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Hi friend! So, I got sick and I was thinking of you can do a drabble fic triplet au, where the reader is sick and Kylo, Ben and Matt take care of her, but, at the end, they got sick too 😊

“What’s in it for me?”  "Make me.“ And “You’re so cute when you’re tired, ya know?” With the triplets please??

Aw I’m sorry boo, hope you feel better. Hope you enjoy this!

Modern AU Solo Triplets +  “What’s in it for me?” +  “Make me.” +  “You’re so cute when you’re tired, ya know?”

Every part of you felt drained and exhausted at the hour. Your body had been trembling with apparent shivers for what felt like hours despite the piles of blankets you had assembled ontop of you. Somehow, by some unfortunate twist of events, you had ended up sick as a dog. Where it had happened you weren’t sure, neither were you sure as to why you had to suffer like that. 

Releasing a wavering sigh you pulled the covers closer to your face as your body began to tremble yet again. No matter how hard you had tried, you had ceased to sleep and relented to watch a movie instead. Just as your eyes focused on the screen ahead of you, you heard a light knocking on your door.


Your brows furrowed. What was Matt doing in your apartment? 

“Can we come in?”

That’s when you remembered, Kylo had a key. For the sake of emergencies you trusted him most to be responsible for it whether he had to break in or quietly tip toe through.

You groaned faintly, “Ugghh.”

You weren’t certain if you wanted to see them or not. As much as you usually appreciated their presence, you felt absolutely awful and not in the mood to entertain all three of them. Before you could protest however you heard the door creak open and multiple heavy footsteps walk into the room. Soon enough all of those footsteps drew closer as the three familiar frames towered over you.

Ben leaned down to you, placing a quick peck to your cheek.

“Hey kid.”

You gently pushed him away with a faint grin. As much as you hated having company, it was possible that the triplets would be just what you needed.

“Don’t, I’m sick.”

“I know you are. I don’t care.”

Kylo crossed his arms over his chest with a faint shrug, “None of us do.”

“Why are you all here if I may ask?”

Matt smiled at you as he sat on the edge of the bed beside you. In true fashion, he had brought a whole bag full of things you were sure were meant to assure you would feel better.

“To spend time with you.”

You crossed your arms under your chest with one brow arched, “What’s in it for me?”

Ben’s brows furrowed as he sat the end of your bed, “Rude.”

Kylo joined Ben at the end of the bed as Matt turned to you once again.

“We take care of you and you get a day with your favorite boys.”

You rolled your eyes faintly with a smirk, “Ok…that does sound tempting.”

Ben smirked, “Come on you know you want tooo.”

“I’m not sure I do.”

Kylo’s brows furrowed now as he glared at you, “We’re going to make you feel better whether you want us to or not.”

You scoffed, “Make me.”

Without another word Kylo got up from the end of your bed and walked up to where you were. Pulling up all of the blankets on the side Kylo slid in under the covers as you shivered.

“No that’s c-cold.”

“Not for long.”

As he dropped the covers back to the side, with himself successfully under them with you, Kylo scooted closer to your side. Just as you began to accept the feeling of Kylo scooting in with you suddenly the other side of the covers lifted. Sliding in on your other side was Matt with a freshly plugged in heating pad. Gently tapping you Matt smiled as he showed you the heating pad.

“Sit up so I can put this under you.”

You sighed with a nod as you partially lifted yourself up. Instantly you felt the heat eminating from the pad emitting onto your back. Settling back into your place you sighed in content as Matt and Kylo gently wrapped themselves around you. Your eyes began to flutter as you relished in the heat of them on either side of you. What would have been a struggle to sleep earlier was feeling far nearer in reach. The simple embrace of them beside you made you feel all the more safe and comfortable.

Ben grinned as he stood from the end of the bed.

“You’re so cute when you’re tired, ya know?”

Your eyes hazily opened to Ben with a faint grin on your lips.

