farareusis arts

so i’ve been gettin real excited about stories lately ! these are the protagonists just a few that i’m really eager to see more of- maddy from raging fire by nooby-banana, machi from an untitled work by missinformedfortune, piper solitude from mortal by farareusis, tye from neo-kosmos by stylishandillegal and egomatter, and seirath from various-everythings by mcsiggy


made some hug time stickers for the troll hole B] I tried rly hard to match the style of the ones we already had but my goodness, every time i work with minimalistic styles i realise all over again how much harder it is than normal drawing

anyway feel free to use them!!

witchsona commission for @queenofcorgis !!!! she’s a druid whose special talent is animal empathy, and her features morph slightly to mimic the animals with which she spends the most time. She carries a hammerspace bag full of her familiars (kept in perfect comfort in the environment in which they will be the happiest until they are needed, of course) and her cloak is full of treats and supplies so that she will never be without something she might need FOR SCIENCE

this babe !!! a pattern seems to be emerging here where the sketch looks atrocious but when I finish the picture i end up fairly satisfied with the result

this is the witch she has six fingers on each hand and she’s based off the frilled shark which is one of the coolest deep sea fish ever if only they were actually 25 feet long like the legends say

also they’re less colorful and not bioluminescent but i took some artistic liberties