to murder mccree to get the money for it

- roadhog said one thing and it was to junkrat. someday they’ll give this man other interactions with other people. today is not that day.

- pharah knows that jack is soldier 76. new headcanon that his identity is the worst kept secret in the world but people are just pretending not to know to be nice whos with me on this

- speaking of pharah she flirted with at least 75% of the girls she’s so powerful

- torbjorn doesn’t know what happened to mccree’s arm, which means that he lost it after overwatch disbanded

- dva and zenyatta still have no lore


a valentines day card for each hero!  ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💖

Overwatch Dog Breed guess - Part 02

Art by lilynishita, I don’t own anything. PS, I could’ve been wrong.

Pharah - Pharaoh Hound obviously

Reaper - Bull Terrier interesting choice…

Reinhardt - A Freakin Leonberger!! I knew they wouldn’t resist a dog breed from German (according to legend) that’s specifically bred to look like Lions! (they’re humongous too)

Roadhog - Pitbull

Soldier 76 - Based on the hip…I’d guess White German Sheperd

Sombra - (snort..) Chihuahua

Symmetra - It could be Chippiparai…but my guts telling me it’s a Kanni (or any Indian sighthound…)

Torbjörn - According to the artist’s reference, it’s a Schnauzer

Tracer - Fawn Greyhound

Widowmaker - Poodle

Winston - I’m gonna take a wild guess, it’s a Newfoundland

Zarya - Alaskan Malamute

Zenyatta - Based on his temperament, it might be Chippiparai