far too dope

—“it wont be me”

you’ll think that you can control it.

as everyone always does.

because “that could never be me”, right?

so you dance with it “just because”.

until one day you see the truth.

and look what you have found:

those chains that have you shackled.

and how tightly you’ve been bound.

only that isn’t you, anymore, dear.

you lost “you” along the way.

“this was not what i started.” you’ll scream

“how’d i let this happen?” you’ll say.

but by the time you see that you’re not in control,

and when you realize that you weren’t from the start,

the damage has long already been done.

because dear,

it’s already torn “you”, apart.


“it wont be me”, until one day, its you.

//never misjudge yourself\