far from any road

Far From Any Road
The Handsome Family
Far From Any Road

From the dusty mesa her looming shadow grows

hidden in the branches of the poison creosote.

She twines her spines up slowly towards the boiling sun,

and when I touched her skin, my fingers ran with blood.


«Man is the cruelest animal»

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всем сердцем люблю этот сериал. понадобилось пересмотреть его повторно, чтобы лучше прочувствовать героев и понять все сюжетные отсылки. например, про желтого короля, то бишь Хастура, с которым связаны литераторы конца девятнадцатого\начала двадцатого века, в том числе Бирс, Чемберс, Лавкрафт и другие граждане. 

первый раз я смотрела сериал до того, как повально увлеклась Лавкрафтом. второй раз - куда позже - этим январем. и удивительно, как много там было отсылок к лавкрафтианскому пантеону.

потрясающе атмосферный, философски глубокий и многогранный - все, как я люблю.

Spitballing some gorgon ideas

The snake-haired Gorgons make their home deep within forests and jungles, where they shape the world around them into hidden settlements and communities. Talented in working both wood and stone, every Gorgon undergoes a rite of carving and staining their own unique mask, which has cultural ties to their defining ability: the gaze of a Gorgon causes paralysis for as long as it is held on a subject.

Their reclusive nature, strange appearance, and bizarre abilities have resulted in generations of hearsay and embellishment against them in outsider communities. Everyone with any sense knows not to stray too far from the road when travelling lest you come upon a terrible Gorgon, with a face so horrible that even a glimpse will turn you to stone.

It’s a pretty bad smear on their reputation, but the Gorgons don’t mind much. As an insular society they’re happy to play up to the stereotype, and often leave statues of their “victims” near their borders to ward off intrusion.

Southern Gothic Spotify Playlist

“Down in the murky bayous of Louisiana, things aren’t exactly what they seem.” - a playlist by Paula Ibánez @spanishmossandvoodoospells 

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1. Far From Any Road - The Handsome Family || 2.  Big Black Bull Comes Like a Caesar - Munly and The Lee Lewis Harlots || 3. Clap Hands- Tom Waits || 4. Ragin’ Cajun - Munly and The Lee Lewis Harlots || 5. Gris-Gris Gumbo Ya Ya - Dr. John || 6. Iko Iko - The Dixie Cups || 7. Sign Of The Judgment - The McIntosh County Shouters ||  8. Old Devils -  William Elliot Withmore || 9. Devil At The Door - Highlonesome || 10. Woman King - Iron & Wine || 11. Arsonist’s Lullabye - Hozier || 12. Bobby Reid - Lucette || 13. Awake O’Sleeper - The Brothers Bright || 14. Blood On My Name - The Borthers Bright || 15. Bottom Of The River - Delta Rae || 16. I Will Never Die - Delta Rae || 17. Evil Ways - Blues Saraceno ||

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Regret, New Mexico - A mix for a strange, slightly surreal desert town that boasts a host of curios and may or may not be haunted.

1. Mexico // That Handsome Devil  2. Far From Any Road // The Handsome Family //  3. Trouble is a Lonesome Town // Lee Hazlewood  4. People Are Strange // The Doors  5. Frank Sinatra // Cake  6. Things That Scare Me // Neko Case  7. When The Devil’s Loose // A.A. Bondy  8. Walkin’ After Midnight // Patsy Cline  9. We Are Born When We Die // Apollo Sunshine  10. Dark Was the Night // Kronos Quartet


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Hello! Update to the 100k+ tag? Thank you!

of course!

Dark Souls by KatStiles (33/33 | 106,318 | G)

That night in the basement has changed Stiles forever. Not only was he abandoned by his friends and left to be beaten up by Gerard, he also has to struggle with the fact that Scott doesn’t really care about him.
As pointed out by Gerard.
With that knowledge in hand, what will Stiles do when his life and that of his friends is in mortal danger?
Things take a surprising turn after that night. Gerard leaves the pack devastated and split up. Scott shows his true colors, as Gerard predicted. But where do Derek’s loyalties lie?
What if he decides to push Stiles out of the pack, after seeing the person he loves the most get hurt over and over again? What if he doesn’t realize that by doing so, he is also ultimately destroying the rest of the pack?

An unexpected gift by Stepford (31/36 | 129,052 | NC17)

With the return of Derek, Peter realizes the obvious change in the relationship between his nephew and Stiles. Tired of the fact that both do not admit their true feelings, he decides to intervene looking for the help of Deaton and his magical powders but when he does not find it he elaborates on his own what he calls “a love potion” and gives it to the unofficial couple, causing unexpected consequences.

Betrayal by Littleredridinghunter (25/25 | 214,086 | NR)

Gerard does something despicable and the pack are left shattered after Stiles is killed…. or is he??

Set at the end of season 2 because honestly I have a fascination with that episode! Canon compliant up until then but then everything goes a little crazy!

Do not read if you don’t like Hurt or kidnapped Stiles because there is a lot of it….

Far From Any Road by doctorkaitlyn (28/28 | 103,835 | NC17)

Stiles Stilinski is a young, chronically sleep-deprived detective who’s manipulative and morally dubious at best. He’s fairly certain that, in the years since he started working for the California Bureau of Investigation, he’s seen most of the horrible things that the world could possibly throw at him.

But that’s before a body turns up in an alley in Beacon Hills, brutally tortured, with a symbol burned into its back. It’s quickly followed by a second and third, and when Stiles is unable to find any hint as to who the culprits might be, his father decides to bring in some outside help.

His name is Derek Hale, and he too has seen some truly horrible things, only some of them on the job.

Stiles hates him immediately. But Derek may be their only hope for solving the case, so Stiles reluctantly agrees to accept his help.

As it turns out, neither of them have seen anything close to the depths of human depravity that await them in the woods and down the back roads surrounding Beacon Hills.

Bad Liar by KeffiStarler (44/44 | 151,505 | NC17)

After the horrors of the Nogitsune, Stiles struggles to find his place among his friends. With Allison in the hospital, life slipping from her fragile form, Stiles can’t face his own internal turmoil. But when the most unlikely person goes from acquaintance to friend, and from friend to something neither of them ever expected - involving a lot less clothing than he may ever have expected - Stiles might be able to begin finding himself again.
However, with Beacon Hills under threat from an unknown foe, Stiles has to put aside his fears and save his friends before he loses anyone else.

Derek has become accustomed to life on his own. He has learnt how to cope with the loneliness and the silence. He knows he is better off this way. At least until Stiles becomes a useless wreck who needs his help and Derek realises he’s too much of a pushover to resist saving him. But saving Stiles becomes a little more complicated when Derek’s desire to help him soon turns into a need he cannot deny.

Stiles/Derek story. Allison is not dead but in a coma. Some angst but not too dark.

Nature and Nurture; Finding the Perfect Blend by WaideING (28/28 | 183,154 | NC17)

Set at the end of Season 5, Stiles faces some challenges which make things more difficult than he’d like them to be. This includes being in love, being abducted, and the supernatural taking a personal interest in him. If he could deal with one problem at a time, maybe he could work things out. But that isn’t going to happen.

Here Where There’s Everything That’s Matter (and matters) by HeavenSentGohansRage (12/18 | 162,264 | PG13)

Heracles was just a nickname his Mother had given him, with no special meaning behind it. Stiles seriously had no idea what Derek had to be so obsessive about.

And when his life suddenly forced on him tropes of a classic heroic storyline, right in the middle of two supernatural battlefronts, the once nothing but an average sidekick must prove himself to be a great hero - perhaps even the greatest of them all - in order to save every one of the curse of his glorious strength.