“Thank you, you’re not too shabby yourself.”

“Come join us Ben, the warmer we can make her the better.”

Ben shrugged, “In a minute, I’m gonna make her some soup.”

A week later you sauntered into the triplets apartment, feeling better than ever. Your time of recovery had done such wonders, you almost entirely forgot what it felt like to be sick at all. Now you were feeling livlier and ready to take on the world. The same however, could not be said for the triplets.

In their affectionate efforts to make you feel better, they ended up getting sick themselves. Not just one of them, but all three. Peering into the living room you tilted your head faintly with a smile at the sight of all three of them shivering with their own respective blankets wrapped around them.

“How are my boys?”

Matt sneezed as Kylo huffed between shivers, “Awful.”

Ben whimpered, “I don’t do the flu (Y/N).”

You shook your head with a little smile as you walked towards them with a giant bag in tow. If they had been so gracious to take care of you, you were surely going to return the favor.

“It’s ok, I’ll take care of you.”

The three of them looked over to you with halfhearted smiles as they watched you walk towards them. 

4.0 | acid wash jeans (the8)

a late summer, late night bonfire by the sea

w.c. 708 | fluff | listen

the bonfire was dug into the sand, secured and safe from the sea breeze.  the red and orange and yellow bits of flame crackled off and rose into the air, disappearing after a while.  the smell of fire filled the area, mixed with the sharp contrast of salty seawater.  stars hung low in the sky, side by side with the full moon.  heat rose up from the white sand but the chill of the ocean waves and winds were quick to temper the warmth down.  messy platinum locks shoved into a beanie.  your head on his shoulder, his head on yours.  one hand interlaced with the other’s.

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Chill music for a not so chill summer. Listen to & enjoy while 8+ hours of music while relaxing on the beach, at bonfires, after-parties, long drives, etc. Although the genre is mostly electronic, I also threw in a few alternative/indie songs. Good study music as well, but let’s not think of that quite yet :) Artists include Shlohmo, Clams Casino, The 1975, Kygo & Yinyues remixes, etc.

Enjoy this mix on my 8tracks here. :)

