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Likin’ the flowers, girls. You should do that more often.”

“Boys, please. Staring at our asses is one thing-but lying about it and pretending to be looking at the flowers instead is just plain offensive.”

-Dorcas Meadowes and Marlene McKinnon, venturing far out into the Forbidden Forest one afternoon and decorating themselves with flowers.

-Taken by Peter Pettigrew and Sirius Black-both of whom were definitely not looking at the flowers.

-Circa 1978, Seventh Year.

***I don’t own this picture


Summary: Y/N is very adventurous, and this little quirk often gets her into trouble with Peter Pan, the boy who is very smitten with her and doesn’t know how to handle it. Needless to say, he gets a bit grouchy when he finds her in these situations.

Note: some things in this imagine may not be canon with the show… sorry about that… I got a little carried away when writing hahaha

“This has got to stop, Y/N.” Pan scolded, voice weary as he rubbed his eyes. He must be tired. After all, it must be late- at least around one in the morning.

         “Sorry,” I mumbled, watching my step as we walked through the dark forest.

         Pan’s harsh gaze fell on me. “And what have I told you about apologizing?”

         “Oh, right. Sorry.” Then I smacked my forehead. “Um…”

         He just sighed. “I don’t understand girls.”

         I frowned. “Are you upset?”

         “What do you think?”

         “Okay, yes, you’re upset.” I licked over my dry lips and crossed my arms, risking a glance at him as I stepped over a root. “Do you want to talk about it?”

         Pan shrugged, frustrated. “I could probably talk until I’m blue in the face. You’d still go out on your own and do something stupid, and then I’d have to come and save you.”

         I pursed my lips. “So that’s a no..?”

         He sent me a dark glare. “Of course it’s a no. I’m done wasting my breath on you.”

         I nodded. “That’s understandable.”

         “Oh, so that you understand, but you can’t comprehend simple rules that were put in place for your own protection?”

         I shrugged, palms facing the sky. “My parents used to say that I have selective hearing.”

         “Your parents.” Pan whispered, a light chuckle escaping his lips. “Selective hearing, you say? They might’ve been onto something.” He charged forward through the thick trees. I struggled to keep up.

         “I really am sor-” A sharp, warning look. “I mean, I feel bad about this Pan. Truly. It won’t happen again.”

         “You said that last time.” He said bitterly. “With the trees.”


I had a free afternoon- the first one in weeks, it seemed. Pan had been putting me through rigorous training, wanting me to be able to fight if the time were to come. I appreciated his commitment, but at the same time, I wanted a break from the weapons and the violence and the… well, all the sweaty boys.

         So when he gave me the afternoon off, I couldn’t resist. Granted, he did tell me it was just “a one-time thing” and “an opportunity to get cleaned up” that he suggested I take advantage of, but I wasn’t going to listen to him. I hadn’t seen any of Neverland outside the camp and the waterfall. I wanted to explore.

         So I had slipped away from the rest of the Lost Boys, venturing far out into the woods. Birds chirped high above me. The leaves rustled in the gentle summer breeze. It was magical in both the figurative and literal sense.

         I came upon a tree during my scouting: tall and wide, with sturdy branches. It stretched higher than most. It would probably have a pretty nice view from the top…

         That’s when I began to climb. It was insanely difficult at first, of course. The best climbing branches were up higher; I had to rely on the minimal upper body strength I had just built up during my time on the island.

         Eventually it got easier. I was able to move much more quickly. And when I reached the top, I knew it was all worth it.

         Neverland was beautiful. In addition to the sprawling green, there were gaping caves and glittering lagoons. My breath caught in my throat. “Wow…” I whispered, in complete awe. It was hard to believe that this incredible place was my home.

         I stayed up there for hours; I couldn’t get enough of the sights; I never wanted to get down.

         It wasn’t until the sun went down that I realized how late it had gotten. Apparently, I wasn’t the only one.

         “What do you think you’re doing?”

         I jumped, nearly falling from my perch.

         Pan was hovering in the air, sending daggers at me. “Really?” He crossed his arms. “Are you insane?”

         “No,” I told him earnestly. “I just wanted a better view. I mean, look at this-”

         “Oh, believe me, I see it.” He gave the island a dismissive gaze. “What I also see is a little girl, all alone, high up in a tree. It’s getting dark. Why don’t you try getting down? Better be able to. You didn’t tell anyone where you were off to.”

         I grimaced. “I didn’t think it was that big of a deal.” I chewed my lip as I worked myself down to a branch to begin my descent. “It won’t happen again.” I thought I had good footing, but suddenly I slipped, a gasp springing from my lips as I felt the wind rush through my hair briefly.

