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White House says it Deliberately Omitted Jews from Holocaust Statement | Time
The Holocaust Remembrance Day statement made no mention of the 6 million Jews killed
By Madeline Farber

Deliberately. Omitted. The Jews…. from HOLOCAUST REMEMBRANCE DAY.

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It’s already been pointed out before, but it bears repeating: Trump - who campaigned with anti-Semitism - is NOT trying to be a friend to the Jews.

Or Muslims. Or Black people. Or Women. Or anyone else in the United States. Or the world.

(And no, Jared Kushner doesn’t count)


Trump is in regular contact with Alex Jones, who thinks Sandy Hook was a government hoax

  • Alex Jones, noted conspiracy theorist and founder of the rightwing conspiracy site Infowars, says he’s not only been in regular contact with Trump, but is giving him ideas, according to a new profile published by the German news outlet Der Spiegel.
  • “Trump and I have talked several times since the election — about freedom and our common goal to destroy our enemies,” Jones said.
  • Jones brings bizarre and offensive conspiracy theories floating in the dark corners of the internet to huge audiences, including Trump, who has also been a guest on Jones’ show. 
  • “It is surreal to talk about issues here on air, and then word-for-word hear Trump say it two days later,” Jones said during the campaign.
  • Among Jones’ most belabored conspiracy theories is that the 9/11 terrorist attacks were an “inside job.” Read more (2/28/17 1:25 PM)
Stop treating people from the other side like the enemy.

Just because you’re a democrat doesn’t mean you can’t have a friend who is a republican.

It’s so important to branch out and make friends despite political backgrounds. There is so much more to life than who voted for who.

Grow the fuck up and learn to accept the other side.

far right-wing conservatives say the sky is blue, if you think the sky is blue you are the same as them

some suggestions to avoid this problematic behavior:

  • instead of “b**e,” use terms like pthalo, azure, cornflower, or any of the many options on the blue spectrum
  • redefine blue to include any color you like, orange can be blue if you will it
  • redefine sky to include literally everything, the sky can’t be blue if it’s also the ground
  • blatantly ignore that the sky is blue because sometimes it is not blue, for example at sunset, and this small percentage of time clearly outweighs the majority of the day
  • imagine how is touch the sky
  • make sure you always, always center pink, orange, yellow, or any of the other colors that occasionally occur in the sky that aren’t blue in your blue activism
  • if you hear someone say the sky is blue, gently remind them that they’re aligning themselves with right-wing conservatives by observing reality and are probably terrible people
Second German soldier arrested over 'false flag' plot to assassinate left-wing politicians in terror attack

A second soldier has been arrested for allegedly planning a “false flag” terror attack to be blamed on refugees in Germany amid fears of a wider neo-Nazi network within the army.

The plot was exposed with the arrest of a German lieutenant, Franco A, who was found to be posing as a Syrian refugee in order to carry out a shooting attack targeting left-wing politicians.

The very last thing I did before running off to the airport this morning: sew and pin this black vulture (Coragyps atratus) wing for the museum. This vulture was roadkill, and unfortunately we could only salvage the head and a single wing.

It should still end up being an excellent educational piece, though, especially for students taking Ornithology. Did you know that most raptors take 3 or more years to reach their full adult plumage? You can actually age many species down to the year just by looking at a single wing!

I believe this black vulture would have been a third cycle (fourth year as of 1/1/17) bird. If you look closely at the secondaries, there’s a mix of feathers from the 2016 and 2015 molts. More obvious is the last tertial– that broken and frayed brown feather sticking out on the far right side of the wing. Most birds will replace the tertials annually, but this one looks like it’s been retained since the bird’s 2014 molt!

Why not just replace all your feathers every year? Molting is energetically costly, and young birds still learning the ropes of independent life have a higher chance of survival if they only replace the few feathers they need most.

  • Baby Boomers: *concentrate more wealth on themselves than nearly every other generation combined*
  • Baby Boomers: *become the only generation in recorded history to leave the economy worse than they found it*
  • Baby Boomers: *consistently vote for far-right and right-wing groups*
  • Baby Boomers: *were the first generation in recent history not to have to fight a war, and responded to that by starting a string of unjust wars*
  • Baby Boomers: *consistently self-describe in surveys as being 'anti-establishment' despite consistently supporting the establishment*
  • Baby Boomers: *fucked over the housing market so badly that it is now nearly impossible for new-time buyers to get on the housing ladder*
  • Baby Boomers: *enjoyed absolutely free university, only to then immediately introduce tuition fees as soon as they got into power - and then top-up fees, and then a tripled cap on tuition*
  • Baby Boomers: *were among the first people to grow up with the NHS, and set about trying to dismantle it as soon as they were able to*
  • Baby Boomers: *enjoyed one of the healthiest job markets of all time, and then proliferated unpaid internships as a staple of prestige jobs, while also enacting policies that dramatically increased youth unemployment, while simultaneously slashing benefits for unemployed under-25s*
  • Baby Boomers: *voted in significant numbers for Brexit, despite nearly every major economic institution saying it would be a disaster, thus causing worldwide economic and political havoc*
Theresa May said there will NOT be a coalition of CHAOS. She is now willing to go into a coalition with the DUP. The DUP believe that: Gay people are 'unnatural' Women should go to prison for abortions Evolution didn't happen Theresa May should RESIGN. This is a disgusting,...