  1. btstu // jai paul
  2. leaf // clams casino
  3. all inside // bondax
  4. skin (four tet remix) // grimes
  5. cccxxv // suicideyear
  6. jasmine // jai paul
  7. follow (tom and laura misch) // laura emma misch
  8. mirror maru // cashmere cat
  9. sierra lift // blue hawaii
  10. hold on (feat. sampha) // sbtrkt
  11. still // jj
  12. wen uuu (evenings remix) // shlohmo
  13. stay // henry krinkle
  14. sapphire // bonobo
  15. the way u do (rl grime remix) // shlohmo
  16. in the moonlight (slow magic remix) // blithe field
  17. purple swag (jim-e stack bootleg) // a$ap rocky
  18. ?????? // avidd
  19. star eyes // flume
  20. i see fire (kygo remix) // ed sheeran
  21. waves (robin schulz bootleg) // mr probz
  22. boof // real cosby
  23. places // shlohmo
  24. luv u grl // xxyyxx
  25. stargazing (yinyues remix) // tinashe
  26. goddess // banks
  27. maluco // sango
  28. potato // yyshidd
  29. we were in love // ta-ku
  30. guuurl // lapalux
  31. ocean bed // zoo kid
  32. feel it all around // washed out
  33. i miss you // ta-ku
  34. smoke & mirrors // tokimonsta
  35. the stars // catching flies
  36. home (sina remix) // odesza
  37. alone // xxyyxx
  38. me & u (vill-ge bootleg remix) // cassie
  39. even though (feat. xxyyxx) // giraffage
  40. landfill (sizzlebird remix) // daughter
  41. langsette // letherette
  42. jade // mr carmack
  43. talking hearts // the stuyvesants
  44. nannou 2 // aphex twin
  45. rice rain // cashmere cat
  46. honey (oceaan remix) // swim deep
  47. on & on // snakehips
  48. all // blackbird blackbird
  49. say my name (cyril hahn remix) // destiny’s child
  50. girl // cleindl
  51. fall in love // flying lotus
  52. ♥ // baths
  53. no angels (feat. ella eyre) // bastille
  54. i’m god // clams casino
  55. i wanna be yours // arctic monkeys
  56. intro // the xx
  57. stay forever // catching flies
  58. luxurious (lapalux remix) // gwen stefani
  59. the suburbs // arcade fire
  60. let your hair down // catching flies
  61. holocene // bon iver
  62. back to cali (yinyues remix) // the notorious b.i.g.
  63. kiara // bonobo
  64. 10 mile stereo // beach house
  65. numb (feat. rick ross) // cassie
  66. cigarettes and chocolate // chet faker
  67. west coast // coconut records
  68. marijuana // chrome sparks
  69. mornings // cleindl
  70. wings (shlohmo remix) // haerts
  71. flume // bon iver
  72. mi negrita (daniele di martino edit) // devendra banhart
  73. chillaxin’ by the sea // gramatik
  74. soon it will be cold enough to build fires // emancipator
  75. candles // daughter
  76. summer (feat. superhumanoids) // mmoths
  77. flotus // flying lotus
  78. bring you down (feat. george maple) // flume
  79. a candle’s fire // beirut
  80. changes (shlohmo remix) // lol boys
  81. massage situation // flying lotus
  82. blue spotted tail // fleet foxes
  83. u make me // lil sad
  84. youth // daughter
  85. feel real // deptford goth
  86. rivers and roads // the head and the heart
  87. the wilhelm scream // james blake
  88. far nearer // jamie xx
  89. islands is the limit // the notorious b.i.g. & the xx
  90. fuck u all the time (shlohmo remix) // jeremih
  91. move me // jhameel, dwntwn, & giraffage
  92. slow dancing in a burning room // john mayer
  93. at all // kaytranada
  94. fall creek boys choir // james blake & bon iver
  95. wait // m83
  96. silvia // miike snow
  97. something goes right (feat. sampha) // sbtrkt
  98. porcelain // moby
  99. darkest (dim) [feat. gavin turek] // tokimonsta
  100. the suburbs // mr little jeans
  101. so far to go (feat. common & d’angelo) // j dilla
  102. blue ridge mountains // fleet foxes
  103. when i’m small // phantogram
  104. stay inside (bear//face remix) // raleigh ritchie
  105. full hearts // real cosby
  106. open // rhye
  107. nirvana (tip’s promised land remix) // sam smith
  108. open air // lemolo
  109. mo stars mo problems // the notorious b.i.g. & the xx
  110. a baru in new york (feat. gurrumul) [flume remix] // yolanda be cool
  111. new slang // the shins
  112. blessa // toro y moi
  113. out of hand // shlohmo
  114. everything is embarrassing // skye ferreira
  115. on yr side // slow magic
  116. getting to know you // spazzkid
  117. isabella of castile // strfkr
  118. concerning the ufo sighting near highland, illinois // sufjan stevens
  119. while you dooooo // teebs
  120. be your girl (kaytranada edition) // teedra moses
  121. beautiful light // uppermost
  122. talamak // toro y moi
  123. habits // tove lo
  124. sunset // the xx
  125. afternoon // youth lagoon
  126. lullabies // yuna
  127. menswear // the 1975


Long Theory: The “Evolution” of Gems

Alright, folks. I know I haven’t been as active as I’ve promised. Truth is, especially since Steven Universe has become so monstrously popular, it’s hard to hold up a blog devoted to pushing theories that I haven’t seen anywhere else, since I tend to see most decent theories everywhere at this point. Perhaps it’s time for a rethinking of that premise, but I still don’t think my work would be anything other than redundant if all I ever did was parrot and repost already-popular theories. That, and tumblr’s frequent technical errors and hurtles on my end, can be very disheartening.