         My back came into contact with something hard and warm. Arms were locked around my waist tightly. I turned my head slightly to see Pan’s tense jaw and jade eyes glaring straight ahead.


         “Don’t,” He interrupted. “Let’s just get you back to camp.”


I let out a slow breath. “Well, I mean… I did keep my word… sort of… I didn’t go up in any more trees without you.”

         Pan snorted. “Yes. Probably because you nearly gave me a heart attack when you almost fell.”

         “I really scared you that much?” I asked, ignoring a stray branch and nearly getting myself wacked in the face because of it.


         “You said me. As in, I nearly gave you a heart attack.”

         “No I didn’t.”

         “Yes you did! I just heard you!”

         “Well you heard wrong! Selective hearing indeed!”

         “Pan, that’s not how selective hearing works.” I bit back another smile. “It’s okay, you know. I think it’s sweet.”

         He sent me a sideways glance. “Shut up.”

         We walked in silence for several minutes. I thought it was good for Pan. He was obviously in a bad mood. Maybe he needed a little time to think everything out. I know he had a lot on his mind; I wasn’t much help, getting myself into ‘trouble’ all of the time. And he really did look tired. No, tired didn’t accurately describe it. Maybe exhausted, or completely and utterly drained would do the trick.

         I was surprised when he broke the silence, voice a bit gruff from the late hour. “You know,” he started, “when I first realized you were gone… when Felix and I couldn’t find you anywhere after dinner… I thought you had gone back to see those mermaids again.”

         “But you said-”

         “I know what I said!” He snapped, a twig breaking in the dead silence that followed. Then, softer, “I just didn’t think you’d listen. You never do, and I was… worried, maybe.”


I had woken up earlier than usual. When I emerged from the tent, there was no one waiting outside, no one huddled around the fire, no one dining on a breakfast of berries. It was quiet- the kind that rang in your ears. And I hated it. After days of nothing but noise and chaos, the calm was awful.

         I remembered seeing a lagoon during my scouting of the island a few days before, and I decided that I would try to find it. Pan had told me stories of adventures he had gone on, and in one, he described an encounter with mermaids in a glistening teal pool. Part of me was hoping that this lagoon was the very same one from his tales.

         I walked for hours. The sun beat down on my shoulders, making them hot to the touch. My hairline was prickled with sweat. My lips were dry and chapped. I pressed on.

         There was a gradual decline, and then dirt turned to sand. I forced my aching feet to walk faster, pushing past one last leaf before I stopped.

         I had found it.

         The lagoon was filled with mermaids: tails of every color; hair of every shade; eyes of every hue. They were incredible.

         And they were all looking at me.

         I waved. “Um, hi!” I shifted my weight from foot to foot awkwardly. “Sor-” I stopped myself, scratching the back of my neck. “I didn’t mean to interrupt anything.”

         “Who is that?”

         “It’s a girl!”

         “What? How?”

         “Do you think Pan knows?”

         “Of course Pan knows, you idiot. This is the girl- the one I was telling you about.”

         “Really? Her?”

         They were all talking at once, melodious voices blending together into a crescendo so loud it could’ve rivaled the Lost Boys during a particularly violent game.

         One of the mermaids closest to me threw up her hands. She had long flowing hair that looked as though it were made of sunshine, and eyes like the ripest grapes. “Ladies, please! I can’t hear her!” Then she sent me a sugary smile. “What’s your name?”

         “I’m Y/N.” I said hesitantly. I’ll admit, I was a little shy. There were a lot of mermaids, and they were all extremely beautiful. It was a bit overwhelming- especially with every single one of them studying me like I was some weird creature.

         “Hello, Y/N.” She patted a rock about a knee’s wading into the water. “Come talk to me.”

         It was hard to refuse. “Okay,” I kicked off my shoes and darted across the piping hot sand to sink my toes in the icy water. I jumped slightly at the cold temperature, making the mermaids giggle.

         Once I was seated, they gathered around me, encircling the rock I was on.

         “So, Y/N, you’re Peter’s friend, right?”

         “Um… yeah, I guess. Pan and I are friends. Sure.” I wiggled my toes in the water.

         “Do you like Peter, Y/N?”

         I stared at my feet. “Eh, sometimes.”

         This stirred up a lot of giggles. “Why do you say that?”

         I shrugged. “He can be kind of mean and moody.” More giggles. “But at other times… Pan’s really nice. He’ll tell me stories and play me special songs on his pipes. He’ll give me little things he found around the island that he thought I’d like. Oh! And this one time, he gave me some special berries that he found- but don’t tell the Lost Boys! They’ll get jealous.”

