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anonymous asked:

does russia have any school shooters? or overall mass shooters? love ur blog btw 💕

Thank you! Only one school shooter and numerous of mass shooters. I’ll leave links with more information below:

School shooter Sergey Gordeyevhere

Mass shooter Pavel Bakhtinhere

Mass shooter Dmitry Vinogradovhere

Mass shooter Stepan Komarov here

Mass shooter Denis Evsyukovhere

Mass shooters Yuri Surovtsev and Viktor Korshunov here

Mass shooter Farda Gadirov ( Azerbaijan) here

Mass shooter Sergei Lepnev here

Mass shooter Yaroslav Mazurok (Ukraine)here

Mass shooter Ilya Aseev here

Mass shooter Vladislav Chelakh here

Mass shooter Grigoriy Grjaznovhere

Mass shooter Victor Golovan (Ukraine)here

 Mass shooter Anton Konev here and here