That said, today I have something a little out of the ordinary for you all. Rather than a “theory” in the strictest sense– taking an educated guess at the intentions of the showrunners– this is going to be a bit of a diversion into self-indulgent territory, to inspire me to at least contribute something after all these months.

I’ve always been very fond of science fiction, especially the creative field of speculative biology– the hypothesizing of organisms as they might exist in ecosystems alternate to our own. As such, I’ve decided to write a speculative look at the Gem Homeworld, and a sort of hypothetical natural history of how a group of entities like Gems could arise in our own universe.

If that’s not what you’re here for, then keep on scrolling. If that sounds interesting to you, though, please enjoy.

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goldendecember  asked:

Fic idea/request: Ginsy + “You weren’t supposed to hear that.” I've recently fallen in love with Ginsy (and your writing), so when I saw you were taking fic requests, I couldn't resist requesting a short story about the two of them! <3

Oh, that’s so nice to hear! Hope ya like it!

Prompt #5: “You weren’t supposed to hear that.” (Read it on AO3)

Pansy Parkinson had a problem with Ginny Weasley. Not the kind in which she wanted to sell her out to the Dark Lord (contrary to popular belief, Pansy did not relish in such activities–the incident with Potter last year was a necessary evil). It wasn’t even the kind of problem that made her want to curse the Weaselette. No, this was the kind of problem in which Pansy wanted to kiss her, and hold her, and do naughty things to her in the Room of Requirement. In other words:

“Kill me, Draco,” Pansy said histrionically, swooning across the blond so her head rested in his lap. “I can’t take any more.”

Draco rolled his eyes. “Pans, you’re acting like a Hufflepuff.” The potency of the jab was diminished by him running his hand through her hair. She hummed softly at the gesture, peeking through lidded eyes to see if anyone was looking. Thankfully, everyone seemed focused on the Gryffindor-Ravenclaw match, so her eyes fell shut once more. While it was common practice for Slytherins to be affectionate with one another in private, it was quite another matter to do so in public. Even with their so-called “reformed” status since the war, some rules stayed in place.

“Is she scoring a goal?” Pansy asked, peeking through her eyelids again. A quick glance at the pitch gave her an affirmative. Pansy squealed and buried her head.

“How in Merlin’s name are you rationalizing this behavior?” Draco asked. Pansy knew from his tone that he was making his I-can’t-do-this-right-now face. It made him look like Lucius when he supervised their play dates as children. She didn’t mention this to Draco, however, because comparing him to his father was like asking to be jinxed.

“She looks like a phoenix,” Pansy said. “All that red hair and confidence, and that Slytherin smile she flashes after she throws the Quidditch ball–”

“Quaffle,” Draco interjected lazily.

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Angel on Call

So I just finished Prison Break Season 5….and all of the Michael/Sara feels have come back full force. (Obviously spoilers below if you haven’t seen it)

And of the entire season, the reunion between them was *makes a bunch of incoherent noises* it was beautiful and painful…and Wentworth should be getting some kind of award for it.

And despite the fact I should be working on a host of other projects I had to write something. So here is the scene from Wine Dark Sea from Michael’s POV.

Read it on AO3

               Michael wakes with a jerk, pain searing through his abdomen as he falls back into the bed. He keeps his eyes tightly closed in an effort to minimize the spinning of the room around him. Everything aches and his throat is dry. “Linc?” he doubts his brother can hear him, but he also doesn’t have the strength for anything stronger.

               Moments later the door opens, and he’s glad to hear his brother’s heavy footfalls. He focuses on breathing, knowing he is due for another painful wound cleaning. Some part of him realizes that the footsteps coming nearer are far too light to be his brother, and much too careful for Whip. But it’s the hand on his arm that forces his eyes open.

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Left or right, stopped, look around him …
Whoever is nearer is far away, does not help anything.
Deciding is not always easy. It seems he knows that.


