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while driving home from work I started to wonder why all the classes are different from D1 and D2 even though both are granted by the Traveler’s Light, but then it made me realize that the Light in the Shard is different from the Light from the Traveler because it had been slightly tainted by the Darkness

it had been leaking out Light to the outside environment (hence dense creepy forest) for several centuries and is surrounded by Fallen, Hive, and Taken activity, so it would make sense that some of the Darkness would creep in and mix into the Shard

even some of our new classes and abilities draw powers from the Hive and Taken: 

  1. bringing up walls and personal shields from Hive Knights (Titans, Sentinels)
  2. casting down empowering and healing rifts from Hive Wizards (Warlocks)
  3. use of swords that emanate energy projectiles from Hive Knights (Dawnblades)
  4. slow moving void projectiles that track enemies and explode on contact from Hive Shriekers (Voidwalkers)
  5. consuming internal energy in order to boost stats and restore health from Hive Ogres (Voidwalkers) 

I’m gonna see how many more comparisons I can make but do tell me what you think about this idea! 

Been working on this piece for the past few days, and it’s taken me about eight ish hours to do in total. 

Don’t quite know how to feel about it, but I think it’s pretty dope. Hope you all like it! 

- Farad

Adapted from this shot of the US Destiny 2 Live Action Trailer:

Glass sword a summary part 2
  • Shade: about a week ago, I accidentally slept with Farley.
  • Mare: really?
  • Shade: yes.
  • Mare: you accidentally slept with Farley?
  • Shade: yes.
  • Mare: accidentally?
  • Shade: yes.
  • Silence...
  • Mare: I don't understand. Did you trip or something?

one thing I think that’s really awesome is that when my boy friends talk about playing Sentinel in Destiny 2 they say Captain America but when my girl friends talk about playing Sentinel they say Wonder Woman

it sometimes really strikes me and blows my mind how easily that could have just not happened at all in this reality and I’m really grateful that it did.

Now this is the law of the jungle,
as old and as true as the sky.

The wolf that shall keep it may prosper,
but the wolf that shall break it must die.

Like the creeper that girdles the tree trunk,
the law runneth forward and back.

For the strength of the pack is the wolf.

And the strength of the wolf is the pack.

Electricity-storing objects like Pikachu’s cheeks are known as capacitors, a common element found in almost any circuit. But what is the science behind them? How does Pikachu store energy, and how does it collect the energy to store?

Well, the secret to a capacitor lies in a value called capacitance. Like the spring constant discussed in Spoink’s entry, the value of capacitance is unique to every capacitor, depending on what it’s made of, whether or not it’s filled, and how close the plates are to one another. 

The capacitance is given by

C = q/V

Where q is the charge on one plate and V is the voltage between them.

We know Pikachu is capable of both storing and releasing lightning, so let’s take one bolt of lightning as our standard here. A typical lightning bolt is actually a series of small discharges, lasting milliseconds each for a total of around 0.2 seconds. A typical lightning strike has a charge of 15 Coulombs, although the bigger ones can be as high as 350 C. The voltage is anywhere from 10 to 100 million Volts.

Assuming Pikachu’s Cheeks can store the largest bolts of lightning, their Capacitance is 3.5 μF.

This, actually, is a lot more reasonable than I was anticipating. In the circuits I’ve worked with, capacitors are generally in the micro Farad range, which is exactly what we find here. If you want another comparison, the Capacitance of the human body is around 400 pico-Farads: about 10% of Pikachu’s cheeks.

But let’s put this value to use. You can think of capacitors like a bucket, that can be filled with charge. However, just like you can have an empty bucket, you can have an empty capacitor. Citing the pokedex, Pikachu charges up while it’s sleeping, presumably through Static Electricity. You’ve experienced this if you’ve ever assaulted your hair with a balloon, or touched a metal doorknob after shuffling across the room in your wool socks. Even lightning itself is a form of Static Discharge. This also explains why Pikahu’s Ability is called “Static”.

The energy of a static discharge, and therefore Pikachu’s Attack, is given by:

E = ½CV^2

For a move like Thunder, the electrical energy would be 35,000,000,000 Joules. For Thunder Shock, a small  static shock, it’s only a few hundred milliJoules.

It’s evident that Pikachu can control when, where, and how much energy to release at once, making it a dangerous pokemon to deal with. Particularly around sensitive electronic equipment.

The tendrils of my soul are twined
With thine, though many a mile apart.
And thine in close coiled circuits wind
Around the needle of my heart.

Constant as Daniel, strong as Grove.
Ebullient throughout its depths like Smee,
My heart puts forth its tide of love,
And all its circuits close in thee.

O tell me, when along the line
From my full heart the message flows,
What currents are induced in thine?
One click from thee will end my woes.

Through many a volt the weber flew,
And clicked this answer back to me;
I am thy farad staunch and true,
Charged to a volt with love for thee.


James Clerk Maxwell

Valentine from A Telegraph Clerk ♂ to a Telegraph Clerk ♀

Happy st valentine’s day

Happy birthday Michael Faraday

Today is the birthday of the revered scientist Michael Faraday, who would have turned 224.

Probably albumen carte-de-visite by John Watkins [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

- Faraday was born in 1791 on the then outskirts of London, Newington Butts, to a working class family. His thirst for knowledge was quenched through work as a bookbinder, where he educated himself by reading the texts available to him at the shop.

- He became the Chemical Assistant at the Royal Institution in London and toured Europe with another influential Victorian scientist – Humphry Davy.

- He was a famous orator, and instigated the Royal Institution Christmas Lecture, which continues to this day.