Hey? Can anyone in the UK sign this petition, please? It’s not so much to stop the Conservatives getting into power but more the DUP. They are far more right wing than the tories and that’s saying something and most of them are a bunch of homophobic pricks. 

Seriously, probably one of the biggest things I hate about the whole Social Justice Warrior zealotry craze going on right now is the treatment of children and small kids, and how you apparently shouldn’t let your kids be kids anymore.

You can’t allow them to just to play games, have fun, and worry about things kids are normally supposed to worry about. You apparently have to use them in order to make a “statement” or use them as prop for your political agenda. For example, instead of letting kids find out their own sexual or gender identity on their own much later in life, it’s apparently okay to shove a whole bunch which they may not understand down their throats, like transgender issues and such (unless they have actual gender dysphoria, you shouldn’t just declare or “make” your child trans just because you want a transgender child, and even if they are trans, they should wait quite some time before they should properly start to transition). It’s one of the most selfish and narcissistic things I’ve ever seen; trying to force your own worldview and beliefs onto your child, and then parading them off to everyone as little props to show how “progressive” you are. Those kinds of people are no better than those Far Right-wing traditionalist fundamentalists who try to force their kids to “stop being gay/bi/etc.”

Now, of course it’s important to teach children to be accepting and tolerant of other people, and basic stuff like “bigotry and hate are bad”, “don’t bully people”, and so forth. However, there’s a difference between teaching your kids something, and trying to indoctrinate them into seeing the world as only you see it, and stripping them of their own free thought, no matter what your stances are.

Just let kids have fun and be kids while they still can, and just try to not get them involved in the complicated matters of the adult world until they’re actually ready for it.

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what do you think of the recent vox article: No easy answers: why left-wing economics is not the answer to right-wing populism

tl;dr: It’s bad. 

Apologies for how incredibly long this is, and further apologies if I stop making sense at some point, as these are all rough first thoughts (and, again, this is really long).

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Who or what inspired your art style? It's so weird but I love it.

This is a hard question, and I don’t have a real or interesting answer besides I just have ideas and want to draw them so I do it in the only way I know how (badly) so instead here is my favourite picture of Louis Theroux in a wing mirror

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I mentioned being anti-facist to this one kid who is... Alt-right at best. It was kind of an accident, but he wouldn't shut up for the rest of class about how antifa is a hypocritic movement and how you can't support social freedom without supporting economic freedom?? (yes you can, and also most of the antifas I know are capitalists?) He also said that the FBI was useless "because the CIA does their job for them". The CIA doesn't arrest pedophiles; the FBI does.

Dude far right wing people will literally turn on anyone for no reason

Like a lot of leftists and libertarians have purity problems but at least I’m willing to work with leftists on issues of social freedom, and I’ve had a lot of really good, thought provoking political conversation with people who’re super far left. Had a lot of that with libertarians. But I have never talked to a far right person where I could say I got something out of the interaction other than a desire to beat myself over the head. 

As far as advice from right-wing reactionaries goes, “if you’re feeling sad, go work out” is pretty good. Certainly beats “we need to bring back the monarchy”.

Proposing Trump is the result of left wing politics and/or anti-electioneering in the left and/or support for independent candidates illustrates a rather short-sighted, ahistorical, and idealist view of the situation in the United States. Throughout my lifetime, the governance has moved towards Trump. I witnessed a steady rise of neoliberalism, embraced by liberals since Carter, even, and hyper implemented by the Clintons, and a much longer inclination towards permitting/validating/cultivating a far right wing and white nationalist, Christian populism, that we can certainly look at a neofascist now, from the moral majority to family values to the GOP Contract with America to TEA Party to the alt-Right and Trumpism. We have seen The Southern Strategy of the Republicans met with the welfare cutting and mass incarcerating Democrats. Clinton is a present mediocrity in the mess of centrist US politics. What would ever convince people to place their faith in her ability to win when she’s proven within the last decade to be a racist asshole who believes, like a lot of white people, that it’s her turn to take charge more than she desires to be a motivated and motivating leader. She’s also a smug imperialist.