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Sleep Sound
Jamie xx
Sleep Sound

Listen: Jamie xx - Sleep Sound
The production boffin behind The xx continues to kill it when away from his bandmates. Whether it be introducing a whole new generation to Gil Scott-Heron, remixing Four Tet or putting out his own material, Jamie xx is clearly one of the top producers in the game. “Sleep Sound” continues in the vein of “Far Nearer” and “Beat For”, with woozy instrumentation, repurposed elements of R&B tracks and a great shifting beat. An album would be a nice treat right about now, J.

  • i’m back home and taking a few days off before i go back to work. feels nice :)
  • i grabbed lunch with a friend yesterday and will be doing that today as well. 
  • i’m currently doing some much needed autumn cleaning (as opposed to spring cleaning). 
  • i just registered to pick up iodine pills that are being handed out in my city because of the nuclear power plant of tihange, belgium. the fact that my city (in germany, about a hundred kilometres from the power plant) feels the need to do so somehow does not make me feel safer. who would have thought! it is also funny in an entirely unfunny sense to me that the government of my city is urging us to pick up these pills whereas (as far as i know) neither the dutch, the belgian, the french or the luxembourgian (or other german cities just a bit further away, for that matter) are doing any such thing. and they all have cities that are equally far or nearer to the fucking thing.
  • i start with my bachelor’s thesis in three weeks! still waiting for my topic though, i’m getting antsy.
  • i finally bought a new macbook. it should be delivered tomorrow. there go all my savings, but i’m soooo looking forward to a new laptop after seven years with the current one.

Atmospheric // Zone Out 

By: Alaina

Sometimes we need to take a break and zone out - here is a mix for that. This consists mostly of chill electronic music with alternative tunes thrown in; some featured artists include ViLLΛGE, Slow Magic, TOKiMONSTA, etc. 

Listen to this 8tracks playlist here.

  1. Classic (Powers’ Sunset Mix)  The Knocks
  2. Chandelier (ViLLΛGE Remix)  Sia
  3. Girl  Jamie xx
  4. Stay The Same (featAndreya) – Bonobo
  5. When Will I See You Again (AMTRAC Remix)  Shakka
  6. Brain – Banks
  7. Waited 4 U – Slow Magic
  8. Takeover – ViLLΛGE
  9. Feel It All Around – Washed Out
  10. In The Moonlight (Slow Magic Remix) – Blithe Field
  11. Drugs You Should Try It – Travi$ Scott
  12. Starchild – Mothica
  13. Blessa – Toro y Moi
  14. Gods & Monsters (ViLLΛGE remix) – Lana Del Rey
  15. 27 – Samiyam
  16. Awake – Tycho
  17. Sakamoto’s Spring – TOKiMONSTA
  18. Free Baby – Mr. Carmack
  19. Loud Pipes – Ratatat
  20. Let It Be (feat. Veela) – Blackmill
  21. What It Feels – Real Cosby
  22. Anywhere But Here – Shlohmo
  23. Catch Me Riding Dirty – Samiyam
  24. Just, Hold On for a Second – Sango
  25. Dye – Tycho
  26. Sorry Safari – Slow Magic
  27. Middle Of Things, Beautiful Wife (Stwo Remix) – Sango
  28. Dear Mama – Mr. Carmack
  29. Waiting Game – Banks
  30. Tell Me – Giraffage
  31. Open – Rhye
  32. Sleepless (Christoph Andersson Remix) – G-Eazy
  33. Smoke & Mirrors – TOKiMONSTA
  34. Alberto Balsalm – Aphex Twin
  35. Steal My Attention – TOKiMONSTA
  36. Talamak – Toro y Moi
  37. Beautiful Light – Uppermost
  38. Potato – YYSHIDD
  39. Tea Leaf Dancers – Flying Lotus
  40. Far Nearer – Jamie xx
  41. Ocean Bed – Zoo Kid/King Krule
  42. Do a Trick (Kodak to Graph Edit) – Travis Porter
  43. Touch My Body (Cyril Hahn Remix) – Mariah Carey
  44. We Were In Love – Ta-Ku
  45. Stargazing (Yinyues Remix) – Tinashe
  46. Sunset – The xx
  47. Never Leave – XXYYXX
  48. The Stars – Catching Flies
  49. Valley Girl – Luvian
  50. Gone – The Doppelgangaz

Photographer: Jenieva Marie.

