faraway farm

Let me just clarify why i don’t completely buy it that Ymir is dead.
- Ymir’s off screen “death” seems so sudden… so sloppy for a mangaka who likes to show gorey deaths… mangled corpses.. etc. But for Ymir, last we see before she “dies” is her devastated expression while she’s waiting to be eaten by Galliard
- in chapter 93 when it’s supposed to prove that Galliard possesses Ymir’s memories, we see YMIR from the person’s point of view, it doesn’t make sense that Ymir can see herself unless it’s herself in the mirror. No, this flashback is from Reiner, NOT Galliard
- this is more from analyzing Ymir’s character but i believe Ymir would never give up her life for the Marleys, the ones who were responsible for her suffering, her 60-years long lasting nightmare as a titan, her eventual kidnapping and then being fed to one of them just because she happened to be at a place where other titan shifters were. Ymir potentially endangering Historia by freely handing her powers over to the enemy is so out of character that even now I still don’t buy it that Ymir doesn’t have something up her sleeve which will ultimately be for Historia’s sake. Ymir ending up dead, with her power now in Marley’s hands, without having been able to protect Historia, it all seems… wrong
- in Ymir’s letter to Historia she says that her only regret is not having been able to marry Historia… YET. Aaah this “yet” right here could be one hell of a hint for what might potentially happen, even something as simple as Ymir and Historia reunited again
- Historia didn’t get much of a focus when she had just finished reading what was Ymir’s farewell letter. We just see her face cut off from the panel and with a tear sliding down her face. Next pages she’s regained her composure… compare this to Historia’s dramatic and super emotional and powerful scenes from the extra chapter of volume 13 when she’s JUST reacting to Ymir having left her… having chosen Reiner and bertholdt over her! Now you could see this is some sort of character development for Historia… but. . This lack of reaction might be implying something more
- it is CANON that you just need a shifter’s spinal fluid in order to get their powers… we know this from Rod’s comment to Historia when Historia was supposed to eat Eren. Now, okay, removing someone’s spinal fluid is fatal I believe but we have seen that shifters work way differently from normal humans. What if out of an act of sympathy from Reiner’s side, he agreed on sparing Ymir’s life?
- Isayama has stated multiple times that Ymir is his favorite character and favorite character to write. This doesn’t mean he can’t kill off his favorite character BUT it can mean that Isayama is far from done with Ymir’s story… considering we have had so little of Ymir in the past 40 or so chapters. Consider that Isayama made these comments about Ymir and keeps making them even chapters after Ymir left in chapter 50.. consider that an author still keeps mentioning said character as a favorite to write… don’t just give up on Ymir, is what I get from this
- this is my shipper self talking but Ymir and Historia totally deserve one another. Totally deserve to be happy together. Totally deserve to live long lives together. In an AU smartpass story, official stuff, Historia mentions that her dream of the future is living in a faraway land, in a farm with many animals, and together with Ymir. Now if that ain’t love then I don’t know what is. Yumikuri is the realest thing ever

Wow, crazy!!

Hi guys i have crazy story to tell, the other day i forgotten my to eat my lunch and breakfast… So hungry!!!!!! i was walking home and saw a neighbor coming home with a lot of green leafs and thought “Spinach!!!” i instantly ran up to tell him “I’m sorry i will give you money later i need to eat this spinach” and i broke the bag open pile that shit into my mouth!!!! All the whole neighbor screaming “OMG POPEYE NO IT’S NOT SPINACH” it was too late i already ate a lot and i felt goops go to my muscles not strength, and i started to see many colors and heard “popeye lookout!” and i saw shadow and fainted. Then unknown amount of time later i woke up in a farm faraway with pigs and cows etc. and i got out of there and found map at near gestation and followed it home where olive oyl and she AAH Popeye i was worried where were you?????“ and i told her the story and i went to the computer just now and found out i was gone for almost two days and i post this now. I looked up searching and i don’t think that was marijuana i eat i am a bit scared who did that to me? Was it bluto?