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Secret Relationships (Thomas Jefferson x Hamilton!Reader)

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Prompt: “Oh my God, you love her!”

Summary: Being Alexander’s younger sister isn’t always the easiest thing in the world. When you have to hide the fact that you are dating his enemy, Thomas Jefferson, it becomes even harder. How will Alex react?

Warnings: Lying? Ummm, maybe some Out Of Characterness, but I hope not.

Time Period: Hamiltime

Words: 2230

A/N: Hey guys! I really am so sorry for not posting a story recently, but school as gotten to me. However, I have a couple of stories almost ready to post. (and sorry about the title, still trying to work on that.) More exciting news: I started this blog 3 weeks ago today and I almost have 300 followers!! You guys are the best thank you so much! I hope you enjoy the story, and please send in some requests, my inbox is empty. Have a wonderful day!

Being the younger sister of Alexander Hamilton was not the easiest thing in the world. While you loved your brother dearly, there were times that he could be a bit too stubborn. Most of the these situations happened during dreaded cabinet meetings, or “battles” as they had been renamed.

Usually, you would avoid going, but Alexander would beg and plead with you until you gave him. The reason you dreaded them so much was because of the talk. Most people there believed that because Alexander was your brother, you could apparently control how he behaved. Not true.

One particular day, you and Alexander were walking side by side to the meeting. You walked along in comfortable silence, so your mind drifted to the upcoming battle. Alexander was going up against a man named Thomas Jefferson. They would be debating over whether or not the government should accept Alex’s plans for the nation to assume state’s debts.

After arriving, you wished your brother good luck and went to find a seat. Looking around, you pulled the hat you had worn, further down. Maybe then people wouldn’t openly tell you how idiotic they thought your brother’s ideas were. Not long after you got settled, President Washing walked into the middle of the room followed by Alexander and Mr. Jefferson.

Everything happened so fast, you were unsure where to look. Mr. Jefferson claimed that each state should be responsible for their own debts. he also tried to insult Alex by saying his plan was too long to understand, but you just laughed because he had just insulted himself.

Unfortunately, Alexander came back with full force. You but your lip and kept your head down, praying Alexander wouldn’t say anything too rash. Your ears tuned back in to the conversation when you heard your brother shout,

“Bend over, I’ll show you where my shoe fits!”

Your head snapped up and your eyes went wide. All around you, everyone was going crazy, discussing who they sided with most. Ignoring all the talk, you rushed to your brother and grabbed his arm, pulling him away from the crowd.

“What the hell was that, Alexander?” you cursed, not caring if anybody overhead her.

“What do you mean?” he asked rather confused. “Jefferson was out of line so I put him back in his place.” Alex tried to defend.

Before you could respond, President Washington walked behind your brother. You quickly curtsied out of respect and watch Alexander’s eyes go wide as he walked away with his commander.

“Serves him right.” you mumbled, smoothing down the wrinkles on your dress.

Glancing around the room, you saw Mr. Jefferson talking quietly with Mr. Madison. Sighing heavily, you began the journey towards their spot. Somebody had to apologize for Alexander’s actions.

“Mr. Jefferson.” you stated and both men turned to face you.

“Yes, may I help you, Miss…” he began, but trialed off when he realized he did not know your name.

“Hamilton. (y/n) Hamilton.” you introduced yourself, but hurried on once you saw the distain in Jefferson’s eyes grow. “I, um, I came here to apologize for my brother’s words. He was partially in the wrong, and we both know he is too stubborn to admit it.” you confessed.

“I agree.” Jefferson agreed bluntly, but added on to his statement after noticing your look of disbelief. “But I accept your apology and offer my apologizes, Miss. Hamilton” he told you.

“Thank you.”

‘How is it that we have not yet met, Miss. Hamilton?” Jefferson inquired. “I’m sure I would not forget a face as beautiful as yours.”

You blushed and look down at the floor. ‘Well, Mr. Jefferson, you have been off in France.” you pointed out.

“That is true, and please call me Thomas.” he insisted.

“Only if you call me (y/n).” you countered.

Neither of you were able to say another word because it was then that Alexander stormed over to you and puled you behind him, distancing you from Thomas.

“(y/n), what are you doing talking to the likes of him?” Alex spat.

You opened your mouth to speak, but Thomas beat you to it. “We were having a perfectly civil conversation until you came over here, Hamilton.”

Sensing another argument, you stepped between the two men, holding each of them back. “Both of you are grown men, so let us stop fighting like children. For goodness sake, you are both dignified members of government.” you chided.

Then, you turned to your brother and tried to reason with him. “Alexander, I do not need to be protected, I was simply apologizing to Thomas for your behavior. Now let’s-”

“Thomas?” your brother seethed, and you quickly pulled him outside to head back home.

“I’m so sorry against, Thomas. I hope to see you again soon.” you called over your shoulder, offering him a smile.

“Goodbye, (y/n).” you heard him respond, and the rest of the way home you had a blush on your cheeks as you ignored your still fuming brother.

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I can make a phangirl cringe.