         I knew I had said something wrong. The mermaids had lost their smiles. Their eyes were darker, almost… murderous. I had said something wrong. But what?

         “Oh, Y/N, you look so hot! Do you want to join us for a swim?”

         I looked up at the sky to see the sun almost directly overhead. “I really want to, but maybe another time. I should be getting back before Pan gets-” Hands were grabbing at me, tugging me off the rock and jerking me into the water. I gasped and my mouth filled with salty water. I coughed, struggling to get to the surface, but I was being held under.

         Then, all of a sudden, the hands lessened, and I broke the surface, sputtering and dying for air.

         “Well that’s not very nice.” A familiar voice rang out teasingly. “Come on, girls. Give her back.”

         “Aw, Peter!”

         “Why do you have to ruin our fun?”

         “Why don’t you ever come to see us anymore?”

         “We’re only drowning her! It’s not anything too terrible!”

         I squinted my burning eyes against the sun’s glare to see Pan on the shore, arms crossed and eyebrow quirked. “I’d rather you not drown my only Lost Girl, if that’s okay.”

         “But Peter…”

         “This is the most fun we’ve had in ages! You never play with us anymore!”

         “It’s because he’s too busy with her.”

         “Fine! Have it your way!”

         “If you want her back so badly, come and get her!”

         Then I was shoved under again. I kicked and punched as best I could, trying to pry their talons off, but they just held tighter. There was a large splash, an eruption of bubbles, and a chorus of gleeful shrieks that could be heard through the water. Then I was being yanked out of the mermaids’ hands and cradled against a broad chest.

         We skyrocketed out of the water, me coughing all the way. The mermaids below us waved.

         “You’re okay, Y/N!”

         “That was fun!”

         “Come back soon, Peter!”

         We flew away from the lagoon, coming down onto the nearest beach. Pan pounded my back harshly, determined to get all the water out. It hurt, but it got the job done.

         When I could finally breathe properly again, I sat on my own without Pan’s support and looked out over the water. I could feel his eyes glaring holes into the side of my head.

         “Why?” He finally asked.

         I sighed. “I just wanted to see the lagoon for myself.”

         He pinched the bridge of his nose between two long, battered fingers. “Well, you got to see it. I hope you’re happy now.”

         I didn’t say anything.

         Pan stared at me hard. “Honestly, what were you thinking, going off on your own like that? Especially with what you know about mermaids- although I’m sure I won’t need to remind you now.” He was right. He had told me countless times that mermaids were terrible gossips, and even worse with their tempers. They got jealous easily. They were selfish and didn’t really have a proper moral code. I had seen all of this for myself now.

         “I don’t know what I was thinking. I just wanted-”

         “Wanting something is fine and dandy, but just because you want it doesn’t mean that you’ll get it- that you should get it.” He wouldn’t look at me now.

         We sat in a long silence. “Y/N,” Pan said. “This is the second time you’ve left the camp without my permission- not to mention the second time I’ve had to save you. I don’t like playing damsel-in-distress. It’s a waste of time. I know you can take care of yourself. I know you’re smarter than this.”

         I hung my head slightly. Two nimble fingers took my chin and brought my gaze back up to meet Pan’s intense eyes. “But I guess I’ll have to play for now. That’s fine. I love a good game. But you listen to me carefully, Y/N. In the future, you will ask for permission if you desire to leave camp. And you will not, under any circumstances, come back to Mermaid Lagoon. Not without me. Perhaps not even then. Not ever.”


“You don’t need to worry about me, Pan. It’s like you’ve said before: I can take care of myself.”

         “You have a funny way of showing it.” He barked. “And I always have a reason to worry about you. You-” He stopped himself, stepping over a fallen tree trunk. “You’re always getting yourself into these… situations… you’re so naïve, and you’ve got a pure, curious heart.”

         My cheeks burned from his praise. “Thanks,” I smiled, nudging his shoulder lightly as I said, “You know, I think you’ve got a pretty good heart, too.”

         Pan snorted. He started to say something- probably rejecting my compliment, but why he would scrap something like that, I had no idea- when he changed the subject. “We’re very lucky, you know.” He cast a look over his shoulder before pressing on. “In my past experience, the Indians weren’t always so… forgiving.”

         “I didn’t really do anything wrong.” I defended. “It was a simple misunderstanding.”

         “Yeah,” he snickered. “A ‘misunderstanding’ that could’ve gotten you killed.”


