farÄ«do d dÄ«n 'attÄr


Happy Birthday Oikawa Tooru!!!✨✨✨

May you have all the volleyballs and milk bread because you sure deserve them beloved sweet summer child _(:3」∠)_!!!


tfw ur school is falling apart so u gotta quickly update ur status before everything collapses :v

sometimes i think my days of heavily relying on dave strider as a coping mechanism are behind me but then i have weeks like this one where im like its not even a crutch im just straight up bridal style in his good noodle boy arms


EB: umm…yes?

TG: you werent

EB:  i was! …kind of!

EB: you were saying how that guy was not going to make it to the end of the movie..or something.

TG: …

TG: close

TG: i also said that he could probably pull off a mullet

EB: psshh, i doubt it.

TG: i mean

TG: nic cage did it

TG: to your standards at least

i feel like there’s 2 of me tbh.  there’s the pretty skinny fuckable girl my ex wanted, and then there’s what i actually am now.  i feel so disconnected from myself.  i feel like i’m actually her right now, you know?  through the power of flashbacks i can become a size 6 again.  whenever i feel like this looking in the mirror is very new body who dis tbh.  idk what i look like anymore, idk what i am.  i feel like i could take this body off like a jacket and slip into a pair of heels and go out and be, like, her.  i’ve spent so much time working and trying to become a person again, be a messy butch and be cute and charming, and i kind of can’t remember why or if it worked at all or anything.  i threw out all my makeup.  i feel like if i go look in my bathroom right now it’ll be there.

there’s enough “funny and relatable” comic artists out there who are doing a very good job, let me draw about how gay and lazy I am in peace

  • Bastion: -takes McCree's hat-
  • McCree: ?????
  • Bastion: -puts it on and pretends to be McCree- beep boop!!
  • McCree: .... shit that's cute.

          i am such hansanna and helsa trash just someone enD M E