So like yesterday, I saw a hat and I was like, wow that’s a nice hat! Then when I looked closer I saw that it was deep cherry coloured. I talked to the person selling it and she was sitting in a very comfortable looking
chair. I asked her how much the hat was and she told me to hold on a second because her hamster had escaped. She lured it back into its cage using milk. It was a strange day, but hey… Now
Every month i buy a hat from her store :)

Remus Lupin should be turning 57 today. He should be spending the day with his wife and his son (who would be nearly 20 now!!) and maybe even with Harry and family.

He should be getting a party with dorky hats and far too many candles on the cake.

He should be getting presents that make him smile from ear to ear because he feels so loved.

He should be treated to a special dinner (either from his favorite restaurant or one Tonks tries to cook but royally messes up on)

He should be sitting in his living room at night with Tonks cuddled up to his side while Teddy vents about Victoire, with a small smile on his face because how did he get so lucky?

… But no. Of course not.

I’ve realized I don’t actually believe it’s possible to “teach” someone a language.

You can provide resources, but the student needs to use them.

You can answer questions, but the student needs to ask them first.

You can point at a word and say “This means that.” And then the same again for the next word. And then again, and again, and again. But a dictionary can do this too.

You can give a long awkward explanation of all the grammatical exceptions to the rules, but you’ll probably leave them even more confused than when they started.

What you can do is inspire them, give them passion – the longest-lasting and most useful gift you can give someone who wants to learn a language. If you ignite the flame of excitement within them to pursue the language on their own, they will continue to learn for the rest of their lives, even without you.

My Valentine

So I haven’t written that much lately, even though I wish I had, so now I’ll give you a little something special. I do want to get into teasing Chris more, but I want to do something a little more fluffy and playful for my first real tickle imagine thing on here that isn’t AU. I hope you like it and if you want more things like this, please let me know :)



You can’t help but laugh, scrambling to stay a few steps ahead of your fluffy-haired boyfriend. Though you and Chris have only been together a month or so, you loved him. More than you could say. So instead you showed him, making love, exploring each other, talking about everything and anything to keep the relationship honest- everything. After all, dating Chris Evans came with a lot of worry and stress, but it’s worth every second of the fun and genuine feelings for each other.

“(Y/N)!” He laughs, and you squeal when his grab for you only grazes your butt. “Give me my hat!”

You giggle and make sure it’s still on your head, loving that you have his NASA hat. So far your day has been perfect- nice lunch out, dessert, movies and slow dancing and a walk in the park with your dogs. Everything you could have wanted and more.

But you had to do SOMETHING to make him less nervous.

So you took his hat.

You squeal when he finally snag you, yanking you against him and wrapping his arms around you as he peppers your neck with kisses, smirking when you squeal and try to wiggle free, giggling hard. “Chris!” You laugh, trying to get away, but he only tightens his grip. “Come on, you’re tickling!”

“Am I?” He asks innocently, still smirking as you laugh more. “Huh. Weird. I thought you said- no, you insisted you weren’t ticklish?”

You laugh, trying to twist free and knowing he won’t release you. Of course your little secret would come back to bite you in the ass- why wouldn’t it? Of course, there’s more than just avoiding the playful touches- it’s avoiding the deeper and potentially more dangerous secret. “Please!”

His hand slips, trying to get a better grip, and he freezes when his fingers graze your soaked core. You take the opportunity to gasp for breath, and he swallows, touching you again and feeling your burning cheeks. “(Y/N),” He murmurs, lips against you ear.

You can’t help but shiver, swallowing a whimper. It’s beyond humiliating to be caught like this, so close to having your secret kink out there in the open with the man you love. Rejection would be the worst, and you couldn’t handle losing the one man you love most. Not now.

He gently rubs, and you moan at the relief. “You like that? Huh?” He murmurs in your ear. “You like me tickling you till you soak those panties of yours?” You moan again, rocking up, and he smirks, avoiding your clit. “Such a naughty girl, keeping secrets from me.” He scoops you up suddenly, and you gasp, clinging to him as he carries you to bed. He takes his hat from your head and tosses it aside, gently tugging your shirt and bra off and working your leggings down. “Mmm, what do we have here…” His finger flicks down your core, and you jerk with a squeal, making him chuckle. “Ah, I see… The naughty little girl has a ticklish little pussy, huh? Too bad…”

You giggle nervously. “Chris… Please…”

He growls. “Silence. You kept secrets from me.” You whimper, and he tugs your panties down before inserting a finger and pumping. “Oh, my girl… We will have so much fun together later…”

You moan, rocking with his finger. “Chris, please,” You moan, relieved when he circles your clit with his thumb. “I- I need you…”

“I’m right here, angel. I’m not going anywhere.” He kisses you gently, easily working you to the edge of orgasm. “Now,” He freezes, make you whine. “Why did you keep it from me?”

You whimper. “I was scared… I didn’t want to lose you…”

He hums, starting to thrust his fingers a little. “You won’t lose me, angel. Not if you don’t keep secrets. Ok?” He kisses you gently, and you hum, tugging his hair as he easily brings you over the edge, covering your cries with his lips until you’re calm. “Now….” He brings your hands over your head. “I hear you’re more sensitive after orgasm… Let’s see how much.”