pros of reading Ballroom e Youkoso

1. AMAZING art style

2. diversity in body types

3. the main character isnt an idiot or a good for nothing. he actually tries and sometimes succeeds and learnes a lot and gives his all WHILE ENJOYING HIMSELF. he takes it seriously without losing the fun of it! he gives a slightly different vibe from all the other main characters i read so far

4. the characters are very different from what they seem at first glance

same person

6. the characters are very realistic. the manga basically explores what every dancer aspires to become and how they get that. different paths for different people..

cons: none

theres like a hell of a lot more i wanna share but im so bad with words i hope those pictures are enough, please go read it its so good, it made me want to dance while reading it, and i actually skipped a little on my way home! 

Happy Birthday Eli!

Last Friday July 8. Eli celebrated her birthday @Redbox GB. Only a few of us came but still we had fun. :)

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L-R Leo,Julian Zharm,Eli,Marione, Carl, Cheese and Me!

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What’s left from the Family:))) 

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It’s been a year and we’re still together!:) Iloveyou Mar!:)

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Marione Cheese Macx. Someone used to be there in place of cheese. Hmm.