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Things from musicals that are so perfect they are borderline erotic

When Jonathan Groff first comes in in The Bitch of Living.
The third and fourth “burn"s in Burn and Phillipa Soo’s voice all the time. Shoutout to the final “mine” too; that’s gorgeous.
Pia Douwes’s voice, and how it is somehow simultaneously smooth and pure and beautifully rough.
The harmonies at the end of Make Up Your Mind/Catch Me I’m Falling.
The “or"s at the end of lines in Pretty Women.
“Would you think so badly of me” in Sonya and Natasha.
Rudolf’s "dann"s in Wenn Ich Dein Speigel Wär. And the "Nein! Ich möchte leben!” in Elisabeth, Mach Auf Mein Engel.
The dissidence of “trees” in Darkness and Trees.
How Phillipa Soo’s voice blends perfectly with the violins in Natasha Lost.
“I wish I could fly” from Superboy and the Invisible Girl.
That thing in The Bitch of Living when they are all jumping around chaotically and then suddenly are frozen singing “do they think we want this?” (Start at 2:40 for the full effect.)
That thing Karen David does in like every song in Galavant where her voice changes pitch slightly and damn.
The way “sadness” is sung in Don’t Do Sadness. Also the strings.
The piano in Hurricane.
The thing they do in Stop the World with the turntable and the chairs and everyone singing in a really lovely harmony with just the perfect amount of dissidence and sweet damn I love everything about it.
Absolutely everything about how Philippa Soo sings Times Are Hard for Dreamers. (Her voice is 15% of this list and that’s me holding back help it’s so beautiful.)
Both “nothing, it was nothing, I didn’t lead him on at all” and “back in the theatre full of light” in Natasha Lost.
Jenn Colella singing her phone call in 28 Hours/Wherever We Are.
Jenn Colella everywhere else let’s be real.
When Eva starts singing in High Flying Adored.
How syrupy and rich Jasmine Cephas Jones’ voice is in Say No to This.
That part of Seventeen when JD and Veronica are singing “seventeen” together and he’s singing higher than her. Also when Boote in Der Nacht and Wenn Ich Tanzen Will end the same way.
Everything about Gwyndolyn’s voice, especially when she’s singing her parts of A Happy Ending for Us.
The slight roughness in John Gallagher Jr.’s voice.
How drowsy and sexy Idina Menzel’s voice is in As Long As You’re Mine.
Also when she sings “it well may be” in For Good. (It’s nice for different reasons of course.)
Chris Jackson’s voice in One Last Time. And in every other song.

I can’t believe I’m making a post defending Even again but welp here we go

I am so tired of seeing posts attacking Even about what may or may not have happened at Bakka, and about how he may or may not have kept things hidden from Isak.

Even is a very private character. We know this. There is a lot about himself that he keeps inside, even from the people he loves. I don’t doubt that he still hides a lot from Isak, because deep down, he is still very scared of losing him. Even deflects a lot of questions about himself away; tries to charm his way out of answering them. This doesn’t mean he’s a player. This doesn’t mean he’s a bad person. This means he’s a very scared and insecure person; more so, I think, than Isak. And yes, he’s a little more secure in himself now. Yes, he’s happy with Isak. But that doesn’t immediately mean those thoughts Even had about himself, his illness and whatever happened at Bakka, go away overnight. Or, really, in four months. That type of deeply ingrained “this person will leave me” mentality takes years to undo and actually, nearly always stays in the back of a person’s head, no matter how happy they are in their current relationship. 

Also, we don’t know whether or not Isak knows about what happened at Bakka. There’s a chance Isak does know. There’s a chance Even told him. We don’t know.

I don’t want to really talk about the whole “what if Even was with Mikael and cheated him with Sonja?? Once a cheat, always a cheat!” thing. But I will say this: surprise! Doing something bad does not make you a bad person, and situations are complicated. Cheating is horrible, yes, and Even should have broken up with Sonja before he and Isak shared their first kiss. But does that make him a terrible person?? No!! His relationship with Sonja was in tatters; we know this. We also know she was controlling. We also know she knew about his bipolar disorder and that Even most likely felt like he couldn’t leave her, seeing as she’d supported him through everything and, as I’ve said, was controlling.

In an ideal world, yes, Even would have broken up with her before him and Isak got together. But he didn’t. What he did do, though, was break up with Sonja immediately after his weekend with Isak and told her about Isak. This is not what someone who is a serial cheater would do; he didn’t string her along, play her, lie to her. He was honest. He broke things off. And yes, he briefly reconnected with her, but that was only after Isak made his comments about mentally ill people. Of course he would run back to a place of safety after hearing something like that. 

I really, really doubt Even and Mikael dated. The clip we have of the two of them at Bakka showed a friendship, to me, more than anything else. I didn’t really get a hint of anything more between the two of them, but who knows, maybe I’ll be proven wrong. There is so much we don’t know, but hating on Even over stuff we don’t know is stupid. 

I doubt that Julie would take a character who is bisexual and bipolar - two things that people consistently and wrongfully associate with ‘playing’ and ‘cheating’ - and reinforce those negative stereotypes even more.

I hope people have a little more brains than to force Even into those stereotypes too.

All I'm saying is that if you had to ask me who I felt more comfortable being alone with- Moo Bin from "Fight My Way", or Hyun Soo from "Suspicious Partner", I'd pick Hyun Soo. And he stabs people as a hobby.

That’s how fucking horrible Moo Bin is.


#kdramawomensweek || day two: rent’s due

Eo Soo Sun (Go Ara) ↦ You Are All Surrounded (2014)

“The right to quit is only given to those who try their best to the very end.”

Soo Sun is one of four rookie detectives in their precinct, and begins the drama without any aspirations of her own. She passes the public service exam on her seventh try, and is in the profession for the regular paycheck. It happens however, that said profession is a lot more than she bargained for. She finds herself under the tutelage of a rather prickly captain, and partnered with a literal icicle. Between the constant berating they receive as a team for their inexperience-caused incompetence and the prejudice she encounters every second of every working day in the testosterone-abundant precinct, Soo Sun’s work life is anything but easy. She gets into trouble, she makes some pretty big mistakes. And she’s haunted by them–which in turn motivates her to fix them, to take the responsibility of being a cop seriously. 

And take it seriously, she does.

When she gets evicted from her tiny little goshiwon room, she pitches a tent on the roof of her teammates’ apartment building, suffers through all kinds of weather, and manages to get to work every morning, without fail. She offers herself as a hostage, when one of the civilian students trapped with them falls ill and needs medical attention. When her captain snaps at her and tells her that he won’t work with “detectives who have long hair” she returns with all of her beautiful hair chopped off. She quits when she knows she should be fired, but learns to value the job and her potential in this profession she has fallen into, but is beginning to love. In doing so, she earns acknowledgement and recognition from her bosses. She earns the loyalty of her teammates and the respect of the people she helps.    

She has none of her partner’s cold intelligence, it takes her some time to understand the science behind detective work. Yet, this doesn’t make her any less of a detective. Like everyone, she has a learning curve, and when she overcomes it, she’s just as good as her colleagues–if not better. Soo Sun is all heart and perseverance, and it gets her into heaps of well-intentioned trouble. But true to who she has been since adolescence, she always finds a way to get herself out of her messes. And the people in her life are all better for it.  


I’m someone who’s standing outside the door, just like you. Behind that door are the rich ones who have a lot to lose. People like me have to knock on that door and open it. You never know whether it’s a monster or a prince that’s waiting, but I can’t afford to be scared or hesitate. That’s the only way I can survive.


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