Rather Be

Title: Rather Be

Pairing: Reader x Cas

Word count: 3,959

Theme song: Rather Be by Clean Bandit feat. Jess Glynne

Request: Reader is in very bad condition after hunt. She almost dies there. But Cas (her boyfriend) doesn’t have enough power to heal her so he tries his best and transport her and brothers to hospital almost killing himself in process but he doesn’t want to sit even when he’s horribly weakened until doctors won’t take care of her. Then Dean has to talk to him and help him when he’s close to fainting.

Can you do a songfic for Rather Be by Clean Bandit?

Also a few requests from this gif imagine


Your name: submit What is this?


“Are you warm enough?”

You looked across the crackling fire to Cas, sitting placidly with his hands in his lap. It was amazing how he seemed to glow more than the fire, even in this darkest of nights you’d come across yet.

“I am. Thanks,” you smiled at him. He’d already lent you his coat and it was draped over your shoulders now, pulled around you snugly. You looked up at the stars, wondering what the sky over the bunker looked like now, a world away.

“I’m sorry we’ve been so out of the way of…well, everything the past few days,” Cas said, looking to his hands. You shook your head at him, the small smile still there.

“I don’t mind. It’s ok to rough it sometimes. It’s felt almost like a vacation without any of those demons showing.”

“Yes,” he said quietly, brow furrowing. “It is strange they haven’t found us yet. We’ve made ourselves obvious enough.”

“Maybe they know we’re looking for them. Maybe they know we’re trying to trap them,” you offered.


You dug the toes of your shoes into the sand, watching the way the grains fell on either side, and felt your stomach turn at the thought of this trip being over. It was your last night on this recon mission before you headed back to Sam and Dean to let them know what you’d found. It had been so easy being with Cas, even in the middle of nowhere and miles from home and any of its comforts.



“I have to tell you something. And it’s going to be a shot in the dark, but….I just need to get it out. I just need to take it.”

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title: This side up

summary: Post-graduation. Fancy Footwork AU. Some foreshadowing.

pairing: Itasaku

“And this is the view from my place,” Sakura announced, turning her laptop to face the window. There was a tap and then some crackling as Itachi fiddled with his laptop screen. She could see his face in the reflection of the window, squinting at the view.

“Well…” She could hear him hedging, not wanting to offend her. 

“Well?” she prompted.

“…You have a window?” he finally said.


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for Madalyn @chrysanthemumsies with great love.

(send me a prompt [sfw] if you want a ficlet!)

My AO3 is here

The text came when he’d been playing the Stradivarius for more than an hour, when the thoughts in his mind had begun to run calm and clear without shame or analysis in the way they did only at the height of the music. When the alert sounded, he kept playing, let the melody carry him through to the end of the movement before he opened his eyes to the world again and picked up his mobile to see one new message from John Hamish Watson.

The baby’s not mine.

His fingers hovered helplessly over the screen for a long moment before he typed back, Come here. SH


Thirty minutes later, he heard a series of steady, soft creaks from the stairs, followed by the small click of the sitting room door being pushed open, and he turned to find John in the doorway, blank-faced and staring. The simple misery in his face settled into Sherlock’s chest with an ache that felt remarkably, breathlessly, like bleeding out.