- Faraday made significant discoveries in electromagnetism and electrolysis. He coined many of the words associated with electronics today, such as electrode, cathode and ion.  The Farad, the unit of capacitance, is named after Faraday.

- All his discoveries came desipite his relatively limited understanding of mathematics.

- Albert Einstien had a picture of Faraday on the wall of his office.

‘Although we know nothing of what an atom is, yet we cannot resist forming some idea of a small particle, which represents it to the mind … there is an immensity of facts which justify us in believing that the atoms of matter are in some way endowed or associated with electrical powers, to which they owe their most striking qualities, and amongst them their mutual chemical affinity.’ - Faraday

Kid!AU - Hissrad Finds Out Why He Was 'Hired'

Ok seriously, SERIOUSLY, THANK YOU FOR ALL THE ASKS ON THIS AU YOU ALL ARE AMAZING!! Any requests, let me know! If it fits you’ll get it!! I’m trying to stay on timeline(ish) but once the setup is done, it’ll be all over…and all fluffy, serious, etc. are all on the table. We’ll see where it goes huh?
PS- this is gonna be a REALLY bad couple of weeks at work, so I might be slow, but if there’s something you want, do please ask!

It was not the first attack that had happened. Hissrad knew this. The servants, Halward, hell, even Dorian had told him this. (At the last, he had to fight more of that anger welling in his chest, so often lurking there, anymore).

It was, however, the first attack Hissrad had been present for.

Most of the servants followed a protocol, amended slightly for his presence. They entered, nodded to him, then continued to Dorian’s bedside with whatever books or practice work they were delivering. The same went for the servants that brought the meals, since Dorian’s wavering constitution meant he often took his meals his room. The kid being waited on hand and foot still made Hissrad want to scowl.

The familiar glower twisted his features as the small Elvhen woman stepped into the room, tray in hand. She ignored Hissrad in his place by the wall completely, head canted down and walking more briskly than someone with a bowl of soup pouring steam ought to walk. Her shoulders were tight, drawn down; her clothes were dark and fitted. Alarm bells in his head stiffened Hissrad’s spine, not long enough gone from Seheron to miss the multiple warning signs. He was validated when the shift of cloth caused by one footstep revealed the pattern of a dagger sheath under the woman’s shirt. By then he was already moving.

The elf saw him coming. Hissrad was fast but the woman was too. He lunged, heavy form slamming into hers, but not before she’d twisted to brace for it, one foot sliding back to set her stance. It wouldn’t be enough, he knew, not given the size differential. He was a good two feet taller and heavier by double, but he’d forgotten one variable. Hissrad realized as such as the scalding hot liquid hit his face. He snarled an epithet in Qunat and dropped.

The elf shrieked a curse in Elven as she tripped, the sweep of one of Hissrad’s legs taking both of hers out from under her. Time seemed to stretch around him as Hissrad listened–THERE, the sound of metal sliding free of leather–but even as he wrenched his eyes open past the sear of burnt skin, a flare of bright light obscured his vision.

The elf threw the knife, suddenly glowing white-hot, the metal skipping like an awkward stone. Not quickly enough: the smell of cooking meat, stomach-twisting and familiar, rose in the air. Hissrad snorted the smell out of his nose and dove as soon as he reached his knees. His bulk hit the elf center mass, a sentient battering ram, slamming her squirming form to the floor.

By the time Dorian’s bedroom door got kicked open Hissrad had the woman pinned with one huge hand on the nape of her neck. The other was clenched in a fist around a cane Dorian used on his weaker days. In the breath it took him to lift his eyes Hissrad’s mind was already running full speed, a predator pressed into a full counter-attack.

Slam her head on the floor, half-step left to cut off the route to the bed. Get a count, hit as hard as it takes to bring the whole group down in one lunge. If impossible, keep horns down, gore the first one through the door. Trip the second and third with arms and legs, trip up stragglers with cane–

The thoughts abruptly pulled up short as he registered Farad as a friendly and not a foe. The man’s eyes quickly panned the room, checking over Hissrad with a blatant question in them.

“You’re hurt.”

“I’m fine.”

“You’re sure?” Farad questioned. Hissrad nodded with a grunt. As he gathered the Elvhen woman’s wrists behind her back, thin bones straining in his grip, Farad moved past him. The elf had a naked sword in one hand and carried it like one who knew how to use it, grip relaxed but ready. “Are you alright, Lord Dorian?”

“Fine,” a small voice replied. Hissrad glanced over his shoulder in surprise at the young ‘Vint’s calmness. His grey-hazel eyes were wide in his small face but at Hissrad’s gaze, he straightened a little. and pushed his dark locks The would-be attacker thrashed in his grip fruitlessly as Hissrad processed the scene back through his mind, analyzing with a Ben-Hassrath’s clarity of detail.

“You lit the knife on fire?”

Dorian shook his head, gesturing at the weapon lying at the foot of his armoire. The small human was staring at Hissrad in open concern. Frightened, likely, but he’d handled it well in the moment. Not bad. “I heated the metal.” Hissrad nodded even though the distinction didn’t matter much. He turned back to the door just as Halward Pavus swept through it, his face dark with fury.

“With me,” he ordered. For once, Hissrad didn’t hesitate.

Storing electricity in paper

Researchers at Linköping University’s Laboratory of Organic Electronics, Sweden, have developed power paper – a new material with an outstanding ability to store energy. The material consists of nanocellulose and a conductive polymer. The results have been published in Advanced Science.

One sheet, 15 centimetres in diameter and a few tenths of a millimetre thick can store as much as 1 F, which is similar to the supercapacitors currently on the market. The material can be recharged hundreds of times and each charge only takes a few seconds.

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