Disturbed - Indestructible

Oh Snow White~  Even with your tatau and all the blood on your hands and those big motherfucking balls you’ve grown here,… you’re still just stupid American trash

(click title for the song) Fucking FINALLY!! A FC3 sketch from me! I missed all the original hype n only played FC3 last summer for the first time. it’s such a freaking good game! every damn character in it is a treat that feeds right into my darkness psycho loving heart :’3  I still don’t get enough of it n I’m on board with all the peeps that demand a game about Vaas!

With this sketch, I got at least a tiny bit of my feelings out. “American Trash” is THE song for FC3 to me, (n “I think you freaky”) cause it fits jason so damn well. N Vaas totally calls him out on it. n don’t even get me started on him calling Jason Snow White. the dialouges in fc3 are pure gold n everything I’d hope to write for my own chars :’)


                                                                 I live by you, desire
                                                    I stand by you, walk through the fire
                                                            Your love is my scripture
                                                           Let me into your encryption

                                                                We make it out alive
                                                                   All right, all right
                                                          No church in the wild

For real though I don’t get the thought process behind “the resistance”, as the liberal opposition to fascism has so hilariously labeled itself (obviously thinking of themselves as, idk, the fucking Rebel Alliance or some shit because Christ knows these mooks can’t conceptualize actual revolutionary politics). Like, we’re gonna resist fascism by advocating the same econopolitical order that gave rise to it. And day-to-day we’re gonna take our marching orders from the Democrats, who have thoroughly lost over the last eight years (around 900 state legislature seats and 30 chambers, 70 seats across both houses of Congress, 11 governors, SCOTUS, and now POTUS to Donald fucking Trump of all people who ran such an awful campaign that there was honest speculation he was trying to lose), and who are taking their playbook on resisting a fascist regime from Vichy France. And to advance that agenda we’re gonna use the same failed tactics of “peaceful protest”, trying to debate fascism to death, and hugging cops that have gotten us precisely nowhere for all of living memory.

Like…did none of y’all play Far Cry 3? Because Vaas has some choice speeches for you about the definition of insanity.