John blinked; took a slow step inside, closing the door behind him, and Sherlock moved toward him, hands held out on pure instinct; but John lifted his own hand in a gesture of wait, stop; shook his head. “Just–let’s be normal,” he said. The soft sound of his voice in the silence of the flat was pale, empty, half a whisper with tears just behind it, a voice Sherlock had heard from him only in the first days of his resurrection–the fearful newness of his return always between them. But now John looked at Sherlock like he was all the light there was left. “Give me tonight, yeah? Just one normal night.”

Then he pulled off his jacket, and his shoes, with slow, careful movements, doing his best to work around the gentle unacknowledged tremble in his hand; looked around the flat as though searching for something, and walked steadily into the kitchen. Sherlock fingered through the periodicals in the bookshelf, unseeing, listening to the soft clunk-clunk of the cupboards opening and closing in the kitchen, water running into the kettle, the small noise of disgust John made when he opened the fridge in search of a lager and saw what was bagged in the crisper–it was astounding, how right it felt, how the static in his ears cleared away and he could think again, in spite of the dread in his mouth.

When they were settled side-by-side on the sofa in the lamplight, with John’s beer and Sherlock’s unacknowledged but fiercely-welcomed cup of tea, and the telly tuned in to some inane broadcast Sherlock wasn’t hearing, focused as he appeared to be on his laptop–fixated as he really was on John and sitting far nearer to him than he ever had before (not that either of them had acknowledged that by so much as a glance or a word or a breath out of place)–only then did John seem to relax into his sorrow, inch by inch, as the program went on and Sherlock’s typing maintained a quiet background cover for his glances, the carefully unmoved expression he kept up while John’s face slowly drained of everything but grief.

It grew harder and harder to type, to think, to breathe.

When John’s phone went off they both jumped.

“Text. Sorry,” John murmured, and why on earth was he apologizing? But he was opening the message and then there was a minute of utter silence before he dropped the phone into his lap, and laid his head on the sofa back, and closed his eyes.

“She’s told him,” he said. “He’s there with them, at the flat.”

Fine spasms shook his hand, open on the sofa between them, and it was too much; Sherlock took John’s small palm between his two warm ones, just firmly enough, and John let out a long, slow breath without opening his eyes.

“I assume you’ve figured out it was–David.”

There didn’t seem to be anything to say to that, except, stupidly, "Are you okay?”

John laughed. His closed eyes fluttered a little, and he laughed; and Sherlock waited for the Fine, yeah, the impulse of John’s instinct to protect, to keep all his hurts safely hidden and out of everyone’s way.

The world went still. John’s eyes pressed tighter shut; his mouth turned down.

Tears began to roll down his cheeks.

“John,” Sherlock said, and felt John’s hand shiver in his, and then a quick movement and he was curling over onto Sherlock’s shoulder, weeping silently; sheltering in him, burying his face in Sherlock’s shirt, damp heat spreading through into Sherlock’s skin. Something immense and fierce and tender was growing inside of him. He held John’s hand carefully, close against his body; listened and listened to the unearned hurt cutting its slow way through John’s heart.

At last the weight of him went limp, through embarrassment or exhaustion–uncertain which without further data. He wasn’t sure if he ought to apologize. He hadn’t meant to uncover that, to unmoor him so thoroughly, but John was breathing deeply, slowly, into his neck, and his hair brushed Sherlock’s cheek, and he wasn’t trying to move away; and there wasn’t much left that Sherlock was capable of doing, except bearing witness.

He’s alive, he’s here, he’s safe. He’s alive, he’s here with me. I can help him.

So soft a whisper he couldn’t really hear it, could only feel the words being spoken into his skin.


John pulled back, pink around the eyes, damp, not meeting Sherlock’s look. “I’m alone.”

“You’re not.” Too strong, too quick; John jerked at his tone. But that was wrong–“You’re not. I’m–” Did it matter now? “I’m here. Always. I did say that.”

A moment, then: “You did. You promised.”

“I vowed, John.”

John, shattered, shining, worn out and empty and trusting, looked up at last and smiled.

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