I was walking through the forest, adrenaline pumping through my veins with haste. I knew I was going to be in so much trouble when I got back, but I had needed to get out. Pan had been merciless during training. I needed to be alone for a little while to be able to unwind.

         Unfortunately, I had chosen to walk through the darkening woods. I hadn’t been paying any attention to where I was going at first, just charging through the foliage, leaving behind trampled undergrowth and hurt feelings.

         Then I heard voices up ahead.

         I slowed my walk to a cautious tip-toe, straining my ears for anything else. Nothing. It was silent in Neverland once again.

         Exhaling softly, I charged forward- only to be swept up in the air. I let out a shriek, arms dangling as I was suspended from a tree upside down by my ankle.

         Out of the shadows came tall, strong men with long dark hair and scowls. They carried spears and bows with quivers full of arrows. They looked upon me with confusion.

         “Hi,” I yelped, swaying slightly. “I think I accidentally stepped into one of your traps. Terribly sorry about that. Um… could you maybe let me down?”

         There was some angry grumbling arising from the mix. Then, I was being cut down and tied to a long stick. I struggled, but they quickly over-powered me. Gulping, I had no choice but to be carried along.

         They brought me to their encampment on the other side of the island, far from Pan and the Lost Boys and home. I was set down beside a large fire. Several other members of the Indian tribe- I recognized them now from many misadventures with the Lost Boys that ended in Pan saving our butts and extorting a strict punishment- looked down at me with scorn.

         The chief stepped forward from the bickering crowd, extending his hands to call for silence. “This girl belongs to Pan.” He looked at me with dark eyes. “Why are you here?”

         I fought to summon my voice. “I-it was an accident.” I told him honestly. “I was walking out in the woods, and I stepped into a trap.”

         “That trap was hard to make.” The chief informed me, frustrated. “You cost the tribe.”

         “I’m sorry.” I said, fighting tears. “I didn’t mean to.”

         The chief was about to say something else when he was suddenly cut off by a proud, drawling voice. “I believe you have something that belongs to me.”

         My body instantly relaxed. Pan was here.

         The chief glared at him. “Your girl is a nuisance. She ruined a perfectly good trap.”

         “Yes, she has a habit of being naughty, doesn’t she?” Pan mused as he casually strolled through the thick group of people. “I appreciate you holding her for me. I’ll take her off your hands now.”

         “You keep her away.” The chief groaned. “Or else.”

         “Oh, believe me, I won’t be letting her out of my sight for some time.” He squatted down before me, eyes blazing as he made quick work of my bounds. I could tell from the look he was giving me that I was in trouble once again.


“Everything turned out okay.” I told him as we entered our camp. “You saved the day, as always.”

         “Yes, well, I’m getting tired of this.”

         “I know you are, Pan.” I ran my fingers through my hair. “And I really am sor-” I stopped myself and cleared my throat. “I do feel bad.”

         “You’ve said that already.”

         “Well that’s because it’s true.”

         Pan sighed deeply. “We can talk more tomorrow. I’m tired now. You kept me up half the night.”


         “Save it.” He snapped, leaving my side to stomp over to the ladder that led to his treehouse. As I turned to enter my tent, he called, “Oh, and Y/N?” I met his eyes. “Any more of these little nighttime strolls and you just might find yourself waking up in a cage.”

If Ever By Chance (Sinja)

Summary:  Usually Sinbad woke up on the floor under better circumstances.  This is definitely one for the books, though, and he pays his debts.  AU, naga!Ja’far, first meetings.

Word Count: 1,740

For @naoscifra - Sending good vibes your way, friend!

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anonymous asked:

Hi! I was living in a bubble of Rumbelle happiness and then I ventured onto a blog I hadn't visited in awhile (a Rumbeller). This person was furious that Belle didn't mention Gideon before she died, furious that he would have been fine killing his own father to speed up his reunion with Belle, furious that Rumple is essentially trying to die - and I feel like I should feel guilty for loving the episode more than anything and loving Rumple's arc.

*pulls you into my bubble of Rumbelle happiness*

No, Anon. Never feel bad for loving something in fandom, even if it’s problematic, even if it’s not perfect. I’m so sorry fandom made you feel that way, and this is the number one reason why I don’t venture far out of the circle of good people I have cultivated. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but I vehemently disagree with that person. Gideon is not a child. He’s a grown ass middle aged adult who doesn’t need his parents to take care of him. That moment of Belle’s death was about her, and her comforting Rumple and giving him the courage to continue his journey. This was a woman in the late years of her life, having the kind of peaceful, comforting death many of us hope to have. Everything about it was beautiful, you have every right to be happy about it and to love the episode. I’m right there with you